Top 10 Best Makeup Brands In 2020

Makeup is extremely important in this contemporary era as none of the girl or women can survive without its use. The importance of makeup in our lives cannot be denied as it is important for grooming our personality and glamorizing our looks. Women are always in search of the cosmetics that are best in quality, suitable for their skin and can provide them flawless beauty. Makeup makes women to look perfect and complete but choosing wrong makeup products of a cheap brand can ruin not only your money but also your skin. So, here is the list of top 10 best makeup brands in 2020, they are simply outstanding and do not contain cheap contents in their products.

10. Lancome

Best Makeup Brands In 2020 -

Lancome is a French based company that offers skin care, fragrance and makeup products. This brand is widely renowned for its eye makeup products and its most famous product is mascara, you can achieve any award winning looks with its flawless mascaras. Most of the professionals recommend this brand and is recognized as one of the world’s most adorable makeup brand. It is also a famous brand among working women who love its foundation that are simply too good.


9. Estee Lauder

Best Makeup Brands In 2020 - Estee Lauder

If you want extra beauty and charm then choose the makeup products of this brand. Estee Lauder is an American marketer and manufacturer of hair care, makeup and skin care products. Its makeup products include foundations, concealer, blush, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadows, lipsticks, nail paints etc. It was founded in 1946 but has gained a global reputation for luxury, elegance and fine quality. Its products are manufactured with finest standards of excellent and we all know quality matters a lot.

8. Maybelline

Best Makeup Brands In 2020 - 8. Maybelline

This leading cosmetic brand is available in over 129 countries of the world and is widely appreciated. Maybelline is an American brand that is excelled in manufacturing products like lips sticks, eye shadows, nail paints, eye liners, foundations, mascaras etc. The volume express mascara and colossal kajal of this brand are extremely loved and appealed by the girls. By using the makeup products of this brand you can definitely get captivating and glamorous looks. Maybelline offers almost 200 products and all are simply superb and stunning.


7. Revlon

Best Makeup Brands In 2020 - 7. Revlon

Revlon is a pretty good brand that was founded in 1932. It is a global hair color, fragrances, skin care, color cosmetics and beauty care products company that offers innovative and high quality products that are also cost-friendly. Revlon is one of the world’s strongest consumer brand franchises. It has developed a long standing repute as a leader in the world of cosmetics and skin care. Its lipsticks, nail paints along with other cosmetics are simply exclusive. This brand started its business with nail enamel that is still its specialty. The distinctive and exotic names of the products with fine quality make this brand more appealing.

6. Clinique

6. Clinique

Clinique is a leading brand in the field of skin care and cosmetics. It is a dermatologist developed cosmetic brand and is widely renowned for its effective and clinically proven formulas. This brand was founded in 1968 and its headquarters are in New York. The best thing regarding this brand is that its products do not cause any sort of skin allergy or skin irritation. Its products are always the most demanding and the major attraction in Clinique products is that they are recommended by dermatologists. Some its finest and famous products include concealer, night creams, moisturizers etc. Its products are beautifully packed, having an appealing natural scent and are perfectly safe to use.

5. Oriflame

Best Makeup Brands In 2020 - 5. Oriflame

Oriflame is a leading beauty brand that offers fine quality products within makeup, skin care, body care, fragrance and hair care products. It is an international beauty company that is selling its finest products in over sixty countries world widely. Its natural and innovative beauty products can easily enhance the glamour of women. The appealing, unaffected beauty of Swedish nature is an idiosyncratic trademark of its cosmetics. Its innovative makeup products use the finest natural extracts and best ingredients that are effective and safe even for the most soft and delicate skin. The main aim of this brand is to help women achieve their unique beauty potential.

4. Avon

Best Makeup Brands In 2020 - 4. Avon

Avon Products is a famous international manufacturer that possesses a reputable name in the field of personal care and beauty products. It is the world’s 5th largest beauty company and world’s second largest enterprise. The products of this brand are really worthy and women hold a great trust on this brand. It is deliberated as one of the famous makeup brands and its products are renowned and liked for their outstanding quality. Its most famous products include eye shades, nail paints, liners, cleansing lotions, moisturizers etc. Avon is a leading global beauty company and its main aim is to bring beauty in the lives of women. It has stood for innovation, beauty and most importantly for women. Its light adjusting makeup, revolutionary anti aging products, long lasting mascara will definitely make women to look and feel best.


3. Olay

Best Makeup Brands In 2020 - 3. Olay

This exclusive brand offers heart winning and flawless skin care makeup products since 1950s. It is widely renowned and appreciated due to its anti aging and skin tightening creams. Its best products include cleansers, scrubs, makeup products, sunscreen lotions, serums and perfumes. Olay is a leading brand in many countries including United Kingdom, United States of America and China. This company is specialized in designing products that make a difference in your skin and are also price friendly. Its products contain all things that your skin need for radiant glow. This brand is also a winner of numerous awards because of high quality products they offer. Its foundations are also very fine and are suitable for different skin tones.


2. MAC

Best Makeup Brands In 2020 - 2. MAC

MAC Cosmetics is an abbreviation of Makeup Art Cosmetics that is also symbolized as M-A-C. It is a reputable brand that is specialized in making cosmetics and is headquartered in New York City. This brand was established in 1984 in Toronto by Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan. Initially, its products were designed for professional make-up artists but currently they are sold to consumers directly world widely. MAC Cosmetics are easily available at department stores in all over the world. MAC products are fit for girls as they can easily groom their beauties and can look like Cinderella. It offers high quality products that are also affordable and includes eye shades, nail paints, mascara, blusher, lipsticks, lip gloss. This brand is extremely popular among the celebrities due to its extraordinary cosmetics and skin care products. MAC collection includes all the things that a makeup lover wants.

1. L’Oreal

Best Makeup Brands In 2020 - 1. L’Oreal


The best makeup brand in 2020is L’Oreal Group. L’Oreal is a prestigious and renowned brand of cosmetics and beauty products and is widely known and appreciated for its finest quality products. This French company is known as the largest cosmetics company and has developed its repute in the fields of cosmetics including make-up, perfumes, skin and hair care products. It was founded in 1909 and started its business through hair color but soon it spread its branches into other beauty and cleansing products and presently it markets more than five hundred brands. The products of this prestigious company can be seen in a huge variety of channels, from hair salons to supermarkets, pharmacies, and beauty outlets.This brand offers an extensive range of cosmetics for head to toe and they are specially designed to fulfill the customer’s needs. Its flawless foundation base, sophisticated nail enamels, and eye shades are really worthy.

Whether you need make up for daily routine, or for stunning party you can easily explore your beauty with its products.


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