Top 10 Best Medical Universities In China 2020

Education is very important for every individual, it not only grooms their personality but also make them capable to survive in this modern world. It is of fundamental importance and no one can deny with its importance. Education plays a vital role in building a generation and making the nation a prosperous and developed one. Medical is a very respectful field and doctors are widely appreciated and recognized for their excellent skills and hard work that they do in order to save the lives of individuals. Getting education is essential but getting it from a reputable institute with excellent academic development and highly qualified staff is an achievement in itself. Here we have the list of top 10 best medical universities in China 2020, which offer medical study to a number of individuals and make the individuals to realize the world that they have skills.


10. Central South University, Changsha

Best Medical Universities In China 2020 -

Central South University is located in cultural and historic city Changsha of Hunan province. It was founded in 2000 by the amalgamation of three universities, named Changsha Railway University, Central South University of Mining and Technology and Hunan Medical University. This university offers programs in science, engineering, management, medicine, economics, law, literature, education, and history. It has competent staff and offers good quality education.


9. Shandong University, Jinan

Best Medical Universities In China 2020 - Shandong University, Jinan

It is a key comprehensive university and is directly under the administration of Ministry of Education of China. It is known as one of the largest China’s universities in terms of student population and the national government supports it directly. Shandong University was founded in 1864 and currently there are 13 general disciplines in this university including science, agriculture, management, engineering, arts and medicine. It is a prestigious university and is 100 years old. All the teachers and professors are highly qualified and well experienced.


8. Capital Medical University, Beijing

Best Medical Universities In China 2020 - Capital Medical University, Beijing

Capital Medical University is also known as CCMU, CUMS, or CMU, it is a reputable university of China and was originally called Beijing Second Medical College. It was established in 1960 and ranks among the China’s top academic medical institutes. It is famous for its training and research centers and institutes for basic medicine, general practitioners, clinical medicine, ophthalmology and neurosciences. This university comprises of 10 schools, 1 teaching institution and 14 affiliated hospitals. It is renowned for its strong competence in the scientific field and has more than 9,000 enrolled students. It provides a wide range of academic programs for Doctorates, Bachelors and Masters.


7. Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan

Best Medical Universities In China 2020 - Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan

Huazhong University of Science and Technology is a public, coeducational research university and is under the administration of Ministry of Education of China. It also manages Wuhan National Laboratories for Opto-electronics, which is one of the China’s five national laboratories. Its Tongi Medical College is known as an excellent medical school in China. This school boasts of good quality education and has over 1,400 professors and associate professors, more than 1,800 lecturers, and over 7,500 staff. There are 116 tutors for doctoral candidates and it offers master degree for graduate students in 51 subjects and specialties. Post doctoral mobile stations have been set up in public health, basic medicine, clinical medicine and preventive medicine.


6. Sichuan University, Chengdu

Sichuan University, Chengdu

It is a high level comprehensive research university and is directly under the Ministry of Education. This university is the consequence of the unification of three universities and possesses a long history. Currently, it has an extensive range of disciplines covering 11 disciplines including medicine. Sichuan University has a present staff of almost 11,357, including 434 tutors for doctoral students. Its Sichuan University School of Medicine also named as West China School of Medicine enjoys a very good reputation because of its good quality of education and prolonged history of medical education. It has been considered as one of the top class medical schools in the China.


5. Zhejiang University, Hangzhou

Best Medical Universities In China 2020 - Zhejiang University, Hangzhou

Zhejiang University also known as Chekiang University is a national university in China and was founded in 1897. It is renowned as of the oldest institution of higher education in China. The library of this university contains approximately seven million volumes, making it one of the country’s largest academic libraries. This university has been always ranked among the China’s few top universities in terms of its extensive academic strength in teaching, social service and research. Zhejiang University Medical School is the medical school of Zhejian University and is consistently ranked among the elite schools in Asia and China. It is also known as one of the China’s first modern medical school and the 1st medical school combined with teaching hospital.


4. Fudan University, Shanghai

Best Medical Universities In China 2020 - Fudan University, Shanghai

It is one of the most selective and oldest universities of China. Fudan University was established in 1905 under the name of Fudan that derived from a famous statement and is located in the municipality of Shanghai. This university enjoys an international reputation and is ranked among the world’s top 100 universities and China’s top 5. Fudan University School of medicine is formed by mergence of two schools. This institute has outstanding teaching strength and scientific research teams. Its medical school educates students with solid medical knowledge, good professionalism and standard clinical skills. Fudan University boasts a qualified faculty of more than 2,481 full time researches and teachers. Its atmosphere is comprehensive, with multicultural environment and feel.


3. Tsinghua University, Beijing

Best Medical Universities In China 2020 - Tsinghua University, Beijing

Tsinghua University also Romanized as Qinghua University is a research university and is located in Beijing, China. The institution was originally developed in 1911 with the name and Tsinghua College and had been renamed numerous times. This prestigious university explains itself as being devoted to academic excellence. It has been persistently observed as one of the higher learning institution in mainland. This is one of the China’s most impressive universities, depending on the overall advantage of this comprehensive university, the School of Medicine of this university have devoted to cultivate the senior clinicians, medical scientists, and medical educators with the comprehensive related knowledge based on natural sciences, social sciences, clinical medicine and theory of the humanities.


2. Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai

Best Medical Universities In China 2020 - Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai

It is known as one of the most prestigious, selective and oldest universities of China and is located in the municipality of Shanghai. Shanghai Jiao Tong University was established in 1896 under the title of the Nanyang Public School. This university also produces the Academic Ranking of World Universities every year. The school of medicine of this university is a public medical school in China, whose former name was Shanghai Second medical college and the name was changed into Shanghai Second medical university in 1985. The college boasts over 13,000 staff, 1394 of whom belongs to senior titles. The School of Medicine possesses obvious advantages, and extraordinary scientific research achievements. It offers an outstanding environment for academic development and enjoys superiority in numerous disciplines and areas.


1. Peking University, Beijing

Top  Best Medical University In China 2020

Peking University is widely recognized as one of the most prestigious and best universities in China. It is the 1st modern national university constituted in China and was established in 1898 as the Imperial University of Peking. It is located in the municipality of Beijing and is now a center of research and teaching. Peking University Health Science Center is a well established, multi-disciplined, well structured, comprehensive medical education place and possesses a long history. It is a respected China’s medical school and is affiliated to fourteen other hospitals in the Beijing.

It is deliberated as one of the top medical schools in the China. It is known as the 1st medical institution of Western medicine established by Chinese Government on 26th of October, 1912. Another name for the medical school is Beijing Medical University.

It has eight university hospitals and six schools, and over 10000 students. PUHSC has developed twenty disciplines that are widely recognized and offers complete courses for eight specialties including basic medical sciences, pharmacy, preventive medicine, clinical medicine, nursing, stomatology, biomedical engineering and medical laboratory diagnosis. This institute is not only a historical pioneer but also a modern leader in research and medical education in mainland China. It is also renowned for beautiful and distinctive campus scenery.

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