Top 10 Cleanest Cities In The World 2020

This world is very beautiful with many beautiful places in it, every one is attracted towards beauty and the very appealing thing is if the beauty with the cleanliness then it will be really admiring. It is the dream of almost every person on this world to live in one of the cleanest cities of the world. Dusty, dirty cities with unhygienic environment are a point to ponder for the residents of those cities. The demand for clean and hygienic place to live is increasing day by day, increased population, polluted environment, dusty and dirty roads are contributing a lot in making this dream just a dream. Government has to face a lot of problems in keeping the cities clean and clear due to increased urbanization and population but proper planning and management along with the residents of that area are leading factors in maintaining cleanliness. The cleaner your cities are the healthier you and your families are. So, here is the list of top 10 cleanest cities in the world 2020, know the reasons and the interesting facts about the cleanest cities in the world.


10. Freiburg, Germany

Cleanest Cities In The World -

Freiburg also renowned as an eco city is not only one of the cleanest cities in the world but also one of the greenest cities in the world. It is a beautiful city with car free roads, where the green hills surrounding it amazingly in the form of fence. It is very much famous for its high standards of living, medieval university and minister. Its breath taking views, comparatively warm and sunny weather and smooth approach to the Black Forest make it a central focus for regional tourism.


9. Oslo, Norway

Cleanest Cities In The World - 9. Oslo, Norway

Oslo is the most populous city of the Norway and is praised for its consistent struggle in reducing the pollution. From last several years Oslo also known as one of the most expensive cities in the world. It is one of the cleanest places located in the North European continent. In 2007, it was ranked by Reader’s Digest as the second most greenest and liveable city of the world. It contains many museums, a large number of sea sites and parks which are a source of great tourist’s attraction.

8. Wellington, New Zealand

Cleanest Cities In The World - 7. Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington is the seventh cleanest city in the world, it was also titled by Positively Wellington Tourism as the coolest little capital in the world. It is a great tourist attraction, its clean environment and atmosphere along with other attractions attract almost 3.6 million visitors each year. It is a famous conference visitor’s destination because of its cultural attractions, compact nature and award winning restaurants. It is full of natural beauty, the green spaces, mountains, coasts and clean streets are highly appealing for living in. It has been shown to be a top performer in case of air quality, waste management and energy consumption.

7. Helsinki, Finland

Cleanest Cities In The World - 8. Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is the capital of one of the most beautiful Nordic countries in the world; Finland. The beautiful scenes and wonderful building arrangements cause a number of visitors to visit it. Almost 1.1 million people live here because of its appropriate environment and beauty. In 2011, it was ranked as the most liveable city in the world by Monocle Magazine in its Liveable Cities Index 2011. It is one of the major North European cities and is major educational, cultural, financial, political and research centre of Finland.


6. Copenhagen, Denmark

Cleanest Cities In The World - 6. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is the economic, cultural and governmental centre of Denmark with numerous beautiful scenes, castles and palaces. It is renowned as one of the most environmental friendly cities of the world and is fully committed to high environmental standards. It has also won the title of “European Green Capital 2020”. The Government and citizens have shown their efforts in attaining and maintaining the clean and hygienic environment. It is an amazing place to live not only for its residents but also for the tourists.


5. Kobe, Japan

Cleanest Cities In The World - 5. Kobe, Japan

In the list of top ten cleanest cities in the world, Kobe the city of Japan is at number five. The people of Japan are famous as being conscious to health and have an intense feeling of responsibility, so how it is possible that they are not conscious to the environmental hygiene and cleanliness. This city has well planned waste management system, different trash collection days and has completed extensive research on water safety plan. Its transportation system is finest in the Japan. Japanese have gained much fame in advance technology, economy and waste management.


4. Minneapolis, USA

Cleanest Cities In The World - 4. Minneapolis, USA

Minneapolis is the largest city in the U.S. state of Minnesota, it is located on the side of the Mississippi River and is amply rich in water. It is a populated city of the USA with more than 3.3 million people living there but still they maintain the cleanliness of the city. It is a great tourist attraction with attractive trade and transportation facilities. It is blessed with full extent of precipitation and accompanying weather events.


3. Honolulu, Hawaii

Cleanest Cities In The World - 3. Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu is recognized world widely as the major tourist attraction, in the Hawaiian language it is also meant as calm port. Its pure nature attracts a number of tourists from all around the world but the good organization and citizen consciousness also play an important role. The air of this gorgeous island is extremely clean as the pacific winds take away the pollutants very quickly and the regular rainfall also aids in keeping the air impressively free of dust and dirt. It is the pearl of the Hawaii and is renowned as the tropical paradise.


2. Adelaide, Australia

Cleanest Cities In The World - 2. Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and is one of the beautiful cities of Australia where the cleanliness rules. It is situates on the Adelaide Plains between the Gulf St Vincent and the lofty mountain Ranges that have increased the charm and beauty of this city. By the property Council of Australia it has been ranked as the as the most liveable city in Australia for the last three consecutive years including 2020. It is a planned city and its design includes various parkland and wide boulevards. It is one of the environmental sustainable cities of the Australia and its perfectly developed education system along with good recycling methods are major contributing factors in the cleanliness of this city. The central market recycles almost 85% of the wastes and therefore making it a clean and perfect city to live.


