Top 10 Best Upcoming Bollywood Movies 2020

When it comes to entertainment movies are a good option. Eye openers to romantic, comedy to thrillers, Bollywood is continuously succeeding in bringing best to audience which has benefited the film industry ever since. 2020 is going to be a year of blockbusters as several well known directors are bringing up several important issues on screen. Like as we have seen movies like Three Idiots, Ashique 2, dirty picture, kahani etc public demands more fun, more entertainment and more masala now. Bollywood has always surprised us in their skills and once again I hope they are gonna make is entranced by their films. Dhoom 3 which is to be released this month is expected to break records in which Amir khan will act in a bad boy role rather than his chocolate- serious hero image. Given below is the list of Top 10 Best Upcoming Bollywood Movies 2020 which are works of great directors, actors and producers all set to mesmerize Public in cinemas this coming year.


10. 2 States

Best Upcoming Bollywood Movies 2020 -

Aaliya Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor are chosen to play the lead roles. It is expected to be a story of two people madly in love but from two different states of India. Both are trying hard to convince their families about this marriage at last they succeed after facing enough troubles. This movie is expected to be good as Aaliya Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor already have proved their chemistry and coordination in their debut movie which was also a hit.


9. Holiday

Best Upcoming Bollywood Movies 2020  -  Holiday

The film is about an army officer played by Akshay Kumar who goes on Holiday to Goa and finds out about the planning of a terrorist group and manages to make the plot unsuccessful. The romantic element is by the chemistry of Sonakshi Sinha with Akshay which in my opinion is going to please people who would watch the movie as sonakhsi has shown her versatilities in her previous movies and our Khiladi never fails to surprise his fans.


8. Dedh Ishqiya

Best Upcoming Bollywood Movies 2020 - Dedh Ishqiya

Sequel of movie Ishqiya, a famous hit of Abhishek Chaurasiya is about to hit the theatres next year a story revealing love and friendship among people who could never be trusted. The cast includes naseer-ud-din shah, Madhuri Dixit, Arshad Warsi. Seeming a good experience this movie is on the wishlist of many people waiting desperately to watch it.


7. Gunday

Best Upcoming Bollywood Movies 2020 - Gunday

Aditya Chopra directing the movie has high hopes for its success Ranbir Singh, Arjun Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra are playing as Bengalis with Ranbir and Arjun being the rebellious friends whose friendship was famous along with their notorious deeds making them to be called ghunday by common people. I personaly find this movie to be full of action thrill and masti, and much more


6. Golmal 4

Best Upcoming Bollywood Movies 2020 - Golmal 4

Comedy is always everyone’s favourite. In the growing pressures of society and economy, mental refuge is sought in smiles and fun. Rohit Shetty has always pleased his audience with his golmal series and is again expected to scatter laughers all over. Tushar kapoor is really famous for his role in this series and Ajay DEvgan has really proved his comedy skills in this movie. Audience expect a burst of laughter with this movie releasing in cinemas.


5. Sunaii Cable

Best Upcoming Bollywood Movies 2020 - Sunaii Cable

It is expected to be a good movie discussing a hot issue in which Sonali with her associates or we can say friends defeats those who usually spoil the hopes of new people setting an enterprise on net. Sonali puts her desires and herself in danger fighting the tuft war on cyber world.


4. Happy New Year

Best Upcoming Bollywood Movies 2020  - Happy New Year

Farah Khan and Shahrukh khan together once again but this time not in those melodramatic stories, this times its a comedy movie focussing four friends having to participate in a dance competition while they know nothing about dancing. Let’s see how Farah Khan makes this movie a hit. Boman Irani who has gained fame as a brilliant comedian in the past few years is himself a guarantee of great fun time. Abhisheik and Shahrukh khan are to be seen first time together on t.v which would be a new experience.


3. Ragini MMS 2

Best Upcoming Bollywood Movies 2020 - Ragini MMS 2

Under Balaji’s production it is a much awaited movie which was expected to be released this year, but it delayed due to certain reasons now it is announced to be released in January 2020 a horror thriller featuring Sunny Leone in the main lead. Much is to be expected after Dirty Picture from the Balagi Productions as the bars are risen to the level of excellence. It is a horror thriller sequel of ragini mms which was about a couple spending honeymoon or so in a guesthouse where paranormal forces exist. They are intervened in their experiences by evil spirits.


2. Jai Ho

Best Upcoming Bollywood Movies 2020 - Jai Ho

Sohail Khan is directing this upcoming movie of Salman Khan and Sana Khan playing main roles. Salman khan has been giving hits after hits in previous years and has become more prominent in the lists of superstars. After Dabang’s police officer and Bodyguard now he chose to be an Ex Army officer. A movie depicting how an Ex-Army officer tries changing society, by making people help themselves and one another. It is going to be a movie full of action hitting cinemas on January 24, 2020. Sana khan would be having her debut in Bollywood hindi movie as she has worked in teluge movies before but this movie can prove to be a big success for her too.


1. Lakshmi

Lakshmi is at number one in the list of best upcoming bollywood movies 2020.The movie I have been looking forward to, Nagesh Kukonoor has bring up a terrible situation of our World. The movie is about Lakhsmi, A thirteen year old girl who was kidnapped and forces into the brutal and inhuman life of prostitution.

A serious and delicate issue of the sub continental society aroused on such forum would certainly help making situations better. Most states of India have the poor fate depicted in this where thousands of girls are kidnapped, sold and forced to live this disastrous life. Humiliating mankind and human values. The team of this movie must be appreciated in taking such courage to work on projects like this. Do watch and enjoy yourselves with these multiple and versatile options!

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  1. Nice post , but you should put “Holiday” to no 1. i think this is the most awaiting movies for every one , i am also so excited about that and waiting for its to release, and why not its my favorite actor’s movie 🙂

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