Top 10 Best Warranty Providers For Automobiles

After buying a car or any other automobile, the toughest issue is maintaining it in a good condition. You hit an accident; a bunch of repairing bills will hit you back with rather a greater force. And this force (being applied directly on your heart) can be dangerous, mind my words. To get rid of the horrifying situation mentioned, all you need is a warranty service for your automobile. Every sort of maintenance would be provided by the warranty providers offering a lot of packages. From a handful of warranty claimers, it is difficult to choose one. So, here is a list of top 10 best warranty providers for automobiles, compiled up for your convenience.


10. US Direct Protect

US Direct Protect is among the leading companies for not only providing warranty for vehicles, but also the extended warranty when one buys a used car. This is a great option for those who are confused while deciding if the used car is in good condition or not. This warranty service provider agency enables the consumers with confident decision. The contracts and the management of US Direct Protect is also appreciable.


9. Warranty Wise

Best Warranty Providers For Automobiles

Warranty wise has become 15 years old with a significant experience. They have sold their warranties to almost 250,000 customers. Warranty wise claims to provide money back guarantee of 30 days. Vehicles with a maximum of 120,000 miles of coverage and 12 years of age can be taken to Warranty wise. They cover engine, brakes and suspensions along with wear and tear while repairing. They have different offers with different prices.


8. EasyCare

Unexpected car problems are definitely a pinch to your money. It definitely hurts! EasyCare is a warranty service provider with four service contracts. With these contracts, you can repair your vehicles without expanding huge sums from your wallet. It also provides with an option of dent removal, key replacement, and extended warranty facility. This enterprise is truly serving its users since 1984.


7. Auto Warranty Agency

Better Business Bureau rated the company as A along with AM best. Online quotes along with the plans and procedures of the company are provided on the website. Auto Warranty Agency serves also for heavy vehicles with a mileage of up to 150,000 miles. Commercial vehicle owners can also contact them. Emergency roadside assistance is also provided along with 24/7 services from the staff. They do not provide with variety of plans rather they have only three proper working plans, which is a negative point.


6. AA Auto Protection

AA Auto Protection is a warranty service provided to vehicles around 50 states in the world with an option of money back guarantee of 30 days. They have a variety of contract options where each contract provides with the different benefits and offers. One can opt for the contract suitable to one’s budget and vehicle issue. One of the greatest things regarding this service provider is the broker relationship of it with other vehicle services. This enables the provision of enumerable service contracts and various facilities. It would be right if we say that this enterprise changed the outlook and the patterns of warranty industry.


5. Vehicle Protection Headquarters

Best Warranty Providers For Automobiles

They have pretty love monthly payments with extended coverage plans. They deal with the customers directly, which is a plus point. They claim to save their customers’ thousand dollar bills of repairing. They also suggest you to compare the coverage plans of their company and others before deciding (which I think if they say so, their services would be unmatchable). Facility of online quotes is available.


4. 5 Star Warranty

Along with online quotes, 5 star warranty also serves the aids of towing, car rental, roadside assistance and the warranty of course. The company is credited by Better Business Bureau and insured by AM (best rated company). Customers give satisfactory reviews about the company and so, I have analyzed that 5 star warranty is not an expensive deal. They possess helpful and knowledgeable staff who will guide you in a best possible way.


3. Carchex

Carchex serves both for major repairs and bumper to bumper warranties. They claim to have a money back guarantee within 30 days. They offer, for your convenience, online quotes. They also deal with the warranties of vehicles with coverage of 150,000 miles which may be 10 years old. The only con they have is that they do not deal with the warranties directly. Titanium, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze are the levels of protection Carchex offers. You can choose any of them according to your pocket. Roadside assistance is also provided.


2. Warranty Direct

Best Warranty Providers For Automobiles 2020

Warranty Direct have an old history of warranty provision. They deliver direct services and have got multiple plans, reaching out most of the customers’ demands. You can get an online quote with money back guarantee. 12 years old vehicles with 120,000 miles of coverage can be taken to Warranty direct. The company also serves for motorbikes, vans and household appliances with an extensive warranty guide. Dealers are very lenient and you can inquire about the claims whenever you want. One plus point is that they have a user friendly website explaining all the details.


1. Endurance

The reason Endurance is on the first place is that this company provides services for those vehicles, as well, which are 15 years old and also those which have covered over 150,000 miles. They provide coverage for 7 years. They also offer bumper to bumper services, roadside assistance, online quotes and are direct warranty providers. Their payment plans are flexible, accommodating clients from every field. They sell contracts and also administer them, themselves.

The thing which most of the customers like about them is their friendly and courteous staff along with 24/7 availability.You can keep in contact with warranty providers through phone, emails, Facebook or Twitter. Endurance was rated A+ by Better Business Bureau and won gold award by Vehicle Protection Association. The policies of Endurance are accepted by every A.S.E. licensed mechanics body.

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