Top 10 Best New Year’s Resolutions 2020

New Year is coming and it is this time of the year, when we look back and at the same time look forward to a more promising year ahead. Whether or not we have accomplished our last year’s resolution, it is yet time again to pen down the most important changes we want to bring in our lives. Another important thing about resolution is that, people generally make a list of ten resolutions and surprisingly most people around the world would find some or the other points common irrespective of which demographic location they belong. Some of top 10 best New Year’s resolutions 2020 is no exception, as the list contains several common resolutions cutting across, sex and nationality.

All resolutions are nothing but positive goals to be achieved to gain personal satisfaction and scale greater heights in career and financially. So here are the resolutions most commonly made by people across the world for you, who knows it, you might find a clue to choose one or would like to feel happy to see how many of them you have already achieved in your life, so here they are.


10. Develop More Reading Habit

Develop More Reading Habit

Reading is important in our daily life. Not all experiences in life can be gained from day to day experiences. What books contain we might not find them free on the internet. There are many famous authors who have written books on almost every aspect of things which surround us and it is interesting to note that several answers to our queries lie within them. Reading has several benefits which you would discover once you develop the habit of reading.


9. Sell Off The Old And Invest In New

Sell Off The Old And Invest In New

If you have been surrounded with too many old things around you, probably this is the time to start planning for new things. You could plant to get rid of old and maybe sell off some on eBay and make money. Once you are done with that plan a fresh budget to get new stuff gradually throughout the year.


8. Try A Makeover This New Years Eve

Try A Makeover This New Years Eve

This is definitely going to change you for real and bring in a feeling of fresh you. Most people who have gone for complete makeover have experienced confidence boost and have been more productive until the following year. Try a makeover, it could be changing your complete wardrobe or just changing your hairstyle and the colours you wear.


7. Balance Your Work Life, Social Life And Personal Life

Balance Your Work Life, Social Life And Personal Life

This is probably the most critical of them all, as we all find ourselves quite caught up with the latest gadgets and social media sites. This is beginning to become a loner offline. At the same time many people have experienced that they give much lesser time to their relationships than they used to give earlier. Family is important and so is your presence in the family as the time you spend together will keep you bonded and aware of each other’s life.


6. Resolve To Quit Smoking

Resolve To Quit Smoking

This seemingly tough resolution, has been made by many and people have been successful in achieving it. For those who had it in their list and could not make it, maybe they should try to check on their efforts to quit smoking. This time you should take guidance from professionals to make it happen.


5. Learn New Skills

Learn New Skills

Learning does not end after your university education. There are more important lessons and skills we learn while we are working. Learning new skills is a great way to keep yourself abreast with the latest changes in your field. This is also a preparation for you if you have aimed for that promotion at your workplace. However, learning a new skill is not just about career enhancement alone.


4. Control Bad Behaviour Patterns

Control Bad Behaviour Patterns

If you have been noticing a bad habit, it is time you paid attention to it, especially, if it is hampering your relationships at home and office. Check on any obsessions or behaviour patterns which are hurting people or projecting you in public wrongly. Seek your best friend’s advice or meet a behavioural expert who could help you overcome it.


3. Make Every Effort To Be Successful

Make Every Effort To Be Successful

Life is all about achieving and being successful by exploring our full potential. While the definition of being successful is an individualistic view, but each one of us must thrive hard to achieve it and be successful this is what will keep us alive beyond our life. Making a habit of meeting smaller goals and being successful will also lead to bigger success in life.


2. Say No To Junk Food And Start Eating Healthy

Say No To Junk Food And Start Eating Healthy

This is one of the prime things to consider in today’s world, especially because it has already affected millions around the world and it is a warning for us not to fall for it. These fast foods are irresistible but making an effort is worth a thousand happy days with your loved ones and yourself. If you are having them on your menu too often may be this is the one resolution to include in your list for 2020.


1. Be Smart, Stick With Your New Year Resolutions

Be Smart, Stick With Your New Year Resolutions

To matter how easy you thought it is to jot down the list, it does get tougher as the days go by. Whether it was related to clearing your loan amount on time or starting an insurance policy everything demands focus and determination. Be smart and work hard.

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