Top 10 Best Milk Providing Countries In 2020

Every year million tons of milk is produced by the dairy farms and 730 million tons of milk was produced by the dairy farms in 2011. Milk and milk-based products come in a very basic need of our diet for everyone in this world and a number of countries have gone further in the dairy business. Aside from buffaloes and cows; goat, sheep and camel are also a source of milk producing cattle.  A number of countries now produce their own cattle breed to manufacture the best milk by their dairy farms. Here are the Top 10 Best Milk Providing Countries In 2020.


10. France

Top 10 Best Milk Providing Countries

France owns a number of dairy farms out of which 15,600 farms produce milk on daily basis and 330,000 liters of milk is manufactured annually. The dairy farms play a very major role in the French economy. The annual investment in the dairy farm was 1,040 million.




9. Germany

Germany has large cattle herds with enough cows to sell milk at 40 cents a kilo. It has been calculated that Germany has 12.9 million cattle which includes 4.2 million cows producing dairy. Germany has shown expertise in the dairy business as it has been working on dairies for years.


8. Brazil

Statistics show that Brazil owns 205 million cattle out of which 10% is the dairy producing cattle. Brazil produces 1300 kg of milk per cow annually. Brazil is considered to be on the list of the countries producing milk like 27.9 million liters annually. It is struggling to create means to improve their dairy business to increase its domestic use and start exporting instead of importing.


7. Pakistan

Top 10 Best Milk Providing Countries 2020

The livestock sector plays a fundamental role in the economy of Pakistan as 30-35 million rely on their animals for their living. Milk, cheese and other dairy based products are manufactured in dairy plants and the milk industry of this country has been improving over the years. A number of people are now rearing cows by exporting them from different countries and manufacturing milk in the market thus prospering their own dairy farm business.


6. Russia

Russia also owns a non-profit organization (NPO) which was created in March 2008. The motive of this organization was to certify that the quality of milk that is being generated is of supreme quality, the organization also kept the members updated regarding the condition of the milk industry and also to produce profitable and economical milk at the same time. The Russia now has planned to enhance its milk industry by 20% within a few years so they can manufacture their own milk instead of importing from other countries.


5. Turkey

Turkey has shown a large percentage of milk growth amidst all other countries of milk production. Dairy plays a very vital role in the economic and social sector of the country and has been the source of income for many people. A cow milk supplies in the farm provides 92% of milk to Turkey and the amount of cattle’s including buffaloes, cows, and goats has increased drastically over the years.


4. New Zealand

Apart from having the biggest dairy farm industry New Zealand also exports 95% of its milk produced by its farmers. Their exporting business runs back to 1846 and today has become the largest exporter of milk in the world. New Zealand own 12 million hectares of rural land out of which 1.6 million hectares is owned by the dairy farm business. The dairy farm business is mainly pastured based, which ensures the sufficient feed required to feed the cattle throughout the year with a moderate climate. The dairies of New Zealand showed massive growth in the 2010/2011 year by increasing the number of cows from 132.000 to 4.5 million of cows which automatically resulted in high production of milk.


3. China

Top 10 Best Milk Providing Countries in 2020

An estimated amount tells us that there are 14 million cows in China and the Chinese government has registered that milk is the important source for the living of any human being which includes children, old and middle age people. Because of this China is bringing yearly growth in their milk production which is 8%-10% annually. This rapid change is dairy farm has brought a massive change in the economy of the country and has brought a change in the domestic lives of people. The dairy farm business has grown very strong for people willing to invest in the business, with meager labor outlays and high quality dairies; the business now entirely depends on the quality of the dairy products which these companies are manufacturing.


2. India

India created a record in 2012 by producing 54 million tons of milk and has joined the top ten lists of the countries providing milk. Another reason for joining the top list is that the majority of farmers in India rest on animal husbandry for their living. Thus taking care of cattle’s and livestock is the leading occupation in India with such a massive amount of population. If estimated India comprises of the largest dairy farm which includes cows, buffaloes and hens and stands foremost in the year 2009-10 by generating 112.5 million tons of milk. India also owns the biggest dairy program known as the ‘Operation Flood’ which is the scheme of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) and to make it successful the board adopted some methods which included to try new methods in the breeding of cattle and livestock.


1. United Stated of America

United States of America has been the largest milk producing country in the world producing 14.6% of the production. With 51,000 dairy farms in the country, U.S is leading every country in the manufacturing of cheese, milk, yogurt and powder milk for infants. Out of these dairy farms about 97% of these dairies are functioned by families.

A rough estimated of the milk production in US was 23 billion gallons annually. One of the foremost and beneficial business ran in the states of USA is the dairy business and the best dairy farms are found in the 50 states of USA including California, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan etc. Out of these states California has the unsurpassed dairy farm producing 21.3% of the milk in the US.



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