1. Calgary, Canada

Top 10 Cleanest Cities In The World

The city that is on the top of the list of top ten cleanest cities in the world 2020 is Calgary of Canada. It is a remarkable city that is situated between the Rocky Mountains and the Savanna of Canada. The Bow and Elbow are the two major rivers that run through this city and guarantee the humidity in the climate of that area. It has been consecutively ranked in the top three of Mercer Global Financial and HR consulting’s world’s cleanest cities for the last five years.

It is a beautiful city with various beautiful tourists’ destinations. Its great efforts are recognized all over the world and therefore designating it the cleanest city in the world based on water drinkability and availability, air quality, waste removal, sewage system quality and traffic congestion. It is an exceptionally clean city and is no doubt one of the best places to live in this world.


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  1. HAHAHA. Nice joke. NOT A SINGLE COUNTRY FROM MIDDLE EAST or from SOUTH ASIA. Dude/Miss next time try to surf on net before writing

    1. You know what.. There’s not ONE SINGLE country listed here! — Only Cities.. Imagine that!! You are in no position to critique anyone’s writing.

    2. It is not necessary to put these cities you are talking about . We are creating lists of top 10 not top 100 so it is really a difficult task to rank top 10. So if we miss any cities having 19-20 difference than you should appreciate

    3. Sir Middle East Countries due to the Poor Sanitation Lack of Infrastructural Suppor Base A tendency in Muslims to live like a getto Culture Close by & not Spread Out due to Historical Reasons Lack of sensitivity to create a green Environment woith Waterbodies around CITIES ARE ABOUT THE MINDSET The Mindset of People & govt Makes or Mar a City Im aftraid Middle east cities Like damascus cairo baghdad look like Slums

    1. Really? You must be kidding, right? I’ve lived in the Middle East over the last 4 years and this place by far is one the dirtiest places I’ve been to. Yes, of course, it all looks nice and sparkling in the tourist areas and a million cleaners working round-the-clock make sure it does, but try visiting some of the non-tourist areas, i.e. residential, and you’ll be surprised. No one picks up after themselves and can’t be bothered to do so, even when there is a trash can 2 steps ahead. People don’t even bother using the garbage chute, they just leave their garbage around rotting and attracting pests. You say recycling?! Well, that’s just for show. So, unless you live at one of the 7-start hotels and never go outside, GCC is not to be anywhere close to this list.

      1. Have you been in different countries in middle east, or are generalizing ur opinion based in ur living in one country?

        1. Sir Middle East Countries due to the Poor Sanitation Lack of Infrastructural Suppor Base A tendency in Muslims to live like a getto Culture Close by & not Spread Out due to Historical Reasons Lack of sensitivity to create a green Environment woith Waterbodies around CITIES ARE ABOUT THE MINDSET The Mindset of People & govt Makes or Mar a City Im aftraid Middle east cities Like damascus cairo baghdad look like Slums

        2. Sir Middle East Countries due to the Poor Sanitation Lack of Infrastructural Support Base A tendency in Muslims to live like a getto Culture Close by & not Spread Out due to Historical Reasons Lack of sensitivity to create a green Environment with Waterbodies around CITIES ARE ABOUT THE MINDSET The Mindset of People & govt Makes or Mar a City Im aftraid Middle east cities Like damascus cairo baghdad look like Slums

    2. There is no city can claim that from GCC, as I lived in USA I can tell that very clearly…. Here in UAE roads & building area is a mess. Only Malls & offices are clean, nothing else.People didn’t see the good places wondering why there is no country from GCC.

  2. This is not true, Calgary is the most polluted city in Canada due to Oil and gas exploration , it is surrounded by many oil fields.

    1. @karthik, you must be a little crazy!! Whenever I leave Toronto or anywhere else and return to Calgary, I am reminded what fresh mountain air smells like!! It is amazing! And the water is SO good. Now either you have never been to Calgary, or, more likely, only lived there and no where else. I always liked living there but I had to go elsewhere before I REALLY appreciated everything about it.

    2. Shockingly ignorant. You should have a clue about something before you make such confident statements, ridiculous. I wonder if many people in the world are so ignorant regarding Calgary and Alberta, or is it just this one goof ball? Even the well sites in Northern Alberta, which I have stood on myself, are relatively tiny patches of brown earth with equipment on them, which are absolutely surrounded by immense, UNIMAGINABLY IMMENSE, bigger than many entire countries, spaces of some of the most beautiful sceneries on earth which are healthy and absolutely untouched. Come see it for yourself after visiting your own resource extraction sites so that you can accurately understand.

    3. get your facts straight. there is a large number of oil companies that base their business in Calgary for trade and commerce; not for oil and gas exploration. that activity is situated 300km north of the city where the oil fields that you speak of are.

    4. Karthik u really do need to get yr facts straight before u comment about Calgary. It really is beautiful and I’ve lived in Calgary for nearly 5 years years now, so please tell me where the oil fields are here? Or are u crazy making things up?

    5. Sigh.. people who state things even though they don’t know what they are talking about. I live in Calgary, and although I rarely pay attention to the scenary and others things, but even I know how lucky I am to live in Calgary. The fresh and clean air after I come back from a vacation, and the amazingly clean water is a few of the reasons I love this city so much.

