Top 10 Chocolate Destinations In The World

Even hearing the word “Chocolate” puts a person in a sensational state of indulging into smooth, velvety, melt-in-mouth, seductive, sweet treat. It is something that people can’t resist eating. It doesn’t matter if its white or darks, bitter or sweet, giant bars or tiny morsels or even hot liquid; as long as it is chocolate, it is simply delicious. It is available in multiple forms and coatings for instance, fudge, truffle, fruit dipped, praline, bonbon or even creamy. You won’t ever regret indulging with the production of the finest chocolatiers. Here’s a list of the top 10 chocolate destinations in the world where you can indulge yourself with the world’s finest chocolate confections.


10. The Cologne (Germany)

Chocolate Destinations In The World

Germany is considered as the capital of chocolates. The Company named Stollwerck chocolate is the second leading provider of the chocolate items to the United States. The Stollwerk is located in Cologne. A museum display was created at the 150th anniversary of the company in order to celebrate their performance. The display has been developed into a museum after that celebration. The museum is locally recognized as the chocolate museum. The entire place has been arranged as a chocolate world/museum, displaying all their chocolate products ever produced till date. The Stollwerck not only produces the finest chocolate confections but is known for its amazing chocolate fountains as well.


9. The Tain L’Hermitage (France)

Chocolate Destinations In The World

Tain L’Hermitage is situated in central France. It is the home town of the world famous chocolate producing company Valrhona. The Valrhona Ecole Du Grand institute is a world’s finest teaching school that produces chefs, chocolatiers and caterers exclusively. This institute provides 3 classes per day to train the newbies on how to become professional chocolate confectioners. Just imagine what the professional chocolatier’s of such a place would produce where people from around the world go for learning the art of chocolate confectionery.


8. The Hershey (Pennsylvania)

The Hershey (Pennsylvania)

Hershy, Pennsylvania is popularly known as the “Sweetest Place” on the Earth. The Hershey town is the home town for H.B Reese Candy Company and the Hershey Chocolate Company. The entire town was named as Hershey after the realization of its chocolate as one of the best in the world. America has acknowledged it as a US chocolate center. If you love chocolate, you have definitely come across various Hershey’s snacks and chocolate products. They produce a variety of chocolate confections made of both white and dark chocolate.


7. The New York (US)

The New York (US)

New York City has basically no link as being a home town to any chocolate giant. But the reason it ranks amongst the top 10 chocolate destinations is that it is hub for all sorts of chocolate outlets. You can find any sort of chocolate, no matter where in the world it was produced, if it exists, New York has it. The entire city is loaded with chocolatiers, confections and stores from almost all the chocolate brands and companies in the world.


6. The Villajoyosa (Spain)

The Villajoyosa (Spain)

Villajoyosa, Spain is also known as the Chocolate City. This city has a long history starting from the 18th century; it started the imports of cocoa beans from Ecuador and Venezuela. At present, the city is the home town of the gourmet chocolate company Valor. It was established in 1881. Today Villajoyosa produces world class chocolate confections and products. Tourists consider it a must to try the chocolate as many times as possible while they are staying in Villajoyosa.


5. The San Francisco (California)

The San Francisco (California)

The yap region is the home town for the big chocolate manufacturing companies in the US. It is a destination for those who love chocolate. There are special chocolate tours arranged for visitors and tourists. These tours take the tourists and visitors to various chocolate factories/museums to guide them about the historical essence of chocolate and how the finest chocolate treats are prepared. The best and top chocolate shops in San Francisco include Ghirardelli chocolate, Scherffen Berger, XOX Truffle and Cocoa Bella.


4. The Oaxaca (Mexico)

The Oaxaca (Mexico)

The world’s first chocolatiers are the old Mesoamericans and ever since Mexico has been producing chocolate. In the present day, residents of Oaxaca, Mexico have made chocolate an essential element of their civilization. The locals of Oaxaca, Mexico take chocolate pretty seriously, which is why they are known for producing some of the finest chocolate products in the world. They would present the visitors and tourists with chocolate products as gifts to welcome them and show courtesy. The world’s best chocolate, free of cost; what more can anyone ask for?


2. The Zurich (Switzerland)

The Zurich (Switzerland)


Switzerland is a central-European country that is famous for many things, chocolate being among the top. It is home to the most popular chocolate producing companies such as Treuscher, Sprungli and Cailler-Nestle. Zurich, Switzerland is loaded with world’s renowned chocolatiers and brands. It has more consumers of chocolate than any other country in the world. If you or any of your friends or family members is visiting Switzerland, make sure to ask them to bring some chocolate for you. As soon as you put the chocolate in your mouth you would forget about everything else in that moment.


1. The Brussels (Belgium)

The Brussels (Belgium)

All the various kinds of chocolate can be found in Brussels. The entire country is known as the paradise of chocolates. The country of chocolates comprises of 12 chocolate factories, over 2000 chocolate shops/outlets and 16 amazing chocolate museums. Belgium’s chocolate, no matter what brand, is loved all over the world. People would die for the amazing and mesmerizing taste of the world’s best chocolate from Belgium. These chocolates are also considered as one of the most amazing gifts for various occasions. Now you have a fine idea of where you must go if you have a craving for the finest and most delicious chocolate treats and confections in the world. You may also make it a vacation-goal to visit any of the above places in the world on your vacation and enjoy the world’s best chocolate products. A true chocoholic would definitely visit them at least once in his lifetime.

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