Top 10 Best Victoria Secret Perfumes In 2020

The perfumes of Victoria are undoubtedly the most renowned and loved all over the world. The brand Victoria’s secret has expanded themselves all around with their products. Each and every perfume comes in a different packing with beautiful bottles and with different combinations of fragrances. The perfumes are also available in lotions and mists as well. With a large number of perfumes available of Victoria’s Secret it gets tough to choose, here are the top 10 best Victoria Secret perfumes in 2020.


10. So in Love by Victoria’s Secret

Best Victoria Secret Perfumes In 2020 - So in Love by Victoria’s Secret

Available at amazon so in Love by Victoria’s secret is selling like hot cakes. Recently introduced ‘So in Love’ comes in a long pink sublime bottle with an exceptional fragrance. Wearing this perfume gives you a very clean and fresh feeling.  Designed to be the perfect gift for your loved ones because of its romantic fragrance, this perfume is very famous among the couples. This perfume holds a marvelous combination of oriental rose, may rose, violet leaves, carnation, Moroccan rose, hedione, honey and musk making it the most admirable perfume of the year.

9. Victoria’s Secret Forbidden

Best Victoria Secret Perfumes In 2020 -

The hottest perfume launched this year is the Victoria’s Secret Forbidden. This 50 ml perfume bottle has a delightful purple bottle with a print of leopard on it. The bottle is available in 100 ml as well, and has gained immense fame among its lovers. It has a beautiful long lasting smell and covers your skin and around with a scent of blackberry, amber wood, jasmine and exotic pear. You can get more of this fragrance by buying the Forbidden Fragrance Lotion, Fragrance Mist and Rollerball as well.

8. Sexy Little Things Tease by Victoria’s Secret

Sexy Little Things Tease by Victoria’s Secret

Who is up for a little flirt and tease, Buy our newly launched Sexy Little Things Tease perfume with a perfect combination of vanilla, frozen pear and blooming gardenia takes you to a whole new world of fragrance. Its scent is addictive and is award winning as well. The bottle is alluring and comes in black and pink color. Its scent wraps you into its aura, thus making it the most lovable among every woman. Another feature of its perfume is its pump to perfume and is a perfect piece for your dressing table.


7. Incredible by Victoria’s Secret

Top 10 Best Victoria Secret Perfumes In 2020

Among its wonderful collection of fragrances comes Incredible by Victoria’s Secret. This floral, feminine and sexy scent gives your personality a whole new turn. The perfume is indeed admirable and gets noticed even in a crowd. The fragrance isn’t too overpowering and is perfect to wear on a formal dinner or a date. With its amazing blends this fragrance makes you addictive. Sparkling pear, sultry sandalwood and upbeat magnolia makes the fragrance irresistible. Incredible by Victoria’s Secret is available in a body lotion too and for long lasting smell you can wear the lotion first followed by the perfume.


6. Heavenly Eau de Parfum

Heavenly Eau de Parfum

With a soft and suave fragrance, Heavenly comes in a very elegant glass bottle and is one of the popular editions of Victoria’s Secret. The scent is warm and ethereal with a blend of vanilla, white peony, white musk and sandalwood and with its heavenly look of the bottle it has gained much fame among women. Heavenly is available in other beauty products as well like the body lotion and mist.


5. Body by Victoria Victoria’s Secret For Women

Body by Victoria Victoria’s Secret For Women

This new edition of Body by Victoria’s secret has been launched in 2002 and 2012 as well and this new edition with crushed leaves, aquatic hyacinth and freesia has gained the same amount of popularity as the previous two has. The bottle is different as well and comes in a beautiful glass bottle with a pink ribbon on it. Its main accords are ozonic, aquatic and fresh spicy.


4. Bombshell Summer

Bombshell Summer

Launched in the summer of 2020 this fruity, fresh and a replacement of the 2011 old edition of Bombshell Summer have an appealing and a delicious smell. Designed to wear on hot summer days so you can smell fresh and remain active. Available in a 50 ml bottle limited addition, it has the blend of pear, wild lily, jasmine, outlandish red tea and amber. It’s long-lasting and sweet and is one of the paramount fragrances of Victoria’s secret. This new edition offers you to experience the fun and glamor of Bombshell Summer again.


3. Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Perfume

Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Perfume

The innovative and novel perfume of the year is Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Perfume. This romantic perfume has a stimulating and erotic fragrance which takes your breath away. Packed in a red and black cover Very Sexy Perfume stings your senses and infuses into it. Sunny Clementine, salacious and dark blackberry, vanilla orchid and pimento are the notes that make this perfume the best among all. The fragrance is irresistible and long lasting and will mix well into your body.


2. Breathless


The fragrance of Breathless is truly made for a sensual, powerful and a glamorous woman. Anne Buzantian is the creator of this scent. Designed in a beautiful bottle its citrus smell makes you want to smell it recurrently. Pomegranate blossom, mandarin orange and sandalwood are the characteristics of this perfume.

Breathless is a perfect gift for your loved ones and is suitable for a woman who needs a spectacular perfume for their whole day. Along with the marvelous Breathless perfume we all are eager to use the hydrating and nourished with Aloe Vera and minerals Breathless body lotion. With an amazing smell lingering to your hands Breathless is ranking the top three.

1. Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Love Spell Fragrance Mist

Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Love Spell Fragrance Mist

A fruity assortment of Victoria’s collection, Love Spell mist is perfect for summers and for those who needs a mist they can wear all day with a strong scent. Available in a purple bottle its ingredients are cherry blossom and peach. It also contains Aloe Vera which makes it more refreshing to put on. You can also experience the body lotion which has Vitamin E and C which makes your skin feel smooth and clear. It also keeps your skin hydrated and oil free.



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