    6. If you knew even a little bit about Alberta, you would know that most of the oil comes from the north. Calgary is in Southern Alberta. Please research before making ignorant comments.

    7. oil rigs are not in the city. most of them are way up north… calgary gets fresh air from the mountains

    8. Calgary is not surrounded by oil fields, and we rarely have any smog to speak of. Our oilfields are hundreds of kilometers away. Also, oilfields do not create smog, automobiles and coal plants do. Oilfields only extract oil from the ground by way of oil wells. Even the tarsands do not create smog, as they are extracting oil from the sand that is already in the ground. Get your facts straight!

      1. I’ve been here 25 years and about the worst pollution you will see is on a few rare days in winter when the city is experiencing a temperature inversion trapping pollutants under a cold air mass. The only other time pollution is an issue is when forest fires from BC and Alaska follow the prevailing winds to Calgary. Beyond these exceptions, the air quality here is extremely good. And I’d love to see all these oil and gas fields. The closest such field would probably be Turner Valley and you have to travel about 50 miles to see it. And it has long been past its peak output over 50 years ago.Its real claim to fame is that it was generally considered Canada`s first commercial oil field.

    9. Really? Have you been there? “Oil fields” are found underground, FYI. Above ground, the ecological footprint of its infrastructure is practically unnoticeable: small well sites, and every few miles an oil or gas plant, often blending in to the farmer’s field or pasture where they’re found. Immense care is taken to avoid spills to thus avoid liability (I’m an inspector whose job is to ensure this), and the sites themselves are well-kept and most field sites are very quiet. So stop comparing the Calgary area to the Oil Sands hundreds of miles to the north, and don’t make an assumption about some place you’ve undoubtedly never even visited!!

    10. Calgary is the corporate center of oil and gas operations, however the majority of oil production takes place in northern Alberta. Calgary itself is considerably less polluted than Toronto or Montreal and most other major Canadian cities. If you knew cared to learn the slightest thing about the western half of your country you might not have such disrespect for my home.

      1. Please. You saw a tar pit in a movie and thought that’s what an oil field was. Oil fields, first of all, are UNDERGROUND. How did you fall in one? Did you fall down an oil well? In that case, you should know oil wells don’t look like the wells in nursery books. Oil wells pump oil to the surface and there isn’t really a hole to fall down. If you’re going to lie, at the very least do your research.

    11. Yes, but the pollution is at least a few hundred kilometers away, so rather say it is in the same province as the Oil sands and the “Pollution” you consider serious. Alberta is larger than many other Countries in the world.

    12. They don’t drill for oil in Calgary. People should research before they speak. Some people have a big problem with oil and gas because they think it’s bad. Their opinions aren’t based on fact. The oil and gas industry helps provides Calgary with an amazing economy and stable jobs. Canada has some of the strictest rules in the world in terms of drilling and preserving the health of the planet.

    13. You’ve never been to Calgary, have you? The air is so sweet, and having grown up in Calgary and explored Alberta, I’ve never seen oil fields in my life except for pictures. And in the pictures, everything is tidy and neat, not to mention Canada’s economy would be terrible without them.

      1. I do not know why people are lying against Calgary .. Am i wrong ? Calgary should not be in this list ? What do you Think

  3. @Karthik, not sure where you get your information but there are no oil fields anywhere near Calgary (I’ve lived here my entire life). The city is in southern Alberta while all the oil fields you’re referring to are in the far north. Calgary has always been ranked as one of the cleanest cities in Canada and the world.
    You might be thinking of Edmonton which is again is far north of Calgary is and home to many of the refineries that receive the oil and gas produced in the far north of the province.

  4. wow, karthik, have you ever been to Calgary? you do realise that the oil fields you speak of are mostly underground right? and mostly in Northern Alberta far away from Calgary. I think people really need to actually “go” to one of these places before they can comment.

  5. Karthik seems like a fucking idiot. Calgary is absolutly beautiful as posters above have said. The Oil fields are in northern alberta. Calgary is in southern alberta. I am proud to be born and raised in this city and well country too Love it

    1. That is a photo of Calgary. I can see the Calgary Tower, Bankers Hall. and even City Hall. The photo is overlook St. George’s Island (the zoo)

    2. Are you kidding me? That picture is most certainly Calgary. I live downtown. That island you see is our zoo. The bridge to the left goes to Inglewood (one of our oldest communities). If you do not know what you are talking about please refrain from commenting. Or perhaps travel a bit so you have actual knowledge. Terrible.

    3. I`ve often heard that people think pictures of Denver are mistaken for Calgary. It seems many mistake the Wells Fargo Tower in Denver for the Petro-Canada tower in Calgary. This is definitely Calgary!

  6. I am a proud Calgarian, but why no picture of the city? That picture I believe is of Emerald Lake in B.C., 2.5 hours away!

    1. The picture you speak of is actually of Lake Moraine, about 20 minutes away from Lake Louise so approximately 1.5-2 hours from Calgary but still in Alberta :p

      1. Lisa and other who comment is not Calgary’s picture, you better go out on the hill where Max Bell arena is located, then look to the west- downtown, and you will realize IS Calgary view, not BC, neither Lake Louise, or other pictures you people see in your minds. THIS IS CALGARY. I used to live in Inglewood for more than 6 years and spent lots of evenings on the hills by the 17 AVE S.E before Forest Lawn ( on 26th Street South or on the left side of 17 Ave, right after you pass over Deerfoot. So if you are not sure, at least, don’t make yourself a fool pretending you are smart.

