Top 10 Best Smartphones To Buy In 2020

When it comes to Smartphones, they have become more of a necessity than a luxury. Imagine a day if the power goes out. That day would definitely be a difficult day. In the present times, no one can spend a single day without socializing or without contacting others. World has become a global village and no one can live without involving oneself in such technological world. These times demand up-to-date gadgets and persistent involvement in social life. Smartphones are therefore an insurance towards a social and connected lifestyle. Here we present you a list of the Top 10 best smartphones to buy in 2020. So friends! If you are thinking of buying a new cellphone, then this article is definitely the right piece of information for you!


10. LG G3


LG G3 bags the list because of its two important features: one is the ultra-clear screen it has and the other is the economical price range it has. With its good price, it attracts everyone from all classes because everyone can afford this classic smartphone. The specs include:

OS: Android 5

Memory: 2GB/ 3GB

Screen size: 5.5 inches

Camera: 13MP


9. Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha is yet another reputed and most desirable models of the Samsung family. Its features include:

Screen size: 4.7 inches

OS: Android OS

Memory 2GB

Camera: 12MP

Battery: 1860mAh


8. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Although the functions are not that highly reputed regarding this version, but the sleek and stylish design has managed to win the hearts of many users. The specs include:

Screen size: 5.1 inches

Memory: 3GB

Camera: 16MP

OS: Android 5

Resolution: 1440×2560

Battery: 2560mAh


7. Samsung Galaxy s6

Samsung Galaxy s6

No one would deny the fact that Samsung comes up with innovative and user friendly phones. It is a known fact that Samsung introduces new and creative smartphones quite often. Other brands strive hard to launch one or two versions per year, but Samsung definitely introduces new models more often. The specs of Samsung Galaxy s6 again needs no explanation. It is one of the Best

OS: Android 5

Screen size: 5.1 inches

Memory: 3GB

Camera: 16MP



6. Sony Xperia Z3

Sony Xperia Z3

With 20.7 MP Camera, Sony Xperia Z3 has did wonders. Xperia Z3 is a waterproof smartphone with a long battery lasting two days. Its features include:

Screen size: 5.2 inches

Camera: 20.7 MP

Battery: 3100 mAh


5. Nexus 6

Nexus 6

Google is ruling the tech industry since a long time, so are its Smartphones. When it comes to the best ever phone with the biggest ever screen, Google Nexus 6 comes into mind. The basic features and specs of Nexus 6 are:

Screen Size: 5.96 inches

Memory: 3GB

OS: Android 5

Resolution: 2560 x 1440

Storage: 32GB/ 64GB

Battery: 3,220 mAh

Camera: 13MP

With large screen size, high resolution and high quality camera, Nexus 6 definitely comes in the top buying lists and the most desirable smartphones. Although the phone is a bit expensive, but after seeing the features, you would certainly feel content to give away the money.


4. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

When it comes to Phablet, Samsung undoubtedly wins the challenge. Samsung has always been among the biggest screen phones available. No matter how much the phone industries compete with one another, none of the companies can defeat Samsung as far as the screen size is concerned. Moreover, Samsung is one of the leading pioneers of the phablet category. Since its category creation, it has continued with better versions. Note 4 brings the S pen style with its smartphone that most users love. The specs include:

Screen size: 5.7 inches

Memory: 3GB

Storage: 32GB

Resolution: 2560×1440

OS: Android 5

Camera: 16MP


3. LG G4


LG G4 is an amazing, elegant, stylish, work friendly smartphone. It seems odd that LG is among top three, but given the great masterpiece LG has launched this year, LG deserves all the glory and fame it has achieved. The awesome features, specs, and color varieties are a proof of the fact that LG is among the competitors. The features include:

Camera: 16MP along with F1.8 Lens

Screen size: 5.5 inches

Battery: 3000 mAh

OS: Android 5.1 Lollipop

Memory 3GB

Other features include Color spectrum sensor, Manual mode, Light Trail Effect, 8MP Camera, Slim Arc design and six color options.


2. iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus

After all the criticism about the same new models like the old ones, Apple came up with a stunner. The new IPhone 6 plus came with various innovations as compared to the old models. The basic features and specs are:

Screen size: 5.5 inches

Memory: 1GB

Battery: 2,915mAh

Camera: 8MP

Storage: 16GB/ 64GB/ 128GB

OS: iOS 8

The golden color innovation attracts many users because of its decent and graceful look. IPhone 6 Plus is basically the bigger and the better version of iPhone 6. The optical image stabilization on the rear camera leads to sharper and brighter image which the earlier models failed to do so. No matter how slow the Apple Industry is leading towards larger screen size and high resolution camera, Apple brings the best quality product every time.


1. HTC One M9

HTC One M9

Need Grace along with beauty? HTC One M9 is the answer. The model contains all the features that are not only optimum but user friendly as well. While all the other brands are striving to produce biggest screens ever, HTC persists with a formal and user friendly screen size that is neither too showy/ dandy, nor too small to make the writing illegible. HTC manages to be at the top from quite some time now. The reason is definitely its best quality and great services. The specs include:

OS: Android 5

Memory: 3 GB

Screen size: 5 inches

Camera: 20.7 MP

Storage: 32 GB

Battery: 2840 mAh

The features clearly show the best quality camera resolution and high storage capacity. These specs make HTC One M9 one of THE BEST SMARTPHONES TO BUY IN 2020. We hope that after reading this informational writing, you would be clear enough to buy the required smartphone. Happy Smartphone shopping!

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