Top 10 Best Snipers In The World

Before we enlist top 10 best snipers in the world, let us see who a sniper actually is. A sniper is a fully trained marksman who engages his target enemies either in a group, pair or independently. Most of the snipers in history have operated and targeted their enemies alone; it adds a plus to our vision that they were brave and courageous. Becoming a sniper and getting recognition in this field is quite a complicated phenomenon, only the highly precised and specially trained brave individuals can join the race. No matter a sniper belongs to modern military doctrines or ancient enemy targeting units, his determination and dedication is what makes him an asset of a nation. So here below we have Top 10 Best Snipers In The World.


10. Simo Hayha

Top 10 Best Snipers In The World, Simo Hayha

Simo’s name is credited for over 700 confirmed kills of his time. As a sniper and brave soldier, Simo Hayha used to use an iron sighted bolt in order to target his enemies. He was born in Rautjarvi, a present day border-line of Finland and Russia. During 1925, Simo initiated his military services and participated in various battles. He used to target his enemies either by shooting them in their heart or two eyes’ center from a distance of 200 yards. Unfortunately, Simon was killed by a rival in 2002.


9. Carlos Norman Hathcock II

Carlos Norman Hathcock II

Some historians name Carlos Norman to be one of the best and most appropriate mission recorders of the history. Carlos won a bunch of championships as the legend sniper and shooter of 1990s. Alone in Vietnam battle, Carlos Norman is said to have amassed more than 90 kills. Norman Hathcock is said to have fired the one and most famous longest shot of the history.


8. Corporal Francis Pegahmagabow

Corporal Francis Pegahmagabow

Corporal was a gold medalist sniper of France. He got awarded four times as the bravest military person and scout. His effortless and cooperative behavior in the wars was well appreciated by his seniors. During his sniping career, Corporal killed over 350 Germans and captured about 300 rivals.


7. Adelbert F. Waldron

Top 10 Best Snipers In The World - Adelbert F. Waldron

It is said that in American history, Adelbert F. Waldron is the most impressive and a confirmed sniper with the biggest number of kills. He used to fire his enemy from a distance of 800 meters or above. Adelbert was himself killed in 1995 by an enemy when he was boating on the Mekong River. Unfortunately, he died at the spot even when immediate medical help was given.


6. Sgt Grace

Top 10 Best Snipers In The World - Sgt Grace

Sgt Grace was one of the most incredible and ironic targeted demises of ancient times. In many wars, he remained dominating due to his effortless and brave tricks of attacking the enemies. Sgt targeted Spotsylvania’s general from a distance of more than 900 yards and his shot was successful.


5. Thomas Plunkett

Top 10 Best Snipers In The World - Thomas Plunkett

Thomas Plunkett was a brave soldier of Iran during British 95th Rifles. He got popularity when he shot a famous general of France at the war of Cacabelos. His shot ranged over 500 meters, and this is what gave this sniper an incredible worldwide recognition. Thomas died in 1850.


4. Vasily Zaytsev

Top 10 Best Snipers In The World - Vasily Zaytsev

Vasily Zaytsev was born in 1015 Yeleninskoye and died during 1991. When Vasily grew up, he joined the sniper school of his father Zaytsev. After completing his education, he volunteered in the frontline of a sniper movement. He performed his duty as a sniper and became one of the highly skilled and brave officers of his nation.


3. Lyudmila Pavlichenko

Top 10 Best Snipers In The World - Lyudmila Pavlichenko

Lyudmyla M Pavlichenko was one of the most graceful and well trained female snipers of the history. Even today we can find none of the female sniper as brave as Lyudmyla was. She was born in 1916 in Germany. When she grew up, she joined the Red Armies. Lyudmila killed two enemies near Belyayevka from a distance of 200 meters. But the total killed individuals by her are said to be over 150.


2. Rob Furlong

Top 10 Best Snipers In The World - Rob Furlong

Rob Furlong served Canadian Forces for many years. He performed his duties as a sniper in various Anaconda operations and used to kill the enemies from the longest ever distance of 1.6 miles, which is something the length of almost 25 football grounds. He shot three of the nation enemies successfully in 2002. the bullet he used to keep with him as his personal weapon was A-MAX. Basically, A-MAX is a kind of slow shooting weapon, but it was Rob Furlong whose determination never got disturbed with its speed and power because he was no doubt a very quick sniper of his time.


1. Charles Chuck Mawhinney

Charles Chuck Mawhinney

Many of the sniper lovers name Charles to be the most dominating and prior sniper of all the times. He was a courageous hunter and the head of USA Marine Corps. He has been credited for killing over 100 enemies during different battles he participated in. According to the military records, Charles had successfully killed about 215 military rivals, and none of them could be saved even when emergency treatment was provided in no time. Charles used to shoot his enemies even from a distance of 500-600 yards.

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