        1. Actually I’m willing to bet that these people aren’t looking at the same picture as you are… When I first saw this list there was truly a picture of Lake Moraine for the Calgary picture – I thought it was hilarious and when I went back to revisit the list and to someone, the picture had been changed to what it is now, the Bow River and downtown Calgary. These people aren’t fools, so let’s not jump to judge 😉

    1. You have to come to Calgary to see it yourself. That’s the picture of Calgary. As you can see in the picture, we could see the Rockie mountain from the city. That’s how clean the air in Calgary.

    1. The Minneapolis “urban area” is listed around 3.3 million, but that includes the entire (aggressively defined) metro area. The actual “Minneapolis” population is about 400,000.

    2. The reference is obviously to the metro area. It is wrong though on the site of the river. The Mighty Miss runs through Minneapolis, not alongside it.

    3. As far as this list goes, the only bad thing about MPLS (and metro and the region) is that steady snow fall covers up most of the residual litter through the winter such that when March/April rolls around, it looks like a flood went through as garbage is reveled by the melting snow… not to mention thawing dog crap. It is typically all cleaned up come May and, yeah, MPLs is pretty clean and beautiful all summer. St. Paul as well.

      Somewhat related, I could never get over how the garbage lines the streets in NYC, presumably because they have no alleys to place their garbage. I’d assume a lot of Europe is the same way due to space.

    4. Haha. The 2012 Census estimate for Minneapolis was 392,880 and for St. Paul it was 290,770. The Minneapolis – St. Paul metropolitan area was estimated to be 3,422,264. That said, do you really live in Minneapolis?

  7. Having seen my hometown at #1, I should say that is shamefully inaccurate. We are the oil capital of north America. This article was either written by an uneducated person who hasn’t visited cowtown, or it is a comedy.. there’s frequently garbage on the streets, we have many businesses that are quite wasteful and inefficient in terms of wastage and water/energy consumption (as well as wealthy private residences.. it’s Calgary, so you do the math. Lots of rich folks), everyone in their car (only one person per car too) on the road simultaneously has been a constant challenge we face (we are also ever-booming. Take a peek 50 yrs into the future & our air quality = that of LA’s), oh and did I mention the oil? There is nothing & will never be nothing clean about Calgary, ok? That’s like calling Edmonton a tropical paradise.

    1. Actually the city has some of the best recycling, waste management, and water management programs in the world. we just also happen to have all of the energy companies there… I don’t understand this fact either.

    2. Again, Calgary is a center for oil companies, not oil wells. If you have ever seen an oil well it takes up very little space and the surrounding land is untouched. Every city has businesses that are wasteful, I’m not sure if you have traveled much. Since all houses and businesses are on water meters, people do tend to conserve. We have one of the best water treatment plants in North America.

    3. Well, all you need to do then – to get some perspective – is to live in ANY other city on this planet with greater than 1 million people, then come back and enlighten us with your finds, particularly with regards to traffic. You’ll probably never want to leave Calgary again after that, because it seems obvious right now that you haven’t been elsewhere to this point.

    4. I agree. I just moved to the maritimes from Calgary. Depends which side of the deer foot you live;) Yes, the mountains blows clean air the city format he west, but traffic congestion leaves you breathing in exhaust fume for your hour drive to work. Everyone drives big trucks and SUV’s… The city has many great things about it, but I would not consider Calgary to be the cleanest city though… not sure where this writer got their info.

    1. What does that have to do with a city being clean? The air quality and waste management is amazing. Every single city in the world will have dirt on the streets, its a natural thing. In winter when some of the snow melts then it forms brown slush.. oh noo! sooooo dirty. Have some common sense will you?

    2. Oh and what about right after a heavy snowfall? Trees are coated in white crystals, and given that its the sunniest place in canada they reflect. so beautiful

  8. I have lived most of my life in Calgary but never noticed the mountains in the city….hmmm. I wonder why all the other cities have their picture but not Calgary. It is kind of ironic isn’t it? The cleanest city but lets have a pic of a place that is almost two hours drive away from Calgary, namely Lake Louis, which feels cleaner visually. Thanks a lot stupid media. Please stick to reporting, not manipulation.

    1. The photo does seem a little manipulated, but uh,,, how on earth is that Lake Louise? That is Calgary’s downtown, or at least it is an older picture of downtown. I think the mountains were just brought closer in or something, or maybe it’s just the angle? I mean I see the mountains very, very well from some parts of the city.

      1. actually, since so many people have commented about the picture, I figure now that it must have been changed from a picture of some lake to a pic of Calgary before I read this. My bad 🙂 good job calling that out everyone

  9. Calgary is number 1 and we are happy with our rankings.
    Pic of this beautiful city is now changed. Hope you will love this.

  10. Anyone that says this is not Calgary in the picture is a moron. That is the bow river, with the Calgary tower and the zoo right down front. The mountains are an hour away from us, and on a clear day look as though they are right outside the city. The only thing missing from this photo is the new Bow building downtown.

