Top 10 Countries With Highest GDP In 2020-2014

GDP (Gross Domestic Production) is the value of annual domestic productions and export of a country. The higher the GDP of a country is, the more are its chances to take steps towards a progressive tomorrow. Every nation is concerned about how to remain prominent in the world’s economical war, thus it efforts to improve its GDP rate. In this race of becoming dominant as per the GDP value, the following countries can be enlisted at the top as per 2020 and 2020 evaluations. So here we have Top 10 Countries With Highest GDP In 2020-2014


10. Italy

TOP 10 countries with highest gdp

Italy is not only a developed country but also one of the strongest from an economical point of view. This beautiful land remains full with the tourists coming from different parts of the world, as a result it earns a huge profit annually. The current educational and economical infrastructure of Italy is well supportive for increasing its annual GDP rate. Italy’s current GDP value is about $ 2,473,206 millions a year.


9. Russia

Russia is one of the most dominating and well secured super powers of the world. Doubtlessly, Russia is giving the toughest ever time to America from an economical and political point of view. We can name Russia to be one of the prior nations with highest GDP rate during 2020-14. Its stable economy and well versed trade system let it make the annual GDP value of about $2,215,247 millions.


8. India

India is one of those rare countries of the world which are struggling a lot to improve its GDP rate. According to an estimate, the half of Indian population is into the agriculture business, while the rest are into different farming, technological and mechanical professions. This is why India’s name has been enlisted in countries with highest GDP rate during 2020-14, which is estimated to be $1,973,464 millions per year.


7. United Kingdom

United Kingdom is also named as the nation of endless technological and scientific advancements. Every year, millions of students turn to UK for the purpose of getting higher education. This is a proven plus point for increasing UK’s GDP rate. In addition to it, the attraction of international tourists towards this nation adds a plus to make it economically strong. Its estimated annual GDP is $3, 432,911 millions.


6. Japan

top 10 countries with hghest gdp 2020

Japan is the country which has given a new turn to the world of technology. Japanese tech gadgets and devices as well as mechanical products are dominating the hearts of consumers around the globe. The stable economy of Japan makes us believe that it is a nation with strong GDP rate of almost $ 4, 144,897 millions.


5. France

When it comes to name the strongest country of Europe from an economical point of view, then many of us believe that it is France. The lifestyle of French citizens is no doubt at the highest level of standards because this country enjoys a well versed economy. This leads us believe that France is a nation which has its high GDP rate of almost $3,334,474 millions due to its empowered tourism and agriculture industries.


4. Brazil

The credit of Brazil’s strong economy and high GDP rate goes to its stable business environment and strong banking system. The economical policies and banking system of Brazil is so strong that it makes us name Brazil to be one of the countries with highest GDP rate, which is about $3,356,633 millions a year.


3. Germany

Germany enjoys an expected annual GDP of about $4,537,945 millions. It is politically a strong nation and one of the biggest exporting nations of the world. Germany is strong from both economical point of view and political point of view, and this is the reason its GDP keeps on increasing day by day.


2. China

TOP 10 countries with highest gdp

Naming China to be best foremost country with strongest GDP rate ever will not be wrong. China is enjoying the fast growing industrial and technological values. China is turning our vision of industrial progress into a new horizon. Nowadays, we can see the China made products and its export quality items to be dominating all large and small markets of the world. Its estimated GDP rate is $7,525,309 millions.


1. United States of America


United States of America is at the top of the list. This country enjoys the hugest GDP rate of about $ 14,537,746 millions a year. All the multinational companies and branded products usually make this country to be their destination for the purpose of targeting their sales and earning huge revenues. The currency of USA, dollars, is said to be the strongest currency of the world to make exchanges with both in national and international currency exchange markets.

It is said that a nation, without strong economical power, can not survive in this world. This is the reason every country, whether it is developed or under-developed, tries its best to adopt the ways of becoming economically and industrially strong. In addition to these countries, there are some more names which have much better GDP rates as per the estimates of 2020-14, such as Bangladesh, Canada, and Sweden etc. Let us wait and watch if some other countries can join this race by the end of 2020.

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  1. Japan is the second strongest economy in the world in g8 and 3rd economy in general assuming that China is not assumed yet fully developed… Where do u get the data u present???

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