Top 10 Best Medical Universities In Australia 2020

Australia’s medicine sector has been strong in their education department and within a couple of years several prominent medical universities of Australia has joined the top rankings of the best leading universities of medical sciences, thus proving a secure sector. Each of these medical schools offers a range of specializations by professionals and has a record of producing the best doctors in their teaching schools. All of these medical universities are highly competitive and select very few compatible students who match their criteria. Here are listed the top 10 best medical universities in Australia 2020.


10. Australian National University

Best Medical Universities In Australia -

Located in the capital of Australia,  Australian National University (ANU) offers extensive research opportunities and teaching faculty which will be your guide throughout your educational career. Established in 1946 the university began its post graduate department in 1960 and now comprises of seven study and teaching colleges inside its campus. ANU enrolls about 10,359 students every year in their undergraduate department and 9,674 in their postgraduate department and was considered by the Times Higher Education as the 7th international university.


9. University of Adelaide Medical School

University of Adelaide offers the courses of Anatomy and Pathology, Physiology and Pharmacology, and with their notable and excellent faculty and alumina the university focuses on the development of their student’s creative mind regarding researches and teaching. The students will also find some dedicated and successful clinical holders from whom they can attain as much knowledge and guidance as possible. .


8. University of New South Wales

Best Medical Universities In Australia -  University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales comes in the 5th rank of the best universities in Australia and in the top 50 universities in the world. This university has been awarded the QS 5 Star Plus badge for its merit and distinction. It is the perfect choice for the students, willing to take their medical career towards research and innovation as it offers a large variety of programs.  This university has now 44,000 students from all over the world.


7. Monash University

Founded in 1958 this university is the second oldest university in the state. This university offers international intensive research and a number of activities regarding education. Open to all students, anywhere from the world. Over the time this university has grown into an energetic institution with 6 campuses in the university and each campus has a different department of medicine to offer. The university offers scholarship programs up to $70,000 for its students and is one of the leading universities of Australia.


6. James Cook University School of Medicine

This teaching and research institution is one of the finest of Australia. James Cook University (JCU) mostly deals with the matters of tropics and maintains an international image with other leading universities through researches. The JCU offers 170 programs for the undergraduate and 120 for the postgraduate students. The degree programs focuses on the communication skills and dealing with the information technology of the students.


5. University of Sydney

Best Medical Universities In Australia - University of Sydney

The university’s graduate program and its fantastic and brilliant faculty attract a large number of students from around the world. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings has ranked this university in the top 25. The four year degree program offers a number of curricular activities, online teaching, exposure to the clinical trials and motivation towards evidence based medicine. The university has a vast research ground and is flowing the six themes in the clinical study including cancer, chronic disease, neuroscience and heart diseases.


4. Flinders Medical Center School of Medicine

Following its vision, ‘Local wellbeing. Global Influence.’ the university has been growing since 1966. The Flinders University provides its students with the clinic, qualified and academic training to its graduates so they can easily flourish in the medical field in Australia or anywhere in the world. The Flinders Medical University has set up its aim to be recognized globally and its brilliant staff and hardworking students are working hard to reach up to their aim.


3. University of Melbourne

Best Medical Universities In Australia - University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne provides its students with a fresh methodology towards studies and research. The University of Melbourne has partnership with some of the finest and prestigious schools of Australia. Founded in 1858 the university now comprises of 52 departments. This University has the most research funding than other universities of Australia. In 2010 Times Higher Education World University Rankings ranked the University of Melbourne n the top 20 in clinical, pre clinical and health matters.


2. Griffith University School of Medicine

We now observe how all medical universities have adopted the Problem Based Learning (PBL) which helps improve the communication skills along with the clinical reasoning skills. The PBL system was first used in 2006 by the new batch of MBBS students in the Griffith University. Griffith University believes in bringing innovations in their system which includes the School of Medicine Resources Management System (SOMRMS).

This system is a personalized integration tool which was created for the maintenance of the medical program. This system has proved to be very beneficial for the program of the university. The SOMRMS system was created by Robert Loudon who had to check up on the system to be the responsible for the growth and development of the program. It was also awarded to be the excellent teaching school in 2006.


1. University of Queensland School of Medicine

Best Medical Universities In Australia - Griffith University School of Medicine

The Queensland University is the fifth oldest medical university in Australia. The UQ University comes in the top rankings of Australia and is known as “the sandstone university” and is well regarded. The UQ University is also the member of the Group of Eight institution, a very famous research center of Australia.

The UQ owns a number of huge and well maintained campuses all over Queensland. All the campuses have old buildings, monuments, beautiful gardens and academic and historical scenes.

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