  11. Raised Calgarian now living in London now and travelling all over the world.. Calgary is by far the cleanest city and the main reason is wealth, education demographic and population density

  12. Also Calgary is not humid, it is very dry, that is part of the reason why the temperature changes so much so quickly.

  13. This is a poorly researched and biased report, which would ring true if it were 50 years ago. I have been to almost all of the above cities and in regards to cleanliness, there are numerous East Asian and GCC cities that are far above these North American or European cities. It’s actually quite laughable. Try and visit Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Osaka, Taiwan, Doha, Dubai, Kuwait City, Hong Kong, Macau. While, as a Canadian, I appreciate Calgary – if truth be told, its strange that Ottawa is not ranked on this list of ‘cleanest’. After all, we’re not talking about scenery and mountains but ‘cleanliness.’

  14. So, Calgary is #1 for beauty…eh? Well, I left here 20 yrs ago for many reasons. Filth on the streets wasn’t one of them. HOWEVER…it’s gotta be one of the most racist cities I’ve ever had to deal with. I am not white, but parents are. I had to deal with racial slurs such as “chug, wagon burner, Lysol drinker, Injun” and the like. Because of my skin color I got THROWN OUT, not escorted out of bars. (Electric Ave!? Remember that) I’m not Native American or even close. The rednecks here are OVER THE TOP. Money = Assholes. The city really is quite picturesque, but most of the people are high ranking assholes, which in turn makes it a white slum. The greasy street-rats are always out downtown, waiting to be even bigger assholes than the next. I’ve been mugged 2x walking to the C-Train at night. I’ve lived in NYC for 7 years, and LA for 3. I’ve spent time in Detroit, and Michigan. NONE of these cities ever felt as threatening as Calgary ever had. Oh, another thing, 30 min north is Red Deer, one of the largest bible belts in the world. Has a HUGE history of animal (and very few, but still) human/baby sacrifice because of the massive Occult following their. How do I know all this for a fact…well, we have the internet to reference from, and I go back every year for Christmas, and just happen to keep in touch with a couple people I still call friends, but are distant acquaintances at best. This place is MISERABLE in winter…I mean f*&$ing MISERABLE!!! I don’t care what you racist white people say about that shit-hole. It’s like a chocolate bar, the wrapper makes it look tasty, but once you sink your teeth into it, you will end up either loving it or throwing it out and deleting the memory from your brain as fast as possible. Calgary who?

    1. Much has changed in 20 years, and there is always a scummy side of any city. I have lived here my entire life, and I have never heard of Red Deer being known for occult sacrifices. Everything you read on the internet is not true, in case you weren’t aware. One of the beautiful things about a Calgary winter that you failed to mention is the warm Chinook winds we get that bring the temperature up to well above 0 degrees. Perhaps you need to be a little open minded, and stop looking at things with your negativity.

    2. if you haven’t been here in 20 years you don’t know a thing about the city anymore.

      also, you are clearly trolling so i don’t know why your comment has not been deleted.

  15. I think you all should relax a little bit and realize that this is list is somewhat subjective. No need for all this hate toward one person’s opinion. I have lived in Calgary a few years and although it is true that there is not a lot of trash and debris like in other cities, it is loving its SUVs and large vehicles. We can always arrange things in a way that makes is feel good.

  16. mango brother, you must not get around Calgary. So often the mountains are just like the photo. Have seen it just like this hundreds of times from Memorial and Deerfoot. Breathtaking! Many other places in Calgary, where do you hide out? And for all of you who hate the oil, put your money where your mouth is. Stop driving, stop flying. Stop eating food grown more than the distance you can walk from your home. And if you live in a have not province, stop taking oil revenue from Alberta, Sask. and NL to fund your cushy lifestyle. Tired of the hypocracy!

    1. Joan, probably the best comment here to expose the hypocrisy of the anti-oil people, who are just as reliant as every other North American on the oil and gas that Alberta produces (AND other parts of Canada, AND the entire American Mid-West). Again, no consumer of ANY amount of fossil fuels can cry foul, so that means NOBODY in North America has the right to cry foul because we ALL use at least some daily.

  17. We don’t live in Calgary but have been there many times. It is a clean and beautiful city. We always enjoy our visits there. It equals in beauty and cleanliness many of the European cities we have visited and surpasses many. My husband works in the oilfields in Northern Alberta, which is
    a 10 hr. drive north of the city. By the way, if you drive a car, use plastic bags, and any of the plethora of items made with petroleum products, Thank Alberta!

    1. But still this is the photo of CAlgary … Em right ? Then whats the matter it is still one of the most cleanest and beautiful city .

  18. The Bow River shown in the photo is a world renkowned trout fishing stream. Our water treatment plant employs cutting edge technology to ensure clean water downstream. We have the highest rate of volunteerism and the highest number people with university and technical degrees in Canada. Many of us earn our living in the energy business here and abroad. This is why we have many very bright people from other lands and many if us have worked away as well. Generally we get along pretty well. When we had the G8 here the protestors and the police respected each other . It doesn’t matter in Calgary who your Dad was or where he was from. Admittedly, we have too many cars on the roads. We are pretty friendly, though there are a few stuck up people we don’t care for either or people who love to hear themselves whine bitch If you haven’t been to visit Calgary you are most welcome, the coffee pot is always on and perhaps you
    may unlearn some of the myths about us. It isn’t perfect; but it is pretty good.

