Top 10 Best Teams In Fifa World Cup 2020

The FIFA World Cup 2020 is the attention of millions of football lovers the world over as they all await an interesting and exciting series of matches throughout the World Cup. Many have purchased tickets to go and watch the matches LIVE in football stadiums while others have purchased t-shirts of their favorite football players to feel part of the World Cup. The fans of football wish to know who will win the FIFA World Cup 2020, and all of them want their own team to win the cup! However, it is inevitable that there would be disappointments for many as one team wins the match while the other loses and teams eventually get out of the World Cup. So let us take a look at the Top 10 Best Teams In Fifa World Cup 2020.


10. England

Top 10 fav Teams In Fifa World Cup 2020 -

The English team is amongst the hot favorites for the World Cup as they are expected to make a solid performance in the 2020 FIFA World Cup. The team is being cheered by millions of fans inside and outside of England, who believe that the English Team has the players and the skill to come up to win the Cup this once! Amongst the most favorite players in the teams are Welbeck, Johnson, Baines, and Rooney. The last time that the English team won the World Cup was way back in 1966!


9. France

Top 10 fav Teams In Fifa World Cup 2020 - France

France is next in line as the most cheered team by fans and it has a number of players who are hot favorites with the fans. These players include Ribery, Pogba, Varane and Hugo Lloris. Fans have attached very high expectatiosn with these players who are expected to deliver and win the match for their country and for their fans! France has a better track record of winning the World Cup relative to England as it won the Cup most recently in 1998 and if fortune favors them, they can win it again in 2020.


8. Uruguay

Top 10 fav Teams In Fifa World Cup 2020 - Uruguay

The Uruguay has an even better reputation when it comes to winning World Cups as the team has won Football World Cups twice before! Uruguay is supposed to have key front strikers who can make it to the goal post with the ball and strike it in for a goal! Popular players in the team include, amongst others, Edinson Cavani, Luis Suarez, and Diego Lugano. The team is jet set to have a good match with opponents in the cup and to grab the cup for itself!


7. Portugal

Top 10 fav Teams In Fifa World Cup 2020 - Portugal

Portugal is a team which has never been able to win the football World Cup to-date. However, it has been placed higher in rankings relative to teams who have won the World Cup because of the current performance and expertise of the team. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo are judged to be well in form and might as well deal good blows to opponents in the field. Let us see what the FIFA 2020 holds in store for Portugal. Good luck to the team for winning the cup a very first time.


6. Italy

Top 10 fav Teams In Fifa World Cup 2020 - Italy

Next in line is Italy which has a bombastic history of having won FIFA World Cups on four occasions in the past! The team is also well prepared for this year’s World Cup and you never know that it might claim its victory fifth time over the FIFA World Cup!  Players who can sail the Italian team to victory in this Cup are Giorgio Chiellini, Daniele De Rossi, Andrea Pirlo and Gianluigi Buffon. These players have the experience and the skill to create a win for Italy!


5. Netherlands

Top 10 fav Teams In Fifa World Cup 2020 - Netherlands

Netherlands is another team which has never been able to lift the World Cup but there are strong chances that the 2020 FIFA World Cup can be the breakthrough that Netherlands has been looking for decades! There are a number of skilled players in the team namely, Van Persie, Lens, Strootman, Robben and Jordy Clasie. All these players are the best that Netherlands has for this World Cup and can therefore make it to victory for Netherlands and make it clinch the Cup this time.


4. Spain

Top 10 Hot Favorite Teams In Fifa World Cup 2020

Spain is the next contender in the list, as it is a hot favorite team for winning the World Cup last time! The 2010 FIFA World Cup was won by Spain and it will definitely try to keep the cup at home. The team players of the likes of Costa, Ramoes, Casillas and Iniesta will be crucial in deciding the fate of the Spanish team for this World Cup as fans of Spain look up to them to bring a victory for Spain!


3. Argentina

Top 10 fav Teams In Fifa World Cup 2020 - Argentina

The Argentinian team is a high contender for the 2020 FIFA Cup as it has already won the cup two times and is vying for a third win! The team has many talented players like Messi, Gonzalo, and Sergio and it will try its best to reply moments of it lost glory!


2. Germany

Top 10 fav Teams In Fifa World Cup 2020 - Germany

The German team is in excellent position to clinch the Cup as it has won it three times in the past and has strong chances this time too. The German team is armed with players like Mario Gotze and Marco Reus and they definitely have the potential to turn things around for Germany and to fly them back him victorious!


1. Brazil

Brazil team

The top favorite team that can win the FIFA World Cup 2020 is Brazil as it is also hosting the event and so playing on home turf can be a big help in winning the cup as local crowds cheer their home team! Brazil has won the Football World Cup no less than 5 times and therefore you can imagine, how much motivated their team would be to win this one as well! The strongest players in the team, namely, Thiago Silva, Hulk, Alves, Oscar and Neymar can steer the Brazilian team to their sixth victory if they try hard enough!

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