Top 10 Best Selling Cosmetic Brands In 2020

To promote attractiveness, cleansing and beautifying the body and altering the looks without affecting the structure and function of the body is the purpose of using cosmetics. There would hardly be anyone who does not know about the cosmetics. Most of us use cosmetics in everyday life and know quite well which products of which cosmetic brand are most famous and are abundantly used by the people. Basically the cosmetics are the care substances that enhance the beauty and appearance of the human. Most of the cosmetics used now a day are the mixture of chemical compounds but some of them are also derived from natural sources. The products that are regarded as cosmetics include skin-cares creams and lotions, perfumes, facial makeup products, nail colors, hair colors, hand sanitizers, baby care products, bath salts, color lenses, permanent waves and much more. Here is a list of Top 10 Best Selling Cosmetic Brands In 2020 that has an amazing market performance this year.


10. Dove

Best Selling Cosmetic Brands 2020 -

Dove is a personal care brand introduced by unilever in 1955. Dove deals with both men and women care products that are sold in more than 80 countries. Its products include soaps, deodorants, shampoos, body washes, lotions, conditioners and hair care. The main purpose of the dove products is to make women feel confident about them. Dove provides full range of beauty products and luxury items. Their products are affordable and trustworthy. Dove provides products for both men and women.




9. Clinique


Clinique is skin care, cosmetic, toiletries and fragrances brand founded in 1968 and is owned by Estée Lauder Corporation. Its headquarters are in New York. Clinique products are very expensive and are dermatologically allergy tested. Most of the dermatologists recommend Clinique products thus more consumers are attracted towards this brand. Some of the most famous Clinique products are Clinique deep comfort body butter, Clinique happy and Clinique advanced concealer.


8. Nivea

Best Selling Cosmetic Brand 2020 -

Nivea is a skin and body care brand introduced in 1882 by Carl Paul Beiersdorf. The word Nivea comes from a Latin word niveus which means snow white. Nivea is well known for using perfume in their products. Nivea includes almost all beauty products. It includes lotions, beauty bars, deodorants, anti-aging creams, lip care products, fairness creams and in-shower body lotions. Its products are affordable and almost whole world uses its products. Nivea provides a full range of luxury products for daily use.


7. Pond’s

Best Selling Cosmetic Brand 2020 - Pond’s

Pond’s is a beauty and health care brand founded by Theron T. Pond in 1846. Its products are used worldwide and are affordable. Pond’s creams are mostly used by the whole world. This brand includes BB creams, Facial cleansers, Facial moisturizers and make-up removers. This brand comes under a company known as Unilever. Some of the famous Pond’s brands are Pond’s flawless white, Pond’s age miracle, Pond’s White Beauty, Pond’s face washes, Pond’s body lotion and Pond’s pure white.


6. Revlon

Best Selling Cosmetic Brand 2020 - Revelon

Revlon is the American brand founded in 1932 by Joseph & Charles Revson and Charles Lachman. Its headquarters are in New York City, United States. This not only produces cosmetic products but also skin care products, fragrances and personal care products. Its revenue according to the year 2009 is up to US$ 1.3 billion. Revlon started advertising its products by giving those exotic and unique names such as fatal apple, cherries in the snow, where’s the fire?, and sweet talk. Revlon started launching sensual ads in magazines and stores around the world. Some of the famous Revlon products are super lustrous lipstick, Colorstay collection, photo ready and color burst.


5. MAC

Best Selling Cosmetic Brand 2020 -MAC

MAC cosmetics were specifically designed for the use of professional make-up artists but after sometime they were also sold to the consumers. The first MAC store was opened in 1991 in New York. MAC cosmetics include lip gloss, lipsticks, foundations, concealer, nail polish, mascara etc. most of the MAC products are oil free but some products also contain some natural oils which work as emollients in them. Their products are reliable and are used worldwide


4. Olay

Best Selling Cosmetic Brand 2020 -Olay

Olay is an American skin care brand founded in 1949 by Graham Wulff. It is the largest producer of anti-aging cream all over the world. The main purpose of Olay is to provide women a range of beauty products to feel and stay young. The advertising slogan for Olay is “Challenge what’s possible”. Some of the Olay’s brands are Olay total effects, Olay regenerist, Olay fresh effects, Olay complete, Olay proX and Olay body lotion. This brand is a little expensive but reliable.


3. Neutrogena

Best Selling Cosmetic Brand 2020 - Neutrogena

Neutrogena is a skin care, hair care and cosmetic brand founded in 1930 by Emanuel Stolaroff. Its headquarters are in Los Angeles, California. Neutrogena products are sold in more than 70 countries. Its revenue according to the year 2005 is up to $ 6 billion USD. Neutrogena provides a wide range of products for the treatment of acne, skin care, anti-aging and sun protection. Neutrogena includes cosmetics, body and bath products, men’s skin care, cleansers, hair products and moisturizers. Neutrogena products are affordable and desirable. Some of the famous Neutrogena products are Neutrogena body oil, Neutrogena hand cream, Neutrogena deep clean facial cleanser and Neutrogena fine fairness eye cream.


2. Artistry

Best Selling Cosmetic Brand 2020 - Artistry

Artistry is a skin care and color cosmetic brand founded in 1968 under Nutrilite brand. The main purpose of artistry is to encourage young women in achieving their goals and careers. Its products are sold in 108 countries. Its products are desirable, affordable and reliable. Artistry provides a wide range of beauty products and luxury items for women. Artistry range includes more than 400 products. Artistry crème luxury was nominated in best skin care product of the year 2009. Some of the most famous artistry products are forward beauty, skin care insight, intensive skin care, youth xtend and enchanted garden.


1. L’Oreal

Best Selling Cosmetic Brand 2020 - L’Oreal

This is a French cosmetics brand founded in 1909 by Eugene Schueller. This specializes in cosmetics, hair care, make-up, skin care, sun protection and perfumes. It is one of the largest selling cosmetic brands around the world. It’s headquarter is in Clichy, France. Its revenue according to the year 2020 is up to €22.98 billion. In 2006 L’Oreal purchased the cosmetic company known as The Body Shop. The advertising slogan for L’Oreal is “Because we’re worth it”.

L’Oreal kids brand “L’Oreal Kids” produces body and hair care products for children with the slogan “because we’re worth it too”. L’Oreal is the most famous and affordable brand and its luxurious products are used worldwide. Garnier, urban decay, Shu Uemura and matrix are some of the famous L’Oreal products.



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