Top 10 Best PC Games To Play In 2020

PC games are a big addiction if you happen to play them frequently as the more you play them, the more you feel like you need to keep playing! However, apart from being an addiction, PC games can be tension relievers as well. If you are working all day on your PC and are tired, you can play some interesting PC game to cheer yourself up. These games allow you to have entertainment and fun without having to go outside of your home or even to switch a device for purposes of having some hours of relaxation. PC games therefore continue to be popular and demanded in the market even after the advent of the Xbox’s and the PS’s, so on and so forth. Another good reason why PC games are still very popular maybe that many people only own a PC. So here we have the list of Top 10 Best PC Games To Play In 2020, select best for your free time and enjoy.


10. South Park

Best PC Games To Play In 2020 -

The Stick of Truth This game is an adventure based game which has many episodes, the stick of truth being the latest sequel to it. The game has a plot in which the new kid has moved to a new town and the struggle he faces is to take charge of the powerful Stick of Truth. So that is the main objective of the player when he starts playing this game. There is a lot of action packed adventure in the game as the kid has to fight with numerous other figures such as zombies, aliens and Nazis during his quest to acquire the Stick of Truth.


9. Titanfall

Best PC Games To Play In 2020 -

This is a multi-player shooter game which is a bit like the Call of Duty Ops and is therefore very popular, especially amongst those who have already played the Call of Duty Ops and enjoyed playing it. As a player makes more and more successful kills, he is then able to unlock advanced weaponry which he can then use to enhance his performance. He also moves up into higher levels with a successful onslaught upon enemies.


8. Metal Gear Solid V

Best PC Games To Play In 2020 - Metal Gear Solid V

This is another military styled action adventure game in which you are given different missions to complete. The game has some very good graphics which you will notice as soon as you start with any mission. The player will have to infiltrate enemy bases in many missions and kill them and capture the bases to succeed in the mission, so on and so forth, so lots of action coming your way in the Metal Gear Solid V.


7. Elder Scrolls Online

Best PC Games To Play In 2020 - Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls is a combat game which you play in a fantasy world, over horses, on land with swords and have a taste of how battles would have been fought in the medieval times. The game has a feature for multiplayer instead of just a single player option. Some critics do not find the Elder Scrolls Online to be a very appealing game but you may not necessarily agree with what they have to say if you find the game interesting and worth playing.


6. Destiny

Best PC Games To Play In 2020 - 6. Destiny

Destiny is an action game which involves a lot of fighting in both single player and multiplier mode. There are a lot of maps available to chalk your way to your destiny and finish off your job. There are lots of interesting things that you possess as a fighter in the game such as special abilities, different kinds of armor to help you fight your enemy better, different actions to hit your enemy, different levels to keep you interested, so on and so forth. So, you might as well enjoy the diversity of the game, the attention to details that has been put into by the developers of it.


5. Watch Dogs

Top 10 Best PC Games To Play In 2020

This is an action game that combines the merits of a number of popular games such as Assassin Creed IV and Batman Archam City but nevertheless, shaving a unique blend of its own too. The game has some odd people playing the hero (player), sent on missions with some very fanciful settings. Watch Dogs has good graphics to keep you wanting to see more and also, it has a story line that may be of interest to many who are fond of such action-cum-fantasy games.


4. Dragon Age: Inquisition

Best PC Games To Play In 2020 -  Dragon Age - Inquisition

This is the third sequel in the series of games developed by Bioware. The game has the main plot of mages fighting templars in the world of Thedas. The players who played the very first game in the series will realize the five times bigger setting of the Dragon Age: Inquisition and will surely find it to be an excellent experience if they enjoyed the first one.


3. Witcher 3

Best PC Games To Play In 2020 - . Witcher 3

This game is a soon to be released game as it is in the final stages of its development. The main plot is about a group of riders who wicked and who force people into joining their gang by means of abducting them. There are said to be 36 different endings that players can experience depending on their actions in the game, which seems to be pretty interesting at first glance.


2. Dying Light

Best PC Games To Play In 2020 -  Dying Light

Dying light is a combat game which incorporates a newer and very interesting way to fight enemies, which is the “Natural Movement” feature that allows players to freely move around the whole environment. The game is actually a horror combat game which therefore may make it even more appealing to those who enjoy the excitement of playing horror movies. Dying light promises to showcase some very cool features to players.


1. Star Citizen

Top 10 Best PC Games To Play In 2020 - star citizen

Star Citizen is the top rated PC game in our listing and it has some very interesting characters in the line-up. Plus, the graphics are nothing short of perfect which go hand in hand with the storyline to keep the players glued to their screens and not want to quit right-away.

Star citizen also has the accolade of having had raised he highest sum of money in a fundraiser, as high as $40m…!! You can imagine what the product of this amount of investment would be like?

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