Top 10 Countries That Are Dependent On Tourism

The purpose to travel to distant countries is to refresh our minds. Every tourist looks for some best and top notch places of the areas to spend luxurious moments at. He, along with his friends or family, goes to the economically fit countries where the problems of traveling and staying are not present. But this is usually dependent upon your budget, if you don’t have enough budgets then definitely you won’t go to those countries and will prefer within the country traveling. Many of the countries around the globe, however, provide the chance to the tourists to come and spend their holidays with great fun. Even the financial and economical values of those countries are based on tourism industry. Here are the top 10 countries that are dependent on tourism.


10. South Africa

best Travel Destination 2020 -

The tourism industry acts like the backbone of South African economy. This country has so many wonders, beaches and natural monuments which attract the attention of the tourists from all parts of the world. South African government earns about 50 % of its annual GDPs from this industry.


9. Anguilla

best Travel Destination 2020 -  Anguilla

This is a wonderful place and an amazing territory of UK. The travelers make Anguilla their destination to spend holidays and vacations at because this place is never short of fun. They can have a lot of fun-making opportunities. Anguilla’s annual GDP value is estimated to be 55 % which is related to tourism.


8. Italy

best Travel Destination 2020 - Italy

Italy is a developed and economically fit country. Its beautiful areas, places and well versed country infrastructure are something to make the tourists attracted towards this country. Most of the part of its finance is dependent upon the earnings received from international tourists. Its approximate GDP from this industry is 60 %.


7.  Japan

best Travel Destination 2020 - Japan

Japan is a land of technology and tourism. Its valuable tech companies’ presence and awesome natural lands are something to make the tourists urged to come here and spend their vacations. Japan’s estimated annual GDP value from tourism is said to be over 67 %.


6. France

best Travel Destination 2020 -  France

France is known for its fashion industry. Various top class and high standard fashion shows, monthly or annually, are held here which become the reasons to attract international tourists to this place. France’s agriculture and tourism industries are quite strong to help the government increase its annual GDP value up to 70 %. Not only the tourists but also the fashion models, designers and other professional persons turn to this country to spend their holidays or to seek for better careers. But before they reside in this country, they will have to seek a permission letter from the government because the rules and regulations don’t allow outsiders to come and work in France for small reasons.


5. Island of Bermuda

best Travel Destination 2020 - Island of Bermuda

This island is all surrounded by natural resources and crystal clear water. The tourists simply love to come here and spend their luxurious holiday moments. It is an amazing and gorgeous natural place with refreshing environment. All these factors have become the reason to raise its GDP value up to 76 %. Every year millions of tourists turn to this land to refresh their minds.


4. United States of America

best Travel Destination 2020 - United States of America

USA, despite the fact that it is called a super power, is yet a beautiful tourist place in the world. Much part of its economy is dependent upon the earnings which is received by the tourists coming to its different states. Many of its places are worth see, but New York, California and Los Angeles have been the hubs for tourists to stay at. USA’s annual GDP value dependent upon this industry is 80 %.


3. Bahamas Island

best Travel Destination 2020 - Bahamas Island

This small yet gorgeous island is situated in the Atlantic Oceans. Naming it to be a small country won’t be wrong as it operates like a full-fledge country from all aspects. The Bahamas is a green area surrounded by gorgeous and clean water. The refreshing atmosphere of Bahamas is the reason to grasp the attention of the worldwide tourists. Its annual GDP value is over 84 % and is likely to increase in the upcoming years.


2. Germany

best Travel Destination 2020 - Germany

Although Germany is not a country with so many natural places or beaches but still it is a hub of tourists, looking to spend their summer or winter holidays. Germany’s strong financial situation is the result of its government’s keen interest and hard work of the people. Here there are so many cities where the tourists are welcomed and hotels are kept reserved to facilitate them in a more effective way. Germany’s annual GDP value related to tourism industry is 89 %.


1. Cayman Island in Britain

best Travel Destination 2020 - Cayman Island in Britain

Cayman is a small yet stunning and pleasant island of British overseas. The gorgeous natural beauty, well entertaining spots, delicious cuisine and highly facilitated accommodation are some of the aspects which make the tourists attracted towards this island.

The spectacular natural beauty, parks, gardens, rare flowers and green lands add a value to your level of experience in Cayman Island. Its approximate annual GDP is 92 %.

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