Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies In 2020

Web hosting companies are your website’s gateway to the World Wide Web. They host your website over the internet from one centralized place where all of its date is stored and made available to incoming traffic on the website. You can add content and other updates via the C-Panel of the hosting service. There are many features used to gauge the performance of a web hosting company such as monthly or yearly charges, whether or not a money back guarantee is on offer, disk space available, bandwidth on offer, son on and so forth but these are the main features. So, here we have compiled a list of the Top 10 best web hosting companies in 2020 that have been hosting websites the worldwide and looking at which, you may be able to decide which hosting service is best suited to your own website needs.


10. Inmotion Web Hosting

Best Web Hosting Companies In 2020 -

Inmotion web hosting service offers unlimited disk space with an unlimited bandwidth as well and in addition to that, it offers a free domain to subscribers. Also, inmotion offers 90-day money back guarantee so that if you are not satisfied with the services it has to offer, you can claim all your money back, no questions asked! Furthermore, inmotion’s charges start from $5.99/month which is a bit expensive as compared to the other hosting services. You can also get free advertising coupons at inmotion and save costs.


9. Host Monster

Host Monster - best web hosting complanies

Host monster also offers you an unlimited disk space and also an unlimited bandwidth with a free domain to go along with it. However, the good thing is that the monthly subscription charges are lower than that of inmotion, as in, host monster would only charge you $4.95/month which is cheaper. In addition to that, host monster offers you money back on its services ANYTIME instead of a 90-day trial period. Anytime you feel that you are not being given quality of service by host monster, you can claim a refund.


8. Bluehost

Bluehost web hosting

Bluehost also has to offer its subscribers the same terms for disk space and bandwidth which are both unlimited and the domain is free as well. The services that bluehost has to offer are the same as that of host monster in that the monthly subscription charges are $4.95 per month and the money back guarantee can be availed anytime as well. So, you might as well be indifferent to both bluehost and host monster if you like since both offer the same set of series to clients.


7. GoDaddy

Best Web Hosting Companies In 2020 - Go Daddy

GoDaddy is an all-time popular web hosting service and it is almost a household name for those who have a bit of knowledge about the internet and hosting services. Once the top-notch hosting service, GoDaddy has however taken a dip in its rankings. It sits at # 7 of our list as you can see and the services it offers are 100+ GB of disk space instead of unlimited, which may be a reason for its downfall. The bandwidth offered is unlimited and the domain is free, like the rest and the monthly subscription charge is $4.99/month, only a bit higher than the rest. Also, GoDaddy offers money back guarantee anytime to satisfy its valued clients.


6. Jaguarpc

Best Web Hosting Companies In 2020 -  Jaguarpc

Jaguarpc is the next in line with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth on offer but the domain is not free at all, it is valued at $12.95 which is a big difference from the rest. Also, the money back guarantee is limited to 45 days only, which may raise eyebrows with many users. The monthly charge is $ 4.95/month which is more or less the same as many others are charging.


5. Hub Web Hosting

Best Web Hosting Companies In 2020 - Hub

Hub offers you an unlimited disk space along with an unlimited bandwidth and also a free domain. The money back guarantee is for 90 days and the monthly subscription charges are $4.99/month. There are also an unlimited number of MySQL databases available as well as an unlimited number of parked domains available. 24/7 US technical support is also included as part of the plan.


4. HostGator

Best Web Hosting Companies In 2020 - HostGator

HostGator has to offer you an unlimited disk space and bandwidth but the domain is charged at $12.95. The money back guarantee applies for 45 days but the monthly subscription charges are relatively low, @ $3.96/month. So, this should come as a pleasant surprise as the low monthly charges may compensate for the expensive domain, etc.


3. FatCow

Best Web Hosting Companies In 2020 - FatCow

FatCow offers an unlimited disk space and bandwidth with a free domain to go with it and the money back guarantee for all of this is 30 days. Also, the monthly subscription charge are only $ 3.15/month so that makes it a very attractive web hosting service to go for and take benefit from.


2.  web hosting has a lot of attractive features to offer, such as unlimited disk space and bandwidth, with a free domain. You also have the option of getting your money back anytime and the monthly charge you will have to pay to is a mere $ 2.25/month, so you have no worries on paying a high per month charge. That makes this hosting service a very good consideration as well, with the benefits that it has to offer you for your website, all of which can easily be manage if you are a starter and hence on a budget.


1. iPage

iPage - bestw eb hosting in 2020

iPage is on top of our list of best web hosting companies as iPage offers unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth with a free domain! Also, iPage offers a money back guarantee ANYTIME to its valued customers; such is its level of service on offer to clients. Moreover, the monthly subscription charge starts at ONLY $1.99/month and that makes it the top-choice for a web hosting service! Also, iPage offers a template based site builder, a PayPal integration with your website, 24/7 network monitoring, 24/7 phone, live chat and email support with phone call waiting time of only about a minute or so!

So, try out this excellent web hosting service and see for real what it has to offer you and your website.

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