Top 10 Countries With Highest Child Labor In 2020

Children, at the age when they are supposed to study, enjoy, and live a relaxed life, if subjected to do work for the sake of earning bread are all included in child labor. Child labor is the biggest; I would rather say ‘evilest’ of all the crimes prevailing in our society nowadays as it effects the proper development of children. Different organizations are running anti-child labor campaigns, but still this problem is making strong roots in our society. The vivid reasons are poverty, illiteracy, and unawareness about children’s rights, cheap industry and other related issues. Child labor is mostly observed in developing countries (the list you would be reading below is the proof of the fact). According to the latest researches it is seen that China and Brazil are the countries where child labor is decreasing at a rapid rate in past few years. On the other hand, top 10 countries with highest child labor in 2020 are discussed below.


10. Nigeria

Countries With Highest Child Labor In 2020 -

In rural areas, kids are mostly involved in agricultural sites of tobacco, cassava and cocoa. While in urban areas, children work as shoe shiners, street vendors, barbers, tailors etc. UNICEF Nigeria presently is working to eradicate this disease; still no vital progress is shown in previous years.


9. Yemen

Child labor does not seem to be an important issue for the government of Yemen. After the civil war, a large number of children are made soldiers first and then incorporated in the armed forces.


8. Burundi

Countries With Highest Child Labor In 2020 -

Burundi is a landlocked African country. It comes in the list of top five poorest nations of world. Burundi is surrounded with threatening corruption, political instability, illiteracy and fatal diseases like HIV AIDS. In comparison of all these problems, child labor may not seem to be a huge problem, but no doubt, this problem is of parallel importance.


7. Zimbabwe

The approach of parents in Zimbabwe is also the same. They send their children to beg in streets and think that they will be a helping hand in the income of the family. But in the broader perspective, child labor has long lasting effects (bad obviously). Mining and agriculture are the sectors, children are mostly working at. Good thing – there are programs claiming to help eradicated child labor, bad thing – they do not work.


6. Afghanistan

Countries With Highest Child Labor In 2020 - Afghanistan

About 30 percent of children, who are supposed to be in their primary schools, are working to earn for their families. And the sad part is that most of them are the sole bread earners in the house. The unstable economic and political situations are prevailing since 1979 is the basic cause of child labor. Afghanistan considers this as an important issue. I hope situation gets better in the near future.


5. Sudan

Similar to Afghanistan, this country has also suffered from war and unstable conditions. According to the latest researches held in 2020, it has been seen that almost one third of the children, whose age ranges from 10 to 14, are subjected to work and earn promoting child labor.


4. Democratic Republic of Congo

Countries With Highest Child Labor In 2020 - Democratic Republic of Congo

Circumstances in DR Congo are no worse than other countries in this list. Department of Labor revealed that children are embroiled in risky tasks of mining which includes mining of tantalum ore, tungsten ore, tin ore, gold etc. In addition, it is reported that rebel and military groups are involved in abduction of children making them child soldiers. No doubt this country is in the top list, but government is performing constructive steps towards its removal. Several UN treaties are signed on child labor.


3. Myanmar

Countries With Highest Child Labor In 2020 - Myanmar

Again, a country suffering warfare named Myanmar is said to have the largest child soldiers. Children are also involved in human trafficking inside and outside the country. This country is still facing war issues due to unfriendly relations with different ethnic groups. Myanmar was listed at first position due to child labor. In 2020, it managed to come at third position. This shows government has it all eyes on this situation. Still a lot of work is required from the government side to handle this issue.


2. Somalia

Countries With Highest Child Labor In 2020 -  Somalia

Government instability, spread all over the country since 1991 holds a major hand in child labor in Somalia. Child soldiers are abundant. Other than this, they are also indulged in some dangerous agricultural activities. In short, all forms of worst child labors are prevalent in this nation and the rate is increasing day by day. There is no law or rule against child labor. It seems government is sleeping and considering it as a petty issue. Law enforcement agencies need to buckle up and consider this problem on the top priority. Only this way, they can get rid of this evil stuff.


1. Eritrea

Countries With Highest Child Labor In 2020 -  Eritrea

This country at the top of the list comes out of no surprise. Reasons – Eritrean Government enforces child labor as a legal part where children are forced to do work for at least two months in a year during their schooling. Poverty and country’s unstable situation are again the root reasons of child labor. Not only child labor, but no other human rights properly observed here. This clearly depicts that child labor is not even considered a social problem in Eritrea.

This ignorance imparts a destructive behavior in the world. Promoting child labor as a necessary thing could never be justified. Hence, there is a dire need to broaden the minds and remove child labor from the roots.

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