Top 10 Best Money Transfer Service Providers

The services of money transfer are used throughout the world. With the passage of time a number of money transfer services began to introduce in the market. All the companies have their particular entitlements and depend on your requirements on how fast and where do you want to send the money. These services are suitable for those who want to send money in smaller amounts as well as in larger amounts as well. Sending money through bank accounts is also an option but with the busy lives and a number of money transfer services introducing every other day people prefer to do it online rather than standing in long lines and waiting for the networks to respond. The top 10 best money transfer service providers are listed below.


10. MoneyGram

Best Money Transfer Service Providers -

Located in more than 3, 20000 areas this money transferring service was established in 1940. It delivers money orders throughout the world with a time limit of ten minutes. A reasonable amount of money is charged for the transfer which you can calculate online using their tool installed on their websites. Along with sending money one can also send a personalized written message of few words free of cost.


9. Xoom

Best Money Transfer Service Providers -

Though not a very popular money sender but it ensures safety of the money one is sending and claims that the money will never be misplaced. You can send money using your debit card, credit card or E-check only if you own a US bank account. Their rates are cheaper and also have an urgent money transfer where you can send the money in a short period of time. The limit of sending money is $1,000 in the 24 hour period which Xoom extends after 60 days.


8. Obopay

Best Money Transfer Service Providers - 8th Obopay

It enables you to transfer money using just your mobile phones. Your customers have to create their accounts and sending money is a just a press away. It reduces hassle and assures you that your money security by setting alerts on your big transactions. Obopay also gives you the opportunity of paying your bills easily.


7. Halo

Best Money Transfer Service Providers - Halo

Halo makes your international money receiving and sending convenient. It is simple, effective and charges very reasonably with no commission. Halo allows you to pay mortgages, school fees and sending money overseas for any purpose. Halo financials help you manage your budget by sending you a complete list of your payments. This helps their user keep a record of their money spent.


6. TransferGo

TransferGo money transfer

Standing in the long lines of bank can be exhausting so why not avail the opportunity of sending money by sitting home through your internet. It is safe, reliable and guarantees to return your money if in case it gets delayed or in rare cases lost. To make their transfers more attractive they have devised a system called “Referral Scheme” in which if a user refers a friend he will get a $1 of every transaction made by his friend. In this way both the users will be benefitted. The TransferGo Company is working hard to flourish their services as much as possible which includes covering the whole Europe by the end of this year.


5. Western Union

Best Money Transfer Service Providers - Western Union

Western Union ensures its users for the safety of their money and makes the transactions within hours and in some urgent cases within minutes. They protect their transfers using an advanced security system thus making their services even more dependable and sound. Their fees for the money sending services vary according to the amount of transaction you are making. You can also track the status of your transactions online using a tracker number which they provide you with until your money is received.


4. Currencies Direct

Best Money Transfer Service Providers - Currencies Direct

Since 1996 Currencies Direct has had a focus of being innovative and providing the best customer care service ever and thus has ended up with 200,000 customers.  It has also started helping other business companies, banks and other non-banking companies in their transactions. This money transfer service does not charge over $5000 and gives the facility of sending money free for those who have to make the transactions monthly.


3. World First

World First money transfer

This FCA authorized money transfer service is available 24/7 online and on the phone. They deal with their customer with care, guiding everyone properly and the customer feels confident and satisfied when making their transaction. World First Foreign Exchange was awarded a National Business Award for customer care and recently another European Business Award for customer focus. This money transfer service is best if you have to make a huge transaction outside the country. They will easily convert your currency and will answer every query of yours. They charge you nothing which helps you save money as well so people sending money every month prefers to send their money using World First Foreign Exchange.


2. Currency Solutions

Best Money Transfer Service Providers - Currency Solutions

It is ideal for those who have to make regular payments and receive regular amounts of money. It saves time and also has an efficient method of transferring money. FCA authorized, this money transfer service is famous among businessmen and students. This company believes in providing the best customer service with well-organized and proficient services using its finest management team. The management team makes sure that all the payments are done on time and are organized. They have the safest way of dealing with their customers. After making a transaction the client gets a receipt of approval when he receives the money. In order to maintain customer satisfaction the company prefers to keep its clients updated about its exchange rates as well and is the reason that  it has expanded drastically since 2003.


1. TorFX

Best Money Transfer Service Provider - TorFX
Best Money Transfer Service Provider – TorFX

On number one we have the TorFX money transfer service who has been awarded the Best European Currency Broker by Overseas Living Magazine in 2010. With 0% commission and 0% fee charges this money transfer service is best for people making transactions between $5,000 and $5000,000+ saving you 5% as well.  In order to get the services of TorFX you just have to register yourself online free and you will be able to get all the market and currency updates. Its aim is to provide as much ease as it can to its customers.

For those who want to shift their bank account TorFX ensures that all money is transferred securely in another bank and the client gets the best possible exchange rates. Sending and receiving money is convenient and expedient and the users can make transactions monthly easily without bothering about the commission and fees.

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