Top 10 Celebrities Who Committed Suicide

When we see the word celebrity, what comes in our mind… beauty, power, fame and money??? These picture perfect people with luxuriously high class lifestyle are dream of every person. But believe me (or don’t *:p*) that their lives are much more than that and that is quite evident by numerous suicides in this circle.Death, may it be of a common man or a celebrity, is always depressing and sad. The grief becomes even deeper when a young soul departs this world because of the harshness and cruelty prevailing in the society. Suicide is prohibited in many religions and it is considered cowardly act in society.

Since every aspect of a celebrity’s life comes as a headline in news, so obviously their deaths and especially suicidal deaths always create hype in the social media. So here is a list of I don’t know exactly whether I should call it a top ten list or not, but still since that’s the theme so the list is of Top 10 Celebrities Who Committed Suicide.


10. Laurie Bird



Laurie Bird celebrity who committed suicide

Looks like, committing suicide was in Laurie Bird’s blood because her mother who had ovarian cancer also committed suicide. Laurie Bird was an American actress. She only lived for 25 years. After giving up acting she became a full time photographer. She died after taking an excess dose of Valium.


9. Nafisa Joseph

Nafisa Joseph

You will find out by reading this article that the major reason that leads to suicide is the problems in love life and usually females can’t take up the stress. She hanged herself to death, a little time before her wedding. The reason for this step came out to be the cancellation of her marriage. Though the parents filed against her to-be-husband, but he got out of it by pointing out that there is no solid proof.


8. Kuljeet Randhawa

Kuljeet Randhawa

Kuljeet Randhawa died at the age of 30. She died by hanging herself from the ceiling fan. Reason of her death was the extreme pressure in her life, with which she was unable to cope. She had a great career with many modeling assignments and shoots in her bag.


7. Viveka Babajee

Viveka Babajee

It turns out that these models and actresses only seem to be smiling perfectly but from inside they are broken and depressed. Viveka Babajee was no different. She died recently after hanging herself from ceiling fan. According to her diary, she was extremely depressed because of her break up with her boyfriend Gautam Vohra.


6. Divya Bharti

Top 10 Celebrities Who Committed Suicide

Well death of Divya Bharti has long been surrounded with speculations. Some think it was an accidental death or murder while others are pretty much convinced that it was a suicide. Bharti died after falling from a five-storey building, willingly or unwillingly. Bharti is and was a beautiful lady and is still remembered as a beauty queen.


5. Silk Smitha

Top 10 Celebrities Who Committed Suicide, Silk Smitha

This South Indian actress has been a symbol of sensuality during her reign. She was born to a poor family and certainly she tried to change it. She was never appreciated enough during her life. But after she departed her influence kept her alive. She poisoned herself to death because of her career issues.


4. Lucy Gordon

Top 10 Celebrities Who Committed Suicide, Lucy Gordon

It’s never easy to see such a beautiful face and soul depart this earth. Lucy Gordon was a model and actress. She was found dead, hanging from ceiling fan in her Paris apartment. After postmortem, her father accepted the fact that she committed suicide.


3. Kurt Cobain

Celebrities Who Committed Suicide, Kurt Cobain

Lead singer and guitarist of a rock band Nirvana, was the favorite of many people. Kurt was diagnosed with bronchitis and laryngitis. After this he made his first attempt on suicide by drug overdose. After staying at hospital, he recovered. His wife tried to help him out of his drug abuse habit. Later in April, 1994 Kurt was found dead in his house by an electrician who initially considered him asleep. A letter was found addressed to Cobain’s imaginary friend saying that he lost interest in music.


2. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Who does not know this beautiful woman with extremely seductive looks? Decades have passed and still she remains a symbol of beauty and sensuality. But beneath all this beauty, there was a sensitive and naive women, who could not deal with the problems of life. Monroe was 36 years of age when she committed suicide. The cause of her death was considered as drug over dose. Monroe was seeing a psychiatrist at that time. She was married three times and all ended in divorce. Her death still remain suspicious and it is thought that she did not commit suicide instead she was murdered.


1. Jiah Khan

Celebrities Who Committed Suicide, Jiah Khan

It really saddens me to use ‘was’ instead of ‘is’ for such a young beautiful and energetic lady, who despite of doing just two films, made a mark on the industry and she would certainly be remembered for her contribution forever. Jiah Khan was a famous Bollywood actress. She committed suicide by hanging herself from ceiling fan around quarter to 12.

A six page suicide note was found after her death. In the letter she mentioned her grief and problems in her life which were basically because of her love life with Suraj Pancholi, he was taken into custody. It’s not confirmed but according to a rumor Jiah was drunk at the time of suicide. She also went through abortion few days before suicide.



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  1. You put the pic of Kulraj Randhawa instead of Kuljeet Randhawa…Kulraj is still alive and going great guns…please do your homework well..

  2. It is right info that KULJEET RANDHAWA committed suicide but the picture which you have posted with the name is of Punjabi Actress KULRAJ RANDHAWA who is still alive.
    Please rectify the error and remove the picture of an alive person.

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