Top 10 Cities With Highest Crime Rate In UK

Crime takes many forms, such as rape, terrorism and murder. But whatsoever its form may be, it always accompanies a lot of serious drawbacks. Many of us lose our loved ones in a street crime or terrorism attack; ultimately it gives birth to a restless environment in the city or even in the full country. Every nation, unfortunately, is facing sorts of crimes and the number of précised crime rate is increasing day by day. United Kingdom is one of the nations in the world which have tremendously high rate of crimes and street accidents. After United States of America, United Kingdom always remains seriously threatened in one way or the other. Among the numerous cities of United Kingdom, the following top 10 cities with highest crime rate In UK  are serious to put a hold on.


10. Aberdeen

Top 10 Cities With Highest Crime Rate In UK

Aberdeen, since a long has had been the target of street criminals. According to an estimate, daily 10 to 15 people are killed or kidnapped in different streets and highways of Aberdeen. The rate seems to be increasing day by day as so far no serious actions from either the corps or the government have been taken to put a hold onto such serious street crimes.


9. Armagh

Armagh is one of the desirable tourist points in United Kingdom, but unfortunately since a decade or so the rate of murders and rapes in this city have been increased up to a high extent.


8. Belfast

Top 10 Cities With Highest Crime Rate In UK

Belfast is yet another wonderful tourist point in United Kingdom. Here the tourists, especially newly married couples, come to spend their holidays. It is said that the international tourists have been kidnapped and killed in a high ratio for a few years. This is why, the governments of different nations have disputed their citizens to travel to Belfast for spending their holidays or vacations.


7. Birmingham

Birmingham is a city of colleges and universities. The students from all parts of the world come to seek admission in different colleges of Birmingham. The international students, according to the city officials, are committing different serious street crimes. It is said that since a decade, the women’s kidnapping in Birmingham has taken a very serious shape.


6. Bradford

Cities With Highest Crime Rate In UK - -

Bradford has had been the city of wonders, cultural and traditional values. But it is very unfortunate for us to say that Bradford has been under serious crime threat. Bradford is one of the major cities of United Kingdom and this is might be the reason that the criminals and hackers target the people of this city and kidnap, rape or kill them for ransom.


5. Bristol

BristolUniversity of known to all of us, here hundreds and thousands of students from across the world come for getting admission. The population of this city is as high as we can imagine of a developed city. It has no financial or economical crisis, and of course here the crime rate is over 50 % during the days and 70 % at night times. The streets of Bristol are not at all safe to go and wander at during the night because of the serious criminal threats.


4. Cambridge

Highest Crime Rate In UK

Cambridge is a place of night clubs, bar and restaurants. Over 80 % youngsters in this city turn to these spots to spend their nights at. They drink a lot of wines and lose their consciousness ultimately. These become the reason of street accidents and crimes, according to a report. Also the city is full of hackers and those are not only hackers but intelligent educated criminals. The corps has failed to arrest many of these corrupted people, unfortunately.


3. Newcastle Upon Tyne

Newcastle Upon Tyne’s women are either busy going to universities or doing sorts of jobs. Thus, they work side by side with the men to empower the economy of the nation. unfortunately, the rape and kidnapping cases of females in this city have been reported and increased tremendously for a few years. It is strongly needed that the government should take action to arrest and punish the criminals who are kidnapping and killing these innocent ladies every day.


2. Manchester

Every now and then voices have been raised in Manchester against the increasing rate of crimes. Although the British Government has taken some serious steps to overcome the crisis of killing, kidnapping and road accidents within the city, but still it seems that much more attention has to be paid by the government side because the city seems to be losing its peace day by day.


1. London

Top 10 Cities With Highest Crime Rate In UK

London, one of the famous, populated and of course major cities of United Kingdom, is the hub of criminals and terrorists. If on one hand, this city is known for its well versed educational and technology oriented system, then on the other hand the crimes are taking serious shape here. The people especially report about the terrorism attacks and street killings.

Walking on the roads of London during the night is forbade by the mobile police just because the terrorists and kidnappers keep on wandering here and there during the nights to target innocent people.

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