Top 10 Best Nail Polish Brands In 2020

Woman is beautiful and loves to groom her personality more and more. Like a stunning dress or stylish jewelry, lovely nail enamel will be an amazing key accessory. Whether you have performed manicure or pedicure at home or beauty salon, the stunning looks of your nail and hand comes only when you are wearing a great nail polish.  Painting the nails is an art and for perfect art you should have perfect nail paint. We are living in the era of instant luxury and therefore expect a lot from the products we use. Selection of a perfect brand is always a great issue and the same is true for selecting appropriate nail polish brand. Nails are extremely important in giving your hand and feet an attractive look, so selecting a perfect and prestigious brand is extremely important. Here we offer you a list of top 10 best nail polish brands in 2020, they are not cheap and will never damage your nails.


10. Bobbi Brown

Best Nail Polish Brands In 2020 -

If you are interested to give perfect looks to your nails then selecting long lasting shimmering nail enamel from this brand will be a good decision. Bobbi Brown is an amazing brand and it offers nail polishes in various shades that give smooth and glowing finish to your nails. Its nail paints are long lasting, easy to use, dries quickly and can give you nails glossy look by its vibrant shades. You can also dress up your fingers of hand and feet with long lasting shimmer shades and you will really feel awesome.


9. RGB

Best Nail Polish Brands In 2020 - RGB

RGB is a prestigious brand and offers modern products that are healthy and free of any carcinogenic material. Its shimmering, chip resistant nail paints do not contain dibutyl phthalate, camphor, toluene or formaldehyde resin and therefore known as Five free formula. Its nail colors are long lasting and also give your nails a natural look. It is an awesome brand and you can select from sophisticated classical colors to contemporary stylish colors according to your choice.



Best Nail Polish Brands In 2020 - NARS

It is one of the world’s most leading fashion cosmetic brands. NARS nail enamels and lipsticks come with finest quality and you will feel brilliant by using them. The nail polishes of this brand will make every woman to enjoy the captivating shine of the nails. It offers nail polishes that are outstanding not only in terms of style but also in terms of quality. Its nail enamels are DBP, toluene and formaldehyde free and gives your nails an exclusive finish. It provides ultra violet protected nail enamels that prevent your nails from discoloration. Its stunning nail polishes come with classical designed bottles and small cute brush that will make you enjoy the art of nail painting. Its shades range from sheer, shimmer, opaque, night series and more and its nail paint will not chip like many other brands available in the market.


7. CND

Best Nail Polish Brands In 2020 - CND

You can show off your artistry and bring your nails to life by using nail polishes of creative nail design brand. CND is an international brand and is excel in professional nail beauty and is highly devoted to advance nail care industry. It provides contemporary and reliable products and services and gives professional and stylish look to your nails. Its nail polishes offer flawless wear, beautiful colors without any nail damage. They dry quickly and the impressive technology used in designing them toughens the top coat as it is exposed to light, making you able to paint your nails just one time in a week.


6. Sally Hansen

Best Nail Polish Brands In 2020 - Sally Hansen

This brand is a pioneer in designing a nail protection formula termed as hard as nails and it’s this formula makes it a renowned and reputed brand of nail care. Sally Hansen nail polishes give your nails not only a smooth look but also nourish your nails to make them stronger. Their attractive energetic colors give your fingers and toe a bold and captivating look. They are easy to use, dries quickly and there are no smearing problems with this brand. They are excel in providing best services to the customers and also offer splendid nail art tool kit that aid women in designing nails easily and perfectly at home without going to beauty salon.


5. L’Oreal Paris

Best Nail Polish Brands In 2020 - L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal Paris is a leading brand in terms of cosmetics and has maintained its own repute in the industry. Its nail enamels come in different patterns and shades that give your nail an elegant and appealing looks. Its wide collection makes you able to change the color of your nails repeatedly and you will definitely love this brand in a single trial. It is committed to offer affordable luxury to individuals who demand excellence in their personality and beauty. This brand is renowned for celebrating the diverseness of beauty. Its high quality, rich, luxurious nail glaze offers impressive nail polish color and exclusive long lasting, chip free shimmer.


4. Essie

Best Nail Polish Brands In 2020 - Essie

It is one of the widely renowned brands of nail polish in all over the world that gives smooth and appealing finish to your nails. Essie offers contemporary, fashion forward colors that are always captivating, elegant, classic and stylish. Its vibrant nail polish colors are suitable for any occasion, it’s vibrant and flamboyantly nail paints make the girls crazy who are extremely conscious regarding their beauty and elegance. Essie comes out with new colors constantly and is always trendy for the nails. Its colors and patterns are superb for everyone, its nail polishes resists chipping for a prolonged period, have rich formula and are easy to apply.


3. Revlon

Best Nail Polish Brands In 2020 - Revlon

This brand needs no introduction, it is a leading brand in cosmetics, fragrance and personal care. Revlon offers numerous nail enamels and is committed to produce high quality products at affordable price. Its shades are extremely brilliant and that cannot be ignored. Its nail enamels comes with different names like signature nail enamel, brilliant strength nail enamel, new nail art sun candy nail enamel etc and therefore you can get a variety of shades like from girlie glitter to black leather and with the help of new nail art sun candy nail enamel you can glimmer your nails no matter what the season is. Its broad angle brush wraps the nail and smoothly coats them. For this brand the safety of customers is always a priority and therefore it delivers finest quality products that make women feel and look beautiful.


2. China Glaze

Best Nail Polish Brands In 2020 - China Glaze

This amazing brand is committed to excellence and offers innovative nail paint colors and has surpassed anticipation within the professional nail industry for more than thirteen years. China Glaze offers beautifully shimmering, long wearing, celebrity favorite, contemporary, carcinogenic free, living and loving colors. It designs nail enamel by keeping a special balance of resins and polymers that aid in making the nail lacquer long lasting. The nail enamels are available in variety of vibrant and charming colors from the most subtle nudes to deep shades that brushes on evenly, dries well and last longer than many other renowned brands. Because of its excellent prices, energetic and contemporary colors it is repeatedly advertised in style magazines and used by models on the runways.


1. OPI

Best Nail Polish Brands In 2020 - OPI

The best nail polish brand in 2020 is OPI that is the abbreviation of Odontorium Products Inc and it is renowned as a leader in professional nail care. It is a brand that is growing very fast and is committed to excellence. It is devoted to offer efficient services and high quality products with a center of attraction on industry safety and novelty. OPI is widely renowned for its exceptional formulas, emblematic names and fashionable colors.

It is famous in all over the world for its Nail Lacquers, its laboriously pigmented nail polishes are long lasting, super rich and chip resistant that offers an affordable indulgence to customers. It is available in more than hundred countries and offers a full range of professional products, including nail lacquers in more than 200 fashion forward colors, nail treatments, lotions, finishing products etc.This brand is comparatively expensive but is loved and trusted by professionals and other individuals as its amazing and dazzling colors with exceptional formula make it awesome for the consumers. It has refashioned the world of nail paints with its nail glaze and brings charisma to the nail with its outstanding collection each and every year.

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