Top 10 Champions In League Of Legends Season 4

Season 4 is coming near day by day and the changes made during the pre-season have made it clear that it is going to a gold fest. All lanes are expected to be equally competitive. Junglers and supports have been introduced to new positive changes in terms of new items and gold income. Now junglers can farm and expect a good item set which can be crucial in the mid game phase and for supports there is tons of gold to spent on new items and wards. These changes have been good in general for the game but some champions have benefited more than others. Here we have a list of the champions that you are encouraged to master before the new season begins which makes them the Top 10 Champions In League Of Legends Season 4 .


10. Teemo

Top 10 Champions In League Of Legends -

Ever since the vision changes were rolled out for season 4 , Teemo has immediately turned into a instant hit among the community. His mushrooms deal tons of damage and prove to be very annoying for the enemy team. Yes , there are some items that provide vision but they are either visible to the enemy in the form of pink wards or have a fixed time duration with very high cooldown.


9. Ziggs

Top 10 Champions In League Of Legends - Ziggs

Ziggs is still very strong but his main weakness is when he has to lane against assassins like Kha’zix and Zed. But time has come for Ziggs to shine in season 4 because of the nerfs to the assassin meta. His long range ability and ultimate are sure to make him a beast in the coming season.


8. Karma

Top 10 Champions In League Of Legends -  Karma

Karma is a champion that relies on a good build which in turn needs a lot of gold but with the new changes in the support section of the game in the form of heavy gold earning items and the addition of new items , it is clear that in the next season Karma will be a viable support as well as a ap caster for mid lane.



Top 10 Champions In League Of Legends - Kog'Maw

Kog’Maw is another beneficiary of the latest changes because he is a kind of a champion that relies on a team that can protect him. With tons of gold for supports , it is expected that Kog’Maw will turn into a worthy pick for the upcoming season. We all know the ability of Kog’Maw to deal heavy amounts of damage from a tremendously long range that can literally shred enemy tanks like butter.


6. Talon

Top 10 Champions In League Of Legends - Talon

Talon is not a champion that received any changes in the tool kit but he has benefited indirectly if not directly from the recent changes. Ever since the nerf came out for the assassin meta , Talon is the only assassin that has been left untouched which gives him a definite advantage. Another positive for talon is the fact that there will not be any vision wards or oracles making him literally useless in the teamfight.



Top 10 Champions In League Of Legends - Renekton

Some champions are just strong and Renekton is one of them who is known as the biggest lane bully in all of league’s champions. Terrible to lane against , gank friendly and tons of area of effect damage and zoning ability. He is very popular at all levels of the game from bronze to even the world championships.



Top 10 Champions In League Of Legends - Shyvana

Now here we have a upcoming star who has become increasingly popular simply because of lack of opponents. All the champions that counter Shyvana are either not very useful for the team or they are just out of trend in the community. Jungle changes also benefit Shyvana because she is a farming jungler with a fast clear which earns her more gold then the enemy jungler. This means that she will have better items during the midgame which can prove to the game changing factor.


3. Mundo

Top 10 Champions In League Of Legends - Mundo

Another champion that relies of a good build and ever since the addition of new buff to the jungle and gold changes on the buffs has happened this means that Mundo can have his core items faster than ever turning him into a indestructible force. He can zone out champions in team fight due to his tremendous chasing ability and can pack a lot of damage if built properly according to the situation.


2. Vi

Top 10 Champions In League Of Legends - Vi

With new champions coming in the top lane like Shyvana and Mundo , Vi has become popular in the jungle as well because of her strong crowd control and single target lockdown abilities. This means that she will get her items faster and prove to be handful for the enemy ap and ad carries.


1. Evelynn

Top 10 Champions In League Of Legends -  Evelynn

A nightmare if picked by the enemy team and undoubtedly the biggest beneficiary of the recent vision changes , the absence of oracle and invisible vision wards have turned Evelynn into a must pick champion if left open after the banning phase. Being invisible gives her a strong advantage in ganking lanes and even more so when it comes to counter jungling because anything you don’t see is sure to be scary.


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