Top 10 Best Makeup Trends For 2020

The importance of makeup and cosmetics cannot be denied in this contemporary world. Makeup seems to be essential to enhance the beauty of the girls and women and to add confidence in them. There are different makeup trends that vary with time, some become part of the fashion and some become out of fashion. A woman needs a perfect makeup to be adorned in order to look classic and trendy. Here we have the list of top 10 best makeup trends for 2020 that are awesome and will definitely give you a stunning and fascinating look.


10. Cat Eyeliner

Best Makeup Trends For 2020 -

With the help of cat liner women can give their eyes an appealing and cool look. The cat eyeliner is always fashionable, very complimentary for most of the eye shapes and conveys a scorching, enigmatic look irrespective of the fact that remaining makeup is dull or low. Any color pencil or eye liner can be used to achieve this look but it needs some practice in order to be perfect. Thicker cat eyeliner is awesome, with the help of this makeup trend women can get thick outer corners of the eyes. It gives eyes a fresh look and there is no doubt in it.


9. Black Eyes

Best Makeup Trends For 2020 - Black Eyes

Black eye make-up is very exclusive and thick black liner with black eye shades have never gone out of the fashion. If you apply black eye make-up with black thick eyeliner than it will give your eyes a dramatic and magnetic look. Black eyeliner can be used with any eye shadow but its perfect combination is with black eye shadows. Black glimmering eye make-up is also going to be 2020’s most swank eye make-up. Black eye make-up gives your eyes big look but black shimmering eye make-up makes you eyes bold and beautiful that’s really an outstanding amalgamate.


8. Winged Liner

Best Makeup Trends For 2020 - Winged Liner

Winged eye liner is quite similar to cat eye liner but it is appealing in its own way. Winged liner can be fascinating, and sizzling when applied in right manner, it is a tricky make-up and for make-up trainee much practice is required. In winged liner, firstly eye pencil is applied on the upper eye lash and a fine, thin line is drawn. Draw a line striking crosswise out and up, and then apply a thin crosswise line at the termination of the wing. At the end fill the spaces between the winged liner and see the glowing change in your looks.


7. Metallic Eyes

Best Makeup Trends For 2020 - Metallic Eyes

Metallic eyes are very trendy now days so you should definitely add some edge to your make-up with metallic’s. It can be a perfect choice for the brides as it enhances the natural beauty of the eyes and make them more captivating. The metallic golden and silver shades are the most sizzling shades for the brides, these shades are always trendy and gives eyes voguish look. So, light up your party function with metallic lids in enthusiastic color combinations. Fine and thin eyeliner is the gorgeous combination with metallic eye shadows.


6. Bright Eyes

Best Makeup Trends For 2020 - Bright Eyes

Women love to have eye make-up that is long lasting and appealing so that they can be tension free regarding them. Most of the eye shadows have the problem that they spread on the face and many women wish to get rid of this issue. Dazzling shades are always in fashion and these sensational shades gives the eyes a sizzling look. Black thick eyeliner also goes awesome when applied with these dazzling shades including Bravo and Encore. These striking shades are awesome for daytime events and teenagers are in love with these dazzling shades. These impressive shades make your eyes captivating, sparkling and voguish.


5. Glittering Eyes

Top 10 Best Makeup Trends For 2020

Do you want glimmering make-up during 2020 then glittering eye make-up is perfect for you. With the help of glittering eye makeup you can make your eyes glowing as stars. This sort of eye makeup is awesome for night functions and it is very impressive. When it is applied with contrasting colors then it gives your eyes exquisite expressions. The most sensational and trendy glittering makeup can be achieved with black eye shadows and silver glittering or amalgamate of aqua green eye shadows with golden glittering is also fabulous. This eye makeup will give your eyes a look of glowing glimmering star.


4. Sunset Eyes

Best Makeup Trends For 2020 - Sunset Eyes

Colorful eye make-up is always appealing and striking and to achieve this look sunset eyes make up is perfect choice. A sunset look can be extremely impressive but it is quite difficult to achieve. Sunset eye make-up is very stylish and in 2020 it is in fashion. This sort of eye make-up is very expressive and makes your eyes a real view of sunset. In order to achieve perfect sunset eye make-up, one should divide the eye into three partitions, commonly white, orange and yellow colors are used that are blended finely to get a perfect look. In order to make your eyes more glowing and shiny, you should definitely apply mascara and eyeliner. This make up trend will give your eyes erotic and engaging look.


3. Smoky Eye Makeup

Best Makeup Trends For 2020 - Smoky Eye

Smoky eyes have always been a part of trendy party make-ups. Every girl desires to look trendy and stylish. Either it is an event of simple friend get together, specific wedding invitation, fancy gala or a big concert. This eye make-up looks marvelous at every event as it gives you a sophisticated and descent look. This trend of giving your eyes smoky look never goes out of fashion. This eye makeup is appealing and fascinating and is simply exclusive for night functions. A dramatic and classic eye make-up simply gives you a gorgeous look. Distinct colors with moderately fluctuating shades are commonly used for this makeup like silver, grey and black color and they are ideal for smoky eye makeup. This make up trend is fascinating and eye catching especially when it is applied with eyeliner.


2. Multi Color Blush

Best Makeup Trends For 2020 - Multi Color Blush

Multi color Blush is also one of the best makeup trends for 2020. The importance of blush on can not be denied in makeup. Multi color blush is an exclusive mosaic of beautiful shades to contour and highlight cheekbones with soft shades and discreet glimmer. Multi color blush is perfectly designed to naturally enhace the beauty of your cheeks. Makeup seems to be incomplete without blush on and multi color blush on is always trendy and especially in 2020 , it gives your cheeks a dazzling look. So, adopt this trend and get a liitle cheeky and refreshed look.


1. Red Lipstick

Best Makeup Trends For 2020 - Red Lipstick

The most glorious and delicate part of the face are lips. Beautiful smile with beautiful lips make women more sensational and magnificent. Lipsticks play an important role in enhancing the looks of the women and grooming their lips. There are various lipstick shades that become a part of trend and change with time but the fashion of adorning red lipstick has never gone out of trend. Women and girls love to adorn red lipstick as it gives them sizzling and sensational look. This trend seems to be everlasting and is going to be the hottest makeup trend of 2020.

Red lips seem to be the quintessential of sexy look but for this red lipstick should be wear properly. Whether you wish to have fun with your look or you have to go to some formal occasion, red lipstick is an ideal choice to be adorned.

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