  19. FYI . . I live in Calgary and have most of my life.
    That is a photo of Calgary . . take my word for that.
    I drove taxi here for over 15 years . . I am Caucasian by the way. 🙂
    I know every square inch of this city.
    I am very proud that Calgary is the #1 cleanest city but really find it hard to believe.
    I live here!
    Every city has it’s less than ideal neighborhoods and Calgary is no different.
    Just so every one knows, our roads are pathetic! Potholes for days.
    Very rough roads and this should not be in Canada’s richest city.
    Roads are SO BAD I swear The City has a deal with tire and wheel alignment shops.
    Winters here are UGLY!
    When I moved to Calgary in 1973, they actually picked up the snow in winter.
    Now they just plow it off to the side of the road and make it virtually impossible for residents
    to get their cars out from being parked in front of their house.

  20. I’m a proud Calgarian and agree that Calgary is a wonderful, clean city, but I’m not sure the Bow & Elbow rivers “guarantee the humidity in the climate of that area”… Unless the author means they guarantee a very dry climate? We only have 45-55% relative humidity! (Source: Canadian Climate Normals 1981-2010. Environment Canada – via wikipedia)

  21. to Halle Burton, I am sorry this happened to you in Calgary… to Joan and Lin, thank you, I always say to the Leonardo DiCaprio’s of this world.. try flying to your villa in Italy without the Oilsands… we have a very clean city, as Calgary uses petty criminals to do city clean up to serve their community time… maybe mayor Rob Ford should…. oh never mind….

  22. “Calgary is surrounded by many oilfields.” Now that my friends is funny. Maybe look up Fort McMurray. Do your research before commenting. I’ve lived in South East Asia and I’m sorry, not making the list there I’m afraid. I’ve lived in Calgary most of my life and you can see for miles here everyday except for when we get snow blizzards or rain. I can see the mountains from my home and they’re 170km away. I drink tap water here. Couldn’t do that in Hong Kong, or Bangkok, or KL. When I wash my face after being out all day the cloth isn’t black like in Guangzhou China. Calgary deserves to be in the top spot so stop hating.

    1. Thanks for your perspective. Also, driving straight west from Calgary along Hwy. 1 the mountains are less than 100 km away; from southwest Calgary along Hwy. 22X, they’re actually about 60 km away at their closest point.

  23. Oh yeah almost forgot. Hong Kong is clean?? I lived there for 5 years and I have to say no to that comment. Nice try though.

  24. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH what bs I live in Calgary, I just got back from Tokyo and I have to say Calgary is 100 times as messy, you never see garbage on street in tokyo like you do in Calgary.

    1. Yup, I’m laughing too. Clean. You have got to be kidding. I guess if you look at the picture they posted it may appear that way. Close up and personal, not so much. There are beautiful areas in Calgary but for the most part it is much in need of a make over!! And please don`t slip on the ice.. they don`t clean the streets.. the piles of snow turn black with gravel and grit and should you are hard put to find anyone stop to help you up. Even in the summer; case in point, the woman who died in a hit and run while crossing in an intersection and peope drove around her. Number 1?????? The people who do these lists should really do their research first.

    2. Yeah its pretty sad here in Calgary I don’t get how it could ever get rated number one. I’ve been to Tokyo as well and there’s no comparison. I always see sweepers picking up garbage and not a piece of garbage on the ground.

  25. Is this a sick joke? Calgary “one of the best cities to live in the world”? I laughed for about ten minutes then proceeded to find out if this was in the comedy section. I’ve lived here all my life and this should be rated the most boring cities I’m the world to live in. Yes it’s clean, but best city to live is a sick joke to ever claim. Good luck finding something to do in this boring conservative crybaby population. Everything closes early, service is horrible and it just plain sucks here. Transit is disgusting and useless in every aspect.

    I’ve traveled all over the world and calgary actually makes me sick. This is a good place to live if you’re an office drone who married the first feminist cunt who touched your wiener. Liquor store on every Street corner but nothing to do.

    1. Must read about the title which means we are talking about the cleanest cities of the world and its good to live in beautiful and cleanest city rather than any dirties place.

    2. You don’t live in Calgary. And if you do, maybe you’re in one of our less desireable areas and don’t own a car (did you lose it at a Checkstop?) If you can’t find “something to do” in Calgary then you’re an idiot.

      Actually, if you do live in Calgary, please leave. As they say at “Meanwhile in Alberta”, Fit In or Fuck Off.

      1. Name me one exciting thing to do in this shit hole?

        I actually live downtown and own 3 vehicles and a street bike. We can go on about checkstops and the ridiculous .05 laws and how impossible it is to find transit when you decide to be responsible. The monopoly of cabs and this is by far the most expensive place I’ve ever had to pay for a cab. Even Japan on my last visit is cheaper. Then we can get to parking costs downtown in shit hole Calgary!

        Maybe you idiots consider fun to be sitting in a pub surrounded by men exchanging stories of how much life sucks. Calgarys ONLY purpose for me is to make money and vacation elsewhere for months.

