Top 10 Countries With Highest Defense Budget

With the passage of time, an environment of restlessness and war has been created. We all are having serious problems and issues in our lives; the countries’ internal and external peace seems to have been lost. There are various reasons for this, but the most important reason is the urge of every nation to dominate the others and become the super power. Truly to fulfill this desire, every country’s government tries to become prominent by creating disturbance and destruction for the rival nations. This is why the defense for a country from its rival nations is the need of the time and it spends a lot for this. Here are the top 10 countries with highest defense budget according to the current stats.


10. Brazil

Brazil is accounting about 3-6 % for its defense purposes. The country government remains concerned about how to empower its military with the highly dedicated and brave individuals.


9. Italy

Top 10 Countries With Highest Defense Budget

The circumstances and issues of Italy remain unpredictable throughout the year. The government tries its level best to increase the standards of facilities for its military persons and policemen. The country is spending 7 % annually for the sake of ensuring the defense for itself both internally and externally.


8. France

France has, every now and then, been under serious threat of terrorists and criminals. The reason is said to be an increased number of external arrivals who turn to this place for the sake of education and job opportunities. As compared to the previous few years, France is planning to spend 10 % of its total to ensure the defense of the citizens and tourists.


7. Germany

Countries With Highest Defense Budget - Germany

Germany is one of those fewer nations where the coast safeguard is of highest standards. The government always tries to provide the residents and citizens with an internal peaceful environment. The policies have been made to overcome the rate of crimes and to ensure the defense, Germany spends 15 % annually.


6. India

India has so far accounted 17 % of military expenditures in the world. The people of this country remain under serious threat of terrorism and street crimes. The Strategic Force Commands and other institutions play their vital part in safeguarding the people more and more.


5. United States of America

Countries With Highest Defense Budget - United States of America

It is no doubt true to say that United States of America has had been the superpower in the world. It is superpower in various terms, such as its highest standards of educational and residential facilities, compatible military and intelligence agencies as well as Majesty Armed Forces. In the presence of all these organizations, the domestic violence and street crimes are close to none. The current government is spending 20 % annually to ensure the protection of its people both internally and externally.


4. United Kingdom

United Kingdom is a country commanded and operated by British Army and Royal Family. It has three highly powered and fully strengthened branches of military which ensure the protection and harmony in the state. UK’s annual expenditures on maintaining the environment of defense ate 25 %. United Kingdom is also a believer to spend a handsome amount to ensure the quality services of its mobile police.


3. Turkey

Turkey is a developed and well progressed nation. Here the crown of managing and maintaining the country peace and defense is the Armed Forces of Turkey. In addition to this, various government and private organizations are playing their positive role to overcome internal and external country issues. Turkey spends 28 % annually for defense purposes.


2. Russia

It is absolutely true for us to say that Russia gives a hard time and strong competition to United States of America. Various defense unions are operating within the country since 1992 to resolve all the internal issues. The Russian Ground Force, Russian Navy and Russian Air-defense are some of the organizations which can be named to be prominent in this regard. Russia spends more than 3 millions annually to ensure the protection and harmony within its internal environment. For external defense purposes, however, it is spending 30 % or ever more depending upon the nature of its military and external issues. For example, if there are chances of war, then the government purchases weapons and other war equipment’s just to compete the rival country in an effective way.


1. Sweden

Countries With Highest Defense Budget -

The military power of Sweden is considered as the bravest one in the world. To empower the strength, courage and stamina of its defense service companies and persons, Sweden government invests 35 % annually. The Soviet Union of Sweden, Airborn Troops and Marine Corps are some of the defense services of Sweden. Their core responsibilities are providing the complete protection and safeguard to the people from all external forces in case of wars or fights, ensuring to maintain the quality of life within the country and keeping its cities free of crimes and terrorism as well as protecting the border lines of Sweden from the neighboring countries effectively.

All these measures are taken to make sure that Sweden, by all respects, remains a country free of any terrorism, criminal or war threats. To ensure the security within its cities, the government spends more than 2 millions annually on its mobile services. These mobile corps keeps on wandering the streets and roads during the night to check and balance the situation of peace.

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  1. #5: “highest standards of educational and residential facilities”, “Majesty Armed Forces”, “domestic violence and street crimes are close to none”. NONE OF THIS IS CORRECT.

  2. #2: “Russia spends more than 3 millions annually”. How many zeros are you missing here? 5? 6? I would have thought between 300,000,000 and 3,000,000,000. And it’s ‘million’, not ‘millions’ like in all the posts on this website – there is no ‘s’ in the plural form of the word. And 3 million what? Dinar? Dollars? Roubles? Just trying to help out here.

  3. #1; “The Soviet Union of Sweden’? This is fucked. There is no such thing. I’ve lived there, but everyone knows there is not only no Soviet Union any more (that ceased to exist 23 years ago), but Sweden was never part of it, and has always been a democracy.

    Do you just make this stuff up? I can’t believe any possible source would provide such horrendously false information.

    I’m just trying to help here. Assuming English isn’t your native tongue (language), it’s pretty good, but surely your country doesn’t believe things such as Sweden being communists? Maybe find better sources to cross reference your information, otherwise people simply will not see this as a reputable place to get information, which is supposed to be what you do – provide lists of facts.
    Until then, you may get a few visitors, but they won’t stay, and won’t come back.

    God luck.

  4. complete rubbish, US spent $675 billion and Russia spent $96 billion on war materials last year… what is this list about and where is Israel in all this junk info?

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