Top 10 Countries With Highest Exports 2020

The competition among the nations to dominate one another in the race of development and prosperity has had been the habit. The human beings, no matter which area of the world they belong, always want to overcome the hurdles of their lives and become prominent to much extent. The strength of export of a country is what it is known for the world over. Every country’s government tries to increase the level and rate of the export and become a competitive one. The high exports are a way to help a country win the war of being powerful. The following top 10 countries with highest exports 2020 have, no doubt, become the super-powers on this planet earth as they have strong economy.


10. France

France is known for its high quality fabric and outfit exports. It is not only that this nation is known for its fashion shows and trendy outfits but also the production of top quality fabrics and textiles have always been the key aspects are empowering its economy. According to an estimate, France exports the textiles and fabrics of about $45 millions annually.


9. United Kingdom

United Kingdom, after United States of America, has always tried to rule the world in one way or the other. Its strong economy and financial strength have always made this nation a dominating one. UK has some of the largest and reputable companies and production units of from a needle to a plane, and its annual export rate is over $50 millions.


8. South Africa

South Africa, if on one hand is known for its fully empowered tourism industry, and then on the other hand its export rate is quite satisfactory. This land is full of natural resources and the export of those resources to the outside worlds is a factor to strengthen its economy. South Africa’s annual export is almost $56 millions.


7. Italy

Italy’s eatables, cuisines and pizzas are known to be the best in the world. It also exports the vehicles and branded transport systems. The economy of Italy is mostly dependent upon the quality of products and items it exports to all nations of the world. An estimated annual earning of Italy from the export is $60 millions.


6. India

Although India is not a well developed nation, but when it comes to name its export and financial situation, then I must say India’s government is keen to increase the level of its export quality. This is the reason; it is ranked high as a nation with satisfactory export rate. India earns $70 million annually from the items it exports to the other countries.


5. United States of America

United States of America, the superpower of the world, is famous for its export quality tea, war-fair equipments and digital weapons. Also USA provides other countries with high quality vehicles including cars, trucks, bikes and even the airplanes. USA’ annual earning from this industry is $80 millions and the government is targeting to increase this rate to much extent.


4. Russia

Russia always gives a strong competition to USA, its plenty of natural resources like coal, oil, gas and modern tech gadgets are widely exported to various countries. Russia’s annual export is estimated to be more than $90 millions which it tends to increase highly in a couple of years. This is just because Russia never likes to live behind the competition with USA in any respect.


3. Turkey

Turkey is a land of beauty and coldness. This is a developed country of the world with highly satisfactory economy and finance. The individuals of Turkey, no matter they are educated or uneducated, are never short of work opportunities. This is a plus point to strengthen the economy of Turkey but more than this is the role of its export. Turkey’s annual export is over $100 millions.


2. Netherlands

It is nothing to surprise at that Netherlands is a nation of strong and reliable economy. Thanks to its exports which have been the reason to make this land financially powerful. Netherlands’ annual earnings from the export are estimated to be $120 millions. This nation is full of natural and agriculture resources, the tools used in the agriculture and horticulture are widely exported to the other nations.


1. Germany

Top 10 Countries With Highest Exports 2020

Germany exports high quality machinery and electronics. It is also known to produce and export quality and branded mobile phones and tech accessories as well as laptops. Its annual export is $150 million which is more than what a developed country can ever imagine of. It means Germany has pushed all the developed and well known countries of the world behind the race of export. All the credit goes to its dedicated and hard working people, who work day and night in the factories and mills to increase the production of export items. The government, on the other hand, takes keen interest in facilitating its production units and factory owners more and more so that their efforts can be fruitful for the country’s economy.

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  1. India’s annual export is around $300 Billion and not $70 million and despite that I dont think india is one among top 10 exporters of the world. In my opinion China is world’s top exporter and it is not even mentioned in your list of top 10.
    Something is drastically wrong with the list. Please recheck the facts or it will hit your credibility.

  2. Hhahahaha no china what’s wrong, and germany?? Here u have written highest exporter and it is highest earning through exports. What foolish

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