Top 10 Best Smartphones To Buy In 2020

These days our lives are highly dependent on our Smartphones. We can’t find our way across the street without looking on the map in our phone. Apps, maps, cameras and contacts (I made a rhyme, didn’t i?) is all what we want.

With the increase of Smartphone demand in the market, the feud among the makers has become hotter than ever before. Which software is better, which handset is sleeker or which camera makes you look prettier are some of the common discussion topics.

Deciding which phone is better is not an easy job because there is not just one feature that we have to look out for. Moreover it also depends on the feature that user might be looking for. Still we have managed to compile a list of Smartphones, released in 2020, which have got a positive response from the users as well as the reviewers.

Hope that you get some good stuff out of our list of Top 10 Best Smartphones to buy in 2020 that helps you make a decision while buying a phone.


10. Motorola Moto X

Top 10 Best Smartphones To Buy In 2020, Motorola Moto X

Thought Motorola could only give those ancient solid body not so smart phones? Well think again. In our list of Top Ten Best Smartphones 2020, we have Motorola Moto X on number 10. The software is basically Android Jellybean but has a lot of Motorola customization.


9. LG Nexus 4

LG Nexus 4

8 mega-pixel camera, 8GB built in memory, sleek body and 2GB RAM is what you get from LG Nexus 4. The 4.7 inches screen’s pixel density is quite sufficient for a regular user. The price is affordable and the features are user friendly, so why not consider it?


8. Blackberry Z10

Blackberry Z10

If by any means, our business class is feeling left out, then we are going to make up to them by presenting Blackberry Z10. The different and new operating software in these phones have all the apps for professionals and executives. Besides it adds tons to your personality.


7. Galaxy Note 2

Galaxy Note 2

This Phablet, was on the mind of all those who have any knowledge about Smartphones. And when I said Phablet, I meant the little brother of Tablet and elder brother of a Smartphone. The size is gigantic for a Smartphone but it has its own perks. 5.5 inches display with a stylus and numerous apps are highlighting features.


6. LG Optimus G Pro

LG Optimus G Pro

LG might be fading but it will sure leave a legacy behind. LG Optimus G comes in top 5 for some people but we are keeping it on no 6. LG has focused on the feature which is ignored by most of the other brands and that is durability. It has Gorlla Glass screen. The apps are adequate and updated. The look is quite similar to Galaxy S4 (a little cheating won’t hurt!).


5. Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020

For all photography enthusiasts, believe me this is your dream come true! If you feel that taking a camera and a mobile phone both can be a burden on shoulder and a problem for safekeeping, then Nokia has just been thinking about you and has brought a perfect thing for you. Brace your selves to hear this… Nokia Lumia 1020 comes with 41MP camera. With 4.5 inch multi touch screen, this phone is as thin as it could be. It has two memory options among which 64GB is a real attraction.


4. Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

When it comes to Smartphones, there is no way that you can ignore Samsung. It is the best-selling brand and certainly the most user-friendly one. And to maintain its position Samsung released Samsung S4. Quad-core processor with a 2GB RAM, is there anything else you can ask for? It has a 5 inches full HD display. It comes with a 13MP pixel camera. And I guess that these features are enough to impress you.


3. IPhone 5

Top 10 Best Smartphones To Buy In 2020, IPhone 5

If you want class, then no one has got it better than iPhone. The latest addition to the clan is iPhone 5. 4 inches touch screen, with awesome display is a real treat for users. A lot of apps work swiftly in the phone. iPhone 5 has got everything to give you entertainment as well as help you do your work stuff. The apps might not be the same as Android but are fairly user friendly. The handset is really smart and handy.


2. HTC One


Who says HTC is losing its charm and market? Haven’t you seen HTC One? It came in the market and became viral. Everyone who is anyone is saving up for this phone. The metallic rear is a real joy to use. The body is sleek and it looks gorgeous. It is available in three colors red, black and white. The round corners are a real relief and easy to handle. To give you and extraordinary experience while scrolling through your screen, HTC One brings full HD display with amazing color contrast. And for those who feel it is heavy on the pocket, can get a low-priced version HTC One Mini.


1. Sony Xperia Z

Top 10 Best Smartphones To Buy In 2020, Sony Xperia Z

Raining outside??? Too bad you won’t be able to text on your way. Oops! Dropped your phone in the water, hurry run for a dryer and spend the rest of the day drying up your phone and praying that it wakes up. Well if you are tired of all these things, then Sony Xperia Z is the world’s best smartphone and is the perfect solution. 5 inch touch screen with a scratch resistant coating and beautiful sleek body is something that Xperia Z has to offer. Sony has actually taken Android Smartphone experience to another level. The processing is light, easy and smooth. You can have fun and enjoy all the games with quad core processor. For all those photography lovers, Xperia Z gives 13.1MP camera and hey you can take pictures in the rain as well!!! It is available in black, white and purple colors (purple color is really eye catching and classy).

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