    3. so what’s the problem? are you a sadist?

      sounds like you need and change of scenery. or are you one of the those people who just likes to bitch and not take any action?

    4. Then leave…… If you find the city boring then take a look in the mirror as a lifetime resident and you will see the problem. You sound like a whiny teenager.

    5. Move then, if Calgary is such a shit hole. A city is what you make it, and your own participation reflects your attitude. Im proud to call Calgary my home, and cocky people like you that think a city with low crime rate, good people that help each other out (Flood crisis is a great example), high academic averages, and a booming economy aren’t good enough for them can kindly go f**k themselves, buddy.

    1. I snowboard and COP is a joke but at least you made an example of something I overlooked. Calgary is just good for making money.

  26. As a Calgarian who had to go on field trips to the water treatment centers in order to learn that our water purification is the best in the world, aided in bottle drives, and helped in garbage pick up around town I’m proud to say Calgary is the cleanest city in the world! Honestly it can be pretty ugly and gross in some areas and there is the oil industry, but all cities have their not so great aspects, however in Calgary’s case the pros definitely rule out the cons. YYC rules!

  27. I can’t believe. It’s 20 years I’m traveling the World. Been to Canada, been to to Norway and Finland and so on…

    Are you plain stupid or ignorant? There’s no cleaner city and surrounding landscape in the World than Swiss cities…

    So, there’s a close match between Scandinavia and Switzerland, but YOU DIDN’T EVEN MENTION ONE!!!! Berne, Zürich, Basel… you can eat on the streets…

    This is also true for Vienna (Austria… if you don’t know…) and Luxembourg, and Vaduz and Singapour…


  28. Wrong photo for Minneapolis. The reason the Twin Cities metro area is so remarkable is that it has the highest amount of green space of any major city in the U.S., a result of the urban area having to adapt itself to the natural terrain, which is full of lakes, wetlands, forest, and prairie. The dominant color of the Twin Cities is green, except in winter, when the abundant natural areas are white with clean snow, providing a counterpoise to the slushy streets.

    1. How is that the wrong photo for Minneapolis? It is the most urban/populous city in the entire metro area, the fact that it is very clean doesn’t mean the picture should be focused on a lake or something. It’s showing downtown, which is the difficult thing to keep clean if anything and the picture has more impact showing something like that.

    2. Wrong photo? The photo is definitely of downtown Minneapolis. The IDS, Wells Fargo Center, Campbell Mithun Tower, and Capella Tower are very noticeable.

  29. The population of Calgary in 1973 was probably arund half a million or less – now closing in on 1.5 million with a landbase 3-4X the size – there is no way the City of Calgary could pick up and remove snow for the entire city. The amount of manpower and vehicles needed alone would quadruple the taxes – for major snowstorms that happen 3-4 times a year, there is no way to justify the costs.

  30. How are there no cities from Sweden on this list? The country is so efficient with recycling that they HAVE RUN OUT OF GARBAGE and need to import from Norway to fuel their energy program. That is what I call clean.

  31. How much did Calgary pay to put us on this list?
    I don’t know how tim ho cups, fast food wrapping, dog poo and cigarette butts qualifies a ‘clean’
    I live in Calgary and I think Calgary is a pretty damn dirty.

  32. Calgary is a very pleasant place to live, I am curious though what many of you have referred to as the less desirable area to live.

  33. I live in Calgary and I don’t think it is that clean, but they might not be talking about the garbage that the wind blows into the fences and tall grass that never gets cleaned up.

  34. The author writes that there are 3.3 million people in Minneapolis. No, not even close.
    There are 3.3 million people in the 10-county Twin Cities metro area. Once again, Minneapolis gets the credit for something the entire Twin Cities has worked for.

  35. Born & raised in Calgary. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. The best think I did in life is leave that boring shit hole. C-train, what a joke.

  36. So much of what you are considering to be the cleanest city has more to do with luck, not policy. Calgary just happens to be lucky enough to be 300 km from the oil fields. Would their policies and cleanliness still give them a high rank if the oil fields were in their back yard? It seems that many cities that are not blessed with the perfect location are perhaps better because of their policies, such as a place like Berne, among many others

  37. Hmm… What are your sources?
    It’s not that I feel like Minneapolis isn’t a clean place, but with so many vehicles producing gas emissions and how much litter I have seen on the streets, I’m not so sure that it’s the fourth cleanest place in the world.
    Although I guess it is the most bike friendly city in the US. Call me a skeptic, but I would just like to know if this information is reliable.

  38. Love Adelaide at number 2. Come visit us, see for your selves, beaches, hills, fabulous food and wine to die for…. and welcoming people. Come on over everyone.

    1. Adelaide is a racist city that is NOT welconing of Asian visitors! The people are highly white-centric, and will treat you as second class if you’re not white. The Asian tourist dollar is better spwnt elsewhere.

  39. Next time make it even. You can keep majority countries from the West, but also keep countries from the MENA and ASEAN region.
    Dubai and Singapore are like clean !!!!!

