Top 10 Coolest Places To Visit In Seville

The fourth largest city of Spain and the capital of autonomous community Andalusia is Seville. It is located on the plain of River Guadalquivir. The city, Seville, which can be called as a province of Spain as well, is divided into parts Sevilla and Triana. Seville is famous for having the 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Seville is a country with abundance of historical sites and museums. The city conjures up the memories and images of tallest plazas, castles, orange blossoms and medieval streets. If you are planning a tour, no place could offer you more than Seville. There is lot to do and lot to see in the city. The outstanding places, amazing food, pace of life and beauty are a multi-combo that the city offers to its visitors. Old Town has a crown to have the Seville’s main attractions. The good thing is that you can visit all the places on foot as they are not so far and even if you don’t want to walk you need to pay just a little or absolutely nothing. Here is a list of top 10 coolest places to visit in Seville during your tour that you should not miss at all on a great trip indeed.


10. Casa de la Memoria Centro de Interpretacion Juderia de Sevilla

The famous Casa de la Memoria Centro de Interpretacion Juderia de Sevilla is a museum opened in 2012. It is the city’s first museum. It is the sign of Jews achievement in Spain. They have explained their history and story through pictures and other exhibit able models and things. Once you enter the museum you will lose yourself in the amazing historic figures of Jews. The most interesting thing there is a map of Old Jewish Head Quarter. Beside this the museum is decorated with the beauty of Pablo de Olavide, Jose Maria Blanco White and many others. There are original paintings of 19th Century and many colorful stories to develop your interest. When you go in there you will surely love all the fascinating stuff.


9. Archivo General de las Indias

- Coolest Places To Visit In Seville

You might be confused by the name…Right? Let me clarify. Archivo General de las Indias is the archive of Spain’s colonial exploits, all around the world (not specified to India in any context). It is an exceptionally beautiful building with the interesting presentation all around about the trade history of Seville. Building has a square floor plan with the large central patio. It has the valuable informative documents not only about history of Spain but the Overseas American Colonies as well. The entrance to this wonderful piece of architecture is free. It’s a nice display of expeditions by navigators.


8. Plaza de Toros de la Maestra

Plaza de Toros de la Maestra - Coolest Places To Visit In Seville

Plaza de Toros de la Maestra is the oldest bullring in the world. It is famous for the bullfighting festivals during Seville Fair. It was made for the special and traditional cavalry training and is a part of Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla. This place is the biggest tourist attraction in Spain and hence the most visited place. If you will go there you will feel fortunate to enjoy the bullfight in Spain. It is an awesome place. If you have a guided tour you will be able to see how art is put into culture and historical perspective there.


7. La Casa Del Flamenco Auditorio Alcantara

La Casa Del Flamenco Auditorio Alcantara - Coolest Places To Visit In Seville

If you haven’t been to the Flamenco show in Spain then your tour is surely incomplete. I guarantee you that this would be the most thrilling and amazing experience in Seville. It is a fantastic show with so much passion and energy. It is advisory to go early because they make a list according to the time of your arrival based on which you get the seats in rows. The performers are impressive and talented. You will surely enjoy in the great atmosphere of intensity and authenticity. It is really very intimating show.


6. Plaza de España

Plaza de España - Coolest Places To Visit In Seville

This place is undoubtedly one of the city’s greatest attractions. The building has a majestic architecture. This building was built in 1929 purposely for the Ibero- American exhibition. This beautiful square is right opposite to the Parque de Maria Luisa. This complex has a typical revival style and has two tall towers at the end joining the central body of the building. The plaza is a huge square decorated with the ceramic tiles, fountains, arcades and bridges. The building has 50 benches all along the square representing the 50 provinces of Spain. The plaza has a tiny canal nearby where you can rent a boat. Don’t miss this striking plaza during your tour to Seville.


5. Catedral de Sevilla

Catedral de Sevilla - Coolest Places To Visit In Seville

Cathedral de Sevilla is the largest Gothic building in the world. It was built at the location of the 12th century mosque. There is a monument of famous Christopher Columbus inside the building. There you could see the fine works of the famous Spain’s artists. The wonderful and most famous tower of Spain, The Giralda Tower is attached to the Cathedral. Many years ago it was a famous minaret of Almohad mosque. Some of the elements of the building are of Arabic style. You will have to pay a little entrance fee to get in but trust me this amazing building worth a lot more than this amount.


4. Barrio Santa Cruz

Barrio Santa Cruz - Coolest Places To Visit In Seville

The neighborhood and heart of Seville is an interesting place with the brilliant historical background. The white houses, narrow streets, iron grilles and blossomed flowers are well worth a visit. Typically an Andalusian Barrio is bounded by many other great historical places that you can visit as well. This place is really a fun to wonder through. You can enjoy lot of bars, restaurants, cafes and hotels in Santa Cruz. Little squares and fountains everywhere adds to its beauty and you will have more fun if you are through this place in day light. The food is totally Spanish and really very good.


3. Parque de Maria Luisa

Parque de Maria Luisa - Coolest Places To Visit In Seville

Parque de Maria Luisa is a public park in Spain. It is the most amusing park you can ever find to visit. It is the green area of Seville having a very interesting history. It is really an unusual park if you compare its beauty with the parks in United States. You can take a horse carriage ride through the park as well. It’s a perfect place to capture the memorable photos. Once you enter the garden you are away from all hustle and bustle of the city in the calm and beautifully landscaped gardens. The good thing for the tourists and other visitors is that the great plazas of Spain that are Plaza de España and Plaza de America are just nearby. The park provides you the opportunity to sit alone and think that how lucky you are to be in such an amazing park closest to the nature.


2. Casa de Pilatos

Casa de Pilatos - Coolest Places To Visit In Seville

Famous as Pilate’s house is a great Andalusian Palace in Seville. This building is an exceptional blend of Gothic, Renaissance and Mujedar architecture. This palace is now a museum. The building is located at the Northern edge of the famous Santa Cruz. It can be said as the well preserved palatial home. The building architecture, mosaics, gardens and amazing patios clearly depicts the wonderful past Spanish life. You would be able to find the old articles and paintings upstairs. The good thing is that the building is self-explanatory that is you get a free audio guide as you enter the palace. The entry fee is little. This place is originally worth visiting.


1. Alcazar palace

Alcazar palace - Coolest Places To Visit In Seville

The well renowned place in Seville the Alcazars palace is situated just next to the Catedral de Sevilla. The place is famous for the seat of royalty. The building was built for the Moorish rulers and their harems. The palace was built by the Christian King of Castile and still this palace is most occupied royal palace in Europe. The King and Queen stay here during their visit to Seville. It would really be astonishing to know that this palace is not just a single palace but the hilarious combination of many palaces with different cultural architectures and styles.

This palace truly depicts the blazing past of Spain’s royal history. You can scroll through the backyard gardens with colorful flowers, ponds, fountains and aromatic fragrance of different plants. This palace will make you feel as you are out of this world to some extra ordinary beautiful place. The ticket to the palace is just €8.50 (€2 reduced for children). It is advised to take your time whenever you visit this palace during your trip.

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