Top 10 Best Stress Management Techniques

Stress can’t be cure but it can be manage. In this modern era, no one is free of stress. What is actually stress means? I think it is different for different people, its existence sometimes becomes blessing for a person, leading him to stairs of success and achievements. On the other hand, it is a proven cause of failure in some established successes. Let us trace back our lives to past experiences. We all can understand our thin pulse points in point due to the same word stress. Isn’t it? So by using these tips start enjoying stress in a blessing way i.e a road to the success. Don’t worry. Don’t get tire. Make your life easy and happy by using these established facts. Now it’s a time to improve yourself. Don’t feel shy in taking help. Now relax and make your surroundings to get relax by following these top 10 best stress management techniques.


10. Optimistic Approach

Stress Management Techniques

Now first and very basic point is, are you a positive thinker or a negative thinker? Assess and analyze yourself in the light of others view. Don’t get rigid or stubborn. Becoming positive thinker is a very sparkling thing. But becoming positive thinker from a negative thinker is more sparkling. This is a time to take u-turn. It is difficult but not impossible. Being positive raise our self esteem. In each failure there is something drastically lessening you in a positive way. Why don’t we pick that point. Always take positive aspects of our surroundings and circumstances.


9. Time Management

Stress Management Techniques - Time Management

No one plan to become fail, but we fail to plan appropriately to become successful. What does it mean? It means that hard working is not an art , the main art is smart working. One of our big reason  to become stressful is we can’t manage our time. We miss appointments, we can’t complete work till last moment, leave personal timings, usually start work at 12th hour. Now here are some tips to manage your time. Do work on the priority basis. Use planners to organize yourself.Make time tables, bring diaries with you, start work at appropriate time, cut down your time wasters. Use watches. Take your determination seriously.


8. Physical Exercise

Stress Management Techniques - Physical Exercise

Physical exercise makes you physically and mentally fit and healthy. How? It’s so simple. There are different levels of stress, Not only at environmental level but also at body molecular level. Exercise improves the antioxidant activity, improves circulation and brain activity. It results in better brain control over stress hormones and neurotransmitters, resulting in improved circadian rhythm ,sleep, relaxation in body and good emotional control. Now start having a brisk walk of 25 minutes per 5 day a week. It makes you to feel different. Or do some other regular exercise like yoga. It really means.


7. Psychological Exercise

Stress Management Techniques - Psychological Exercise

There is a variety of different psychological exercises depending upon your level of anxiety or also depends on. How courageous you are! It can be simple breathing exercise, progressive muscle exercise i.e 16 muscle or a short abbreviated version and Imagery exercise. All exercises are aimed to make body enable to differentiate between psychological and physical symptoms of stress like muscle tension and then the release of tension. This release of tension makes body light and healthy. It also induces effect on the circulatory and neurochemical aspects of stress regulation in the long term. Professional help must be taken for this.


6. Balance Diet

Stress Management Techniques -  Balance Diet

Whenever we get tense, either we start eating eagerly or we stop eating even necessary meals.  Resulting in poor metabolic activities and stress on our body biological functioning. No magical food treatment is established by nutritionist  to get rid of anxiety, but healthy specific  diet is required to fight with the effect of anxiety. It must contain small meals at appropriate interval. Food containing high level of caffeine, nicotine and alcohol should not be used. As there use can lead to exaggeration of stress and anxiety. Even they can produce artificial attacks of anxiety and stress. Fresh fruit and vegetables containing  antioxidants, vit A, C, E and B complex must be taken. Avoid cold drinks extra cup of tea and coffee and start taking a multivitamin. Green tea increases the antioxidant activity . lemon and citrus fruits are rich in desired vitamins. So add them in your diet.


5. Appropriate Sleep

Stress Management Techniques - Appropriate sleep

Improve your sleep hygiene. How many people get sleep comfortably the night before annual exam. It is a healthy defense mechanism to stay away the person during emergency situations. But some people  sleep increasingly or start taking morning naps. Regular sleep wake cycle disturb resulting in increase sympathetic activity, increase cortisol release , decrease parasympathetic activity and decrease growth hormone. Healthy sleep boost up or refill our energy levels and improves our cognitive functioning resulting in our breakage of stress. So take at least a sleep of 6 to 8 hours depending on your routine sleep. You will feel relax after making a guu sleep habit. Seeping at a fix time and awaking at the fix time is a tool to stress free sleep.


4. Adopt  Strategy

Stress Management Techniques - Adopt  Strategy

No doubt stress can be severe. It can be unavoidable. We can’t live stress free life. Then how can we manage stress in such a wavy stressful jarogan of life! It’s not too difficult We can take expert opinions from professionals, family members, doctors and our friends. There is no worry or shy in asking help to someone. Adopt suitable strategy accordingly. Sometimes avoidance is required to successful circumstances, sometimes prevention does work and sometimes saying no to unacceptable work or commitment is required. But these strategies should be in the boundaries of norm and manners.


3. Feedbacks Therapies

Stress Management Techniques -  Feedbacks Therapies

There are many feedback therapies. Audio , video and bio feedback therapies. Biofeedback is important in stress management. It is a non invading technique , with the help of which you can manage your muscle tension and stress. It also improves thoughts and research has shown that it can help in lowering stress induce high bloop Pressure and high sugar level. But it requires specific training sessions so that a person can handle and work on it.\


2. Job Break

Top 10 Best Stress Management Techniques

Work , work and work. Its good for wealth but not for health. We all need proper rest at proper intervals for proper time. Sometimes going away from stressful environment and work acts as stress managing technique. Make your self ready for proper vacation. Go ahead for some family trip. Spend time with your friends. Give quality time to your body and mind . boost and recreate your energy level and come back to work in the high spirits. This is necessary for well being. And it is the key to enjoyable life. Do your best and leave the rest.


1. Pharmacological Treatment

Stress Management Techniques - Pharmacological Treatment

In spite of all the efforts and professional help, if you get fail in relaxing and stress managing then go to a psychiatrist and sort out. It may be due to some medical or psychiatric illness. Which can be managed by taking proper treatment.

Believe me, it will not lead to any sort of addiction. Taking appropriate medication for appropriate duration by advice of psychiatrist is the key to cure stress secondary to generalized anxiety disorder , fibromyalgia, sleep disorders, depressive illnesses etc. so be wise , take a wise decision and consult your psychiatrist.

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