  40. The person writing this, has obviously never been to Oslo. Its by far the least clean city in Europe.
    If this ranking is based on the fact that we have a lot of parks and that we have cut pollution in the city, sure I’ll agree, but during summer, when all the crap is not hidden by snow, theres rubbish laying everywhere, and bitumin dust lays thick and gray and suffocates grass in ditches everywhere.
    Someone should have a walk down the main street on a sunday morning, and tell me they still believe its number 9 on this list.
    I have also lived many years in Adelaide, and I cant believe that these are even on the same list. Adelaide is immaculate, in comparison to Oslo.

  41. I am from Adelaide and whilst I agree it is a really nice place to live – I can’t see how it can compare on a level of ‘cleanliness’ to Japan… I am currently in Kyoto and have to say it is 100 times cleaner than Adelaide! I think all 10 should be Japanese cities

  42. This is most definetly Calgary and the mountains are that big that you can see them clearly on a sunny day!! I have lived here all my life and Calary has no oilfields surrounding it! They are up in northern Alberta look at a dam map before you open your yap !!

  43. I guess it’s good that there are so many people on here who love Calgary and are defending it. I lived there for several years and couldn’t stand the place personally. And it wasn’t for lack of trying. As for waste removal, water treatment, etc… I really couldn’t say, but visually it certainly isn’t the cleanest city. There are a few neighborhood that have some charm and are mostly void of trash on the streets, but most places are so bland looking, dusty and you never have to go far before seeing Tim Hortons coffee cups and fast food packaging littering the streets, parks, meridians etc. Most of what is considered Calgary is hellish suburbia. Nearly identical houses with little to no charm. Tiny yards for million dollar homes. The roads are coated in small rocks more than half of the year. And the people are the unfriendliest that I’ve seen and I’ve been all over Canada time and time again. Most of my rant is about the shortcomings of Calgary, but honestly, I never once thought to myself, “Wow, this place really is clean.” But I have remarked to myself how much litter there is in the ditches, along fences, etc….

  44. I live in the 2nd , little ol Adelaide of Australia which is one of the best countries in the world, arnt we all lucky !!!!!!!

  45. I have lived in calgary the past 10 years and i agree the city puts in a lot of effort to clean the city but after going to Germany and Norway and seeing how CLEAN the streets are of some cities..nothing can really compare. On top of everything, if you base it on appearance alone, which to be honest, most people do, winter usually comes in Calgary for give or take about 7-8 months of the whole year and so the city only looks really pretty for the 2-3 summer months. ITs so cold in the winter, esp this year with the flash freeze and ice storms that the beauty gets masked. Calgary is not “racist” as mentioned above, maybe the individual is referring to the neighbouring small towns, but is actually a good place to raise a family. However, i would definitely not classify it as the cleanest city in the world but thats my opinion.

  46. I am very skeptical as to if so-called “1st world cities”, built upon the ecologically-unsustainable consumer patterns of its citizens, should be seriously considered “clean”…”aesthetically aseptic ” might be a better term.

  47. As someone who has written multiple hiking and biking articles and books about the Twin Cities, and as someone who has lived all over the Midwest and on both coasts, I have to agree that Minneapolis is a truly gorgeous place, and definitely the cleanest and greenest (and friendliest and overall bestest) big city I’ve ever lived in. Pleased as punch to see it on this list!

  48. Calgary may be a clean city and successful city, but it has no soul. The only reason the town is so clean and successful is because of oil money without it, Calgary would be a piece of crap like Regina or Saskatoon. Oh ya and downtown is completely dead after 6 oclock when the business stiffs go home. Calgary = boring as fuck. Toronto > Calgary and its not even close

  49. By what criteria are these ranked, I wonder? Honolulu has great air quality, but on the street, it is BY FAR dirtier than most American cities. The mindblowing beauty of rural Oahu aside, the depressing dirtiness of the city was a big part of why we moved back to the mainland.

  50. I have been “talking” a fair bit to my cousins in USA re the heat waves & temperatures of 44 degrees plus that we have been having in Adelaide the past month or so.I reckon some of them may have come to the conclusion that Adelaide is one of THE Hottest places on earth ! When I posted a link to this story one cousin in USA said that she reckons we are the 2nd cleanest places in the world because all of our garbage & litter turns to ash because of the heat

  51. LOL calgary is nowhere near cleanest city in the world. Edmonton and vancouver are cleaner than it. I’d be generous if I said calgary was top 100 cleanest cities on earth. this place is a redneck piece of shit ahaha

  52. The criteria for clean cities is water availability, waste removal, sewage systems, air pollution and traffic density. Although the places listed here may not be as litter free as Tokyo or Singapore, they do excel in the overall criteria for cleanest cities.

  53. But not all or every American City is Clean & Free from Traffic Congestion & Accidents.India Cities
    are worst when it comes to Cleanliness & Social Hygine & Traffic Accidents.Nations like India should give top priority to make all Cities Clean;Hyginic;Safe & Accident free.State & Central Govts
    should take drastic fast measures for that.Only then foreign businesses will come to India.

  54. Hey guys u all know …….karachi(pakistan) is worlds best country nd all cities are failed as compared 2 karachi

  55. lived in calgary my whole life and can see the highly noticeable difference in the color and algae content of the bow river entering and leaving calgary… if we are the cleanest city in the world something is horribly wrong

    1. What? Really ? you are saying that you are not living in a cleanest place? Calgary should not be in this list?

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