Top 10 Celebrities With Most Beautiful Smiles

People love smile and wish every one to smile, smile is the key to win the hearts of the people, many people keep smile on their face to avoid many problems and no doubt it is very attractive move for the individuals. Celebrities are famous and widely recognized for their talents and beauty, some have beautiful features, some may have charming personality and some may have both these blessings with their talent but here we have the list of Top 10 celebrities with most beautiful smiles. These elegant personalities with beautiful and charming smiles are a perfect symbol of beauty with smile and this also played a vital role in their successive careers.


10. Kylie Minogue

Celebrities With Most Beautiful Smiles -

Kylie Minogue also renowned simply as Kylie is a talented Australian actress, singer, songwriter and recording artist who started her career on Australian actress as child star and gained appreciation through her fabulous role in the television soap opera named Neighbors before initiating her profession as a recorded artist in 1987. This amazing actress is widely recognized and won numerous awards and is also known for her charming smile.


9. Catherine Zeta Jones

Celebrities With Most Beautiful Smiles - Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones is a talented Welsh actress who began her career on stage during her early age and played many featuring and small roles in films and televisions and gained extraordinary fame with her roles in Hollywood movies including the thriller film Entrapment and the action film The Mask of Zorro. She is a glamorous celebrity known for her hilarious roles in films and magnificent smile.


8. Jannifer Garner

Celebrities With Most Beautiful Smiles -  Jannifer Garner

Jannifer Garner is a renowned American actress and film producer who has performed many flawless roles in various television serials and films. She was widely recognized and praised on television for her excellent performance as CIA officer in the thrilling and interesting drama serial Alias. This beautiful celebrity has very pleasant personality and very joyful smile that add more beauty to her personality.


7. Jennifer Lopez

Celebrities With Most Beautiful Smiles - Jennifer Lopez

This pretty and gorgeous actress is renowned not only for her shimmering personality but also for her smart smile. She is a famous American actress, fashion designer, dancer, philanthropist and television personality. She is such talented actress who successfully completed various victorious projects and also gained the award of Alma.


6. Kate Hudson

Celebrities With Most Beautiful Smiles - Kate Hudson

She is a beautiful American actress and achieved recognition in 2001 after achieving Golden Globe and getting various nominations. She has been carpeted in a number of hit films and is best known for her outclass acting in Almost Famous for which she got Oscar nomination and super hit How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Bride Wars and Glee. She has an exclusive personality with glowing skin and an attractive smile that make her more appealing.


5. Laura Linney

Celebrities With Most Beautiful Smiles - Laura Linney

Laura Linney is a wonderful American actress and singer with extraordinary talent and charm. She is renowned for her flawless performances in movies such as Kinsey, The Truman Show and Mystic River. She is a successful actress who has received several awards during her career including two Golden Globe Awards, four Emmy Awards and a Screen Actors Guild Award. She wears a beautiful smile as her beautiful personality


4. Julia Roberts

Celebrities With Most Beautiful Smiles -  Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is an amazing American actress and producer who became a Hollywood star after featuring the romantic comedy film Pretty Woman in 1990 that became one of the highest grossing movies and earned $464 million worldwide. She has won awards for her acting in super hit movies, she is a successful actress who is well known for her stunning complexion and sparkling white teeth with gorgeous smile.


3. Angelina Jolie

Celebrities With Most Beautiful Smiles -  Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a gorgeous and a famous American actress, screenwriter, film director and author who received several awards including two Screen Actors Guide Awards, an Academy Award and three Golden Globe Awards.
According to Forbes she was ranked as the highest paid Hollywood actress in 2009, 2011 and 2020. She has been often mentioned as the most beautiful women in the world for which she gained considerable media attention. This beautiful actress not only has beautiful features but also has charming smile.


2. Christie Brinkley

Celebrities With Most Beautiful Smiles -  Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley is a well known American actress and model who gained worldwide popularity in the late 1970s and became the face of Cover Girl for twenty five years which is the biggest functioning cosmetics contract of any model in the history.She is a skilled actress and model who has won various awards and has appeared on various magazines covers. With her long career span she has been named as one of the world’s most attractive women of all the time by magazines such as Playboy, Allure and Men’s Health. Her American beauty with a kind and beautiful smile has made her favorite since the Seventies. According to her, her smile was the passport for her success in modeling industry.


1. Megan Fox

Top 10 Celebrities With Most Beautiful Smiles

Megan Fox is a young glamorous American model and actress who began her acting career in 2001 with various minor films and television roles. She made her film debut with a role in film Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen in 2004 and has performed many flawless roles in many films. She is renowned for her acting in blockbuster movie Transformers that became her breakout role and contributed a role in developing her career.

She is deliberated as the Hottest Woman by various magazines including FHM. She has flawless beauty, her beautiful eyes, sharp features and the very charming and attractive smile is simply outstanding. She is one of the celebrities with most beautiful smiles and is widely recognized and appreciated by a number of fans.

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  1. Jane curtin has a beautiful smile, too! The way she scrunches up her nose makes her very pretty…she should be in the list

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