Top 10 Best Pharmaceutical Companies In 2020

A pharmaceutical company produces, develops and markets drugs which can be used as medication and treatment of different diseases. These drugs are sent all over the world through trading for the treatment of diseases all over the world. The word “pharmaceutical” is derived from the Greek word “pharmakeia” which means “Pharmacia”. Following is the list of top 10 best pharmaceutical companies of 2020 ranked by their annual reports and revenues which may also vary with time.


10. Bayer HealthCare – Germany

Bayer HealthCare – Germany

This Company performs the activities of pharmaceuticals, animal health, medical care and consumer care. Discovering and producing products that will improve animal and human health is the major aim of this company. They diagnose, prevent and give the treatment of the diseases by their products or drugs for a better health and life worldwide. The total revenues of Bayer HealthCare are USD 22.30 billion.


9. Merck & Co – United States

Merck & Co - United States

This Company develops new therapies, treatments to prevent from diseases for well being and improving health around the world. It provides leading innovations for better solutions dealing health and care. Their mission is to satisfy and serve customer needs and to be recognized as a caretaker in the world. The total revenues of Merck & Co are USD 27.43 billion.


8. Abbott Laboratories – United States

Abbott Laboratories – United States

This Company aims at translating science into providing contributions to health. They claim that their products are trustworthy nutritional brands and provide care in all stages of life. It occupies 200 companies and 70,000 employees who are working to diversify health and care. The total revenues of Abbott Laboratories are USD 30.76 billion.


7. AstraZeneca – United Kingdom

Top 10 Best Pharmaceutical Companies In 2020, AstraZeneca – United Kingdom

This Company aims at speeding up advances in health care by producing a right environment. In this changing world they are producing such new medicines which aim to take care of the health of the people. This company combines skills and resources to form innovations in drugs. The total revenues of AstraZenecal are USD 32. 81 billion.


6. Sanofi – France

Sanofi – France

This Company focuses on patients’ needs. It is basically engaged in development, research, manufacturing and marketing the solutions as drugs. It has seven growth platforms; human vaccines, consumer healthcare, innovative drugs, diabetic solutions, new Genzyme, animal health and emerging markets. The total revenues of Sanofi are USD 41.99 billion.


5. Novartis – Switzerland

Top 10 Best Pharmaceutical Companies In 2020, Novartis – Switzerland

This Company was created in 1996 and it operates in 140 countries now. The mission of this Company is to develop, discover and market drugs and also prevent health and care. Their healthcare portfolio includes eye care products, innovative pharmaceuticals, consumer health products, diagnostic tools, vaccines and generics. The total revenues of Novartis are USD 44.27 billion.


4. GlaxoSmithKline – United Kingdom

GlaxoSmithKline – United Kingdom

This Company aims in providing full dedication in improving the quality of life. It enables the people to feel better, do more and live longer. It provides a wide range of vaccines, consumer healthcare products and prescription medicines. It provides treatments and vaccines for many diseases like cancer, asthma, depression, heart and circulatory disease, skin conditions, hepatitis A, B, tetanus, diphtheria and many more. It also produces nutritional drinks and dental health products. The total revenues of GlaxoSmithKline are USD 45. 83 billion.


3. Roche – Switzerland

Top 10 Best Pharmaceutical Companies In 2020

This Company beliefs that people are different so their diseases are also different. The main focus of this company is to develop such products and treatments which help patients live longer and better lives. This company is committed in running a business which is ethical and sustainable. It aims at developing new and improved drugs. Its products include solutions for diagnostics, products for researchers and pharmaceuticals. It is one of the leaders in producing innovative cancer drugs. It also produces drugs for viral infections, central nervous system disorders, inflammatory and metabolic diseases. The total revenues of Roche are USD 47.35 billion.


2. Pfizer – United States

Top 10 Best Pharmaceutical Companies In 2020, Pfizer – United States

This Company aims at finding sustainable solutions for world known health problems. They commit to apply their global resources and science for the well being and improving the health of mankind. Their portfolio provides treatment, wellness, cures and prevention of diseases. Their products challenge the most fearful diseases like cancer and Alzheimer. Pfizer is working for more than 150 years to provide medicines and vaccines for a better living and worldwide health care. The total revenues of Pfizer are USD 50.01 billion.


1. Johnson & Johnson – United States

Johnson & Johnson – United States

From 1886 till now this company is proving mankind health and care. This company being the top best company provides the best products for care and comfort. It provides consumer products, prescription products, diagnostics and medical devices. Its treatments include the fields of neurovascular surgery, orthopedics, diabetic care, vision care, diagnostics, cardiovascular diseases, infection prevention, aesthetics and sports medicines. This company makes products which deal with baby care, endoscopic surgery, analgesics, wound care, oral care and Interventional cardiology. The total revenues of Johnson & Johnson are USD 61.90 billion.Johnson & Johnson is the world’s best Pharmaceutical Company In 2020.

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