Top 10 Best Refrigerators To Buy In 2020

Technology is improving leaps and bounds by every passing day. Every other day, the features of technological appliances improve, making them user friendly and time saving. As a matter of fact, these appliances are no more luxury, rather necessity. Moreover, with changing weather conditions due to global warming, the appliances like refrigerators, water coolers, water dispensers, air conditioners etc have gained utmost importance. This necessity and importance has led to more research and more tech pro features in these appliances. Refrigerators now come in various designs, models, and features and serve innumerable purposes. Among this variety we have managed to make a list of top ten best refrigerators that is tech pro yet affordable for you. So let’s have a glance at Top 10 best refrigerators to buy in 2020


10. LG Studio LSFD2591ST

Best Refrigerators To Buy In 2020 -

Letting the cold air not to escape out from the main compartment, this fridge has managed to be one of the best ones of this year. The five shelves in the refrigerator are spill proof. LG fridge comes with three crisper bins whose humidity level is controllable. The temperature of the drawers can also be controlled. The built in diagnostic system is one of the unique feature not present in every other fridge. If anything is wrong inside, the fridge will alert you and the customer service agent by emitting a tone. The issues can be solved easily.



Top 10 Best Refrigerators To Buy In 2020

The main feature of this fried is the water dispenser which can provide you with warm water. Refrigerator has five shelves (spill proof) out of which four are adjustable. Humidity can be controlled of each of the two crisper bins. The drawers have five temperature settings. There is a LCD working as a control panel but is not touch screen rather uses physical buttons.


8. Samsung Food ShowCase RH29H8000SR

Best Refrigerators To Buy In 2020 - Samsung Food ShowCase RH29H8000SR

ShowCase depicts the direct access to different elements with ease. The drinks can easily be reached without opening the fridge. Although it is not very energy efficient but still it has a lot of unique and exquisite feature. The water and ice dispensers are taller than other dispensers, accommodating tall glasses and providing filtered water. Fridge portion has got four shelves, two drawers which are humidity controlled and two bins. On the other hand freezer has got four shelves, two drawers and three door bins. The freezer also has large capacity which is absent in other refrigerators.



Best Refrigerators To Buy In 2020 - GE GSE26HSESS

Acquiring the total space of 25.9 cubic feet, this refrigerator can adjust tall and large items. The drawers are humidity controlled but not temperature controlled. The fridge has one salient feature which quickly cools the inside air when fridge is kept opened for long time. The alarm tells when fridge is kept open for three minutes. Ice dispenser gives cubed and crushed ice while the water dispenser has a GS water filter keeping the water pure and healthy. This particular fridge uses energy of 583kWh per year.


6. Electrolux Wave-Touch EW28BS85KS

Best Refrigerators To Buy In 2020 - Electrolux Wave-Touch EW28BS85KS

This French door refrigerator comes with spill proof shelves of glass with alluring drawers of full width. Temperature settings are customizable having nine temperature presets. The flaw in thin item is that it cannot accommodate tall objects readily. Some serious rearrangement must be done for this purpose. The total capacity is that of 27.8 cubic feet.


5. Whirlpool WRS 950SIAM

Best Refrigerators To Buy In 2020 - Whirlpool WRS 950SIAM

This refrigerator belongs to series of side-by-side refrigerators. The drawers are not humidity and temperature controlled but shelves are spill proof. The freezer has four shelves out of which one is fixed and three are adjustable. Freezer also has two baskets and three door bins which are fixed. The ice dispenser installed is equipped with Pur water filter which keeps the water filtered for 6 months. The size of the refrigerator is 29.8 cubic feet.


4. LG LFX31945ST

Best Refrigerators To Buy In 2020 - LG LFX31945ST

This huge refrigerator has a total space of 30.5 cubic feet. This space is enough to store milk of 50 gallons. Fridge has four spill proof split shelves, LED lamp, crisper bin, bonus drawer etc. While the freezer have three drawers, LED lamp and plastic basket. 10 digital sensors are embedded which maintains food storage environment. If the door of fridge remains open for more than one minute, then an alarm operates after every 30 seconds. Door-in-door compartments provide easy access to the contents.


3. LG Smart ThinQ

Best Refrigerators To Buy In 2020 - LG Smart ThinQ

This Smart ThinQ thing has LCD touch screen which is Wi-Fi enabled. This feature helps to keep a track of weather, food items, expiry date of your products, new recipes etc. It does not have door-in-door compartments but still it is convenient to search the items inside. Refrigerator portion contains six door bins while the freezer has six plastic bins. The doors of the refrigerator can automatically be closed by just giving a slight push.


2. Kenmore Elite

Best Refrigerators To Buy In 2020 - Kenmore Elite

Kenmore Elite belongs to the category of French door fridges. The fridge is very spacious, with an area of 29.2 cubic feet. LED lighting is used to lighten up the inside, which is energy efficient and gives a brighter look. Five main shelves are available. And if you need to take out things from one shelf, you do not have to open the entire fridge due to its door-in-door compartments. The freezer drawer can be tilted easing the access to different items. A portable ice bin is also available, for ice cubes. The only con in this fridge is that the compartments are not spill proof.


1. Samsung RSG309AARS

Best Refrigerators To Buy In 2020 - Samsung RSG309AARS

Spill proof shelves, interior space of 30 cubic feet, temperature controlled drawers, humidity controlled crisper, power cool and power freeze (quickly lower temperature) are some of the salient features of this refrigerator, mostly absent in other brands. The freezer’s features include the LCD screen which dispenses ice and water, twin cooling system and much more.

The refrigerator is automated by building an app through which you can change your setting. WeatherBug tells the weather updates and Epicurious helps to find new recipes, ingredients, and much more. The power it uses is 621 kWh per year.

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