Top 10 Biggest And Longest Protests Against Governments

Every year a number of peaceful protests are held everywhere in this world that ends up in brutal violence. Our government who is responsible for our country forces us to get up and raise our voices. We can’t be puppets for long and bear the corruption and the unfairness by our leader who makes promises and forgets everything the minute they touch leadership. This political condition is everywhere and no matter how many protests and demonstrations are held, no matter how many lives are wasted this doesn’t seem to come to an end. Here are the Top 10 Biggest And Longest Protests Against Governments.


10. Protests Against The Iraq War

Protests Against The Iraq War

The protests about the Iraq invasion were held worldwide after the attack on Iraq in 2002. In most of the countries protests were held by the anti-war organizations and some by the states. The biggest rally of protesters against the Iraq War was held in Europe in which three million people participated and this was mentioned in the Guinness World Record book as well. A number of Americans begun to consider this war a mistake and according to Dominique Reynie’, a French academic a number of protests were held all over the world and 36 million people participated in them.


9. Anti-Austerity Protest In Rome

Anti-Austerity Protest In Rome

After the slowdown in Italy’s economical position the people of Rome made a peaceful protest to the government to fulfill their demands regarding unemployment and costly accommodation. About 25,000 people joined the protest holding slogans against their government. Their protest walked till Central Rome and until violent attacks were made on the silent protestors. A number of people were arrested and tear gas was used on them. There were injuries as well including a man who lost his hand as he was pushing back the firecrackers thrown by the French police.


8. Ukraine’s Orange Revolution

Top 10 Biggest And Longest Protests Against Governments

The Ukraine’s Orange Revolution which continued for 2 months and 1 day, one of the longest protests took place in the central Kiev with thousands of protesters protesting against the elections of the 2004 elected Ukrainian president. It was considered by people to be rigged and he won because of colossal exploitation. The protests were followed by civil disobedience, numerous sit-ins and slogans by the community of thousands of people, who continued to sit in through snow and cold weather. All the protesters who marched to the parliament building were wearing orange representing the color of their leader’s campaign and thus this protest was named the Orange Revolution.


7. Indian-Anti Corruption Movement

Indian-Anti Corruption Movement

This movement took place all over India and was given thrust by Anna Hazare, an anti-corruption activist, who started a hunger strike in New Delhi. The motive behind this protest was to introduce Citizen’s Ombudsman Bill also known as the Jan Lokpal Bill which will discourage corruption, reimbursement for the citizens and also protection of whistle-blowers. This movement began on the 4th April 2011 and is still ongoing. This protest has been the longest protest which has been going for 3 years, 4 months. 4 weeks and 1 day. Media helped massively in this protest raising awareness among people to help promote the Han Lokpal Bill. A number of hunger strikes, protests, sit-ins were held all over India organized by several NGO’s.


6. Irish Protests

Irish Protests

The Irish protests included a series of demonstrations by its people and have continued up till now because of the financial crisis that were apparently unending. The protests among teachers, students and workers started when the government who had announced to provide with the budget as it always has been giving some more benefits like HPV vaccines for school kids withdrew its proposal. A number of 25,000 people including retirees and students walked to the Parliament as a protest against the withdrawal. Steps were taken to take control over the situation but each year because of economic depression laborers or people of any profession continued to do sit-ins and protests.


5. Colombian Student Protests

Colombian Student Protests

The largest protest in Colombia was held by the students of Colombia when a planned reformation for the students was withdrawn by the government. Thousands of students which were estimated to be 20.000 to 30,000 protested in the capital city Bogoto to improve the system of higher education. The students remained peaceful until the police came up and ordered them to finish up the protest by throwing tear gas.


4. Protests Against The War In Afghanistan

Protests Against The War In Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan that is still ongoing has raised a lot of demonstrations and objections among people from all over the world. The protests started from September 2001 where 20,000 people walked at Meredian Hill Park in United Stated where the attacks on Afghanistan were condemned by several including the organizations including A.N.S.W.E.R. Several movements were held all over the world where thousands of people participated with enthusiasm to denounce the attacks. The protests continued every year starting from the 2001 till 2011 and have been the longest protest.


3. The PAT Protest


Dr. Abdul Tahir ul Qadri, the leader of the PAT (Pakistani Awami Tehreek) started their protest after their 14 men were killed brutally along with a 100 injured in Model Town, Lahore. The sources clearly stated that the Chief Minister of the state Punjab was entirely responsible for the act of the policemen. The Chief Minister on the other hand very openly denied of even being aware of the incident. Dr. Qadri, the leader took thousands of his people and announced a protest against the government. He demanded his resignation along with several other people involved with him. The protest was held in Islamabad on 16th August and is still in progress.


2. The PTI Protest

The PTI Protest

The Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaaf held a protest against the prevailing Pml-N government. Their demand was their resignation as they have been unable to provide the country, who is already suffering from economic depression with any power. The protest was led by their leader Imran Khan who was present in the protest the whole time boosting his people to stay with him. The PTI wanted re-elections as they considered the previous elections to be rigged badly. The protests were held all over Pakistan including Peshawar, Karachi and Lahore apart from Islamabad where the main protest was held. The protest was peaceful and the leader promised the government to keep their people calm and no harm would be done to the country until they decided to move to the Parliament. That’s when the police walked in throwing gas tears at their people and hitting them. Several were injured and admitted to the hospital and later that evening everyone was present again on the protest of their leader. The protest started on the 14th August 2020 and still continues as the paper publishes; with the aim of making a Naya Pakistan.


1. The Gaza Protest

The Gaza Protest

The Gaza conflict has raised demonstrations and protests all over the world. Thousands of people set out on the roads to fight for the Israeli-Gaza conflict.

The largest protest was held in Britain where 150,000 people showed up for Gaza where almost 2000 people have been killed and several injured. Thousands of people came from every side to attend this protest of Britain. Before this largest protest several other protests and demonstrations were held by the people of Britain in which they managed to bring 50,000 protestors. The movements are never ending for this conflict and people are showing much affection towards this conflict and much more protests are on their way.

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