Top 10 Best Part Time Jobs For Mom In 2020

Becoming a mom is everyone’s dream and a woman feels complete after having a wonderful baby in her life. But after a couple of months it is perfectly normal to feel lazy, useless and when your finances are bothering you, it is time for every mother to start hunting for part time jobs for herself in which she can look after her home as well and keep up with the job too. Along with the part time what mothers look for is job flexibility. If your kid immediately has something important, you can always pack up and rush to your home without any harm done. Here are the top 10 best part time jobs for mom in 2020.


10. Physical Therapist

Best Part Time Jobs For Mom In 2020 -

Doctors mostly prescribe some old people and who undergo accidents to consult a physical therapist. They help them in their movements so they can regain proper function of their limbs. The job of a physical therapist is for limited hours and a perfect part-time job for a mom. You can spend your mornings at work and come back in time to do all your house chores and look after your kids. A number of people now look to hire their own personal physical therapist and pay them monthly. Sending few hours in the therapy and getting $60 per hour is an excellent package.


9. Photography Assistant

Best Part Time Jobs For Mom In 2020 - Photography Assistant

If you have knowledge regarding photography and have done some courses then you can opt for a part time job of an assistant of a professional photographer. In that way you will stay in touch with your field and get to learn all the basics until your kids grow up and later you can work full time. A photographer’s assistant has to arrange all the lights, edit his pictures and upload the final images. You will need some professional experience to become an assistant and is perfect for moms who have been working in the photography profession before.


8. The Librarian

Best Part Time Jobs For Mom In 2020 - The Librarian

Some women need a peaceful atmosphere for themselves and few hours to get out of the chaotic environment of a housewife. The job of a librarian is perfect for those moms, they can spend their mornings in the library sipping a cup of coffee and reading some of their favorite books.


7. Dental Hygienist

Best Part Time Jobs For Mom In 2020 - Dental Hygienist

Almost hundreds of people go to dentists to get their teeth fixed or removed. All the dentists work part time and earn almost $70,000 a year. So a stay at mom with a dental degree should definitely start her profession as a dentist. A dentist has to give the appointment according to his schedule, what better opportunity a mother with two kids at home would need.


6. A School District

When we start looking for part time jobs the first one to hit our mind is to go back to school. The profession of a teacher is most common among mothers as they get to see their kids as well and have the same timings as them. Working as a teacher will save you from the problem of pick and drop or rushing to the school to attend their parent teacher meeting. You can tutor children as well but the salaries at teaching schools are much better than home tuition.


5. Travel Agent

Easy online holiday planning

Working on a computer and guiding people on the phone that which place is best for their vacations is the best part time job for mothers. It is not so demanding and all you have to do is get the information of the most popular vacationing spots. You can also start a travel agency based at home by writing and providing all the basic information people need to visit a particular area. It is a low cost job at home but you will be earning something.


4. Makeup Artist

Best Part Time Jobs For Mom In 2020 - Makeup Artist

Utilizing your makeup skills by working in a salon part-time can be an opportunity for moms as you will enjoy your job as well. You can also open a teaching makeup school at home for few hours and teach young eager girls at home on how to become a wonderful makeup artist. Teaching at home will give you the opportunity of earning more than working in a hairdresser shop. And you can look after your home and kids along as well.


3. Psychiatrist

Best Part Time Jobs For Mom In 2020 - Psychiatrist

Finding a part time job is different for every mom. But those women who have a college degree should start their own practice instead of looking for small part-time jobs. Utilize your skills and college education and you can open up your practice as a psychiatrist. Recent studies have shown that dozens of people visit psychiatrist on daily basis and need help and some just need to vent out. There cannot be a perfect professional job for a mom who wants to earn to manage her funds and pay her bills.


2. Freelance Graphic Designer

Freelance Graphic Designer

Moms, who have more than 3 kids, have no way to leave the house and hire a nanny because of the expenses. The way out for them is to work online and earn properly. You will find several jobs online out of which the most successful is the graphic designing. A number of people are looking for employees who can design webpages for them and logos for their companies. Put your kids to sleep or send them to the park and work online and you can earn your monthly and stay up with the working moms.


1. Interior Designer

Young female interior designer at office

The first rule for a part time job for a mom is that she should love it. Working somewhere where you hate the colleagues, your boss and you are tolerating the dominion is not a job for you. Working somewhere where you feel freshen up and brightens up you day is the job for you.

Interior designing might be really good as you will love when you will come up with the innovating ideas and decorate someone’s house and you will come home all revived and ready to spend your time with your kids and husband

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