Top 10 Countries With Highest Kidnapping Rate

The big monetary extortion “kidnapping”!!! Defined as holding someone in false imprisonment or without the legal authority. This may be done as a result of some other crime or for ransom or in connection with some other personal dispute. It is practically an art form of criminals, rebels, terrorist, drug cartels and separatists for the purpose of funding and intimidation. Over past many years the trend of kidnapping has changed drastically. The rate of kidnapping is very high over all still it has been notified that many kidnapping cases goes unreported. The bad thing about is that there is least local law participation and enforcement in such cases. The attack on infringement of the personal liberty of an individual should be highly discouraged but the statistical analysis on the kidnaping rate has shown 15% increase in last 2 years. Here is the list of top 10 countries with highest kidnapping rate to keep your wits about you when you are intended to travel to such countries.



10. Colombia

Top 10 Countries With Highest Kidnapping Rate - Somalia

The rate of kidnapping in Colombia has decreased for past few years but still the rate is not sufficient to kick Colombia out of this top tens list. In last two years more than 500 cases of kidnappings have been reported. In Colombia more than 80% of kidnappings are attributed to the drug dealers there. Insane number of the kidnap cases remains unreported. By the year 2009 this country was said to be unofficial “KIDNAP CAPITAL”.


9. Haiti

Haiti is among the countries, most conscious about their repute as one of the country with highest kidnappings. The children kidnap cases in Haiti are so widespread. There was a peak in kidnappings in Haiti in 2004-2006 but now it has been reduced significantly. The rate is now low as in hundred per year. The Institute of Justice and Democracy in Haiti says that the current rate is still very high and kidnappings are so frequent.


8. Mexico

This country has high kidnapping rate as it is the bordering country of USA. The council for Law and Human rights reported 72 kidnappings in Mexico a day that’s a quite alarming rate. This report contradicts the statement of federal police of Mexico who stated 4.5 kidnappings per day. The big problem in Mexico is about providing the security to its citizens which is a reason of the corruption within the federal police. There were almost 1,085 cases of kidnapping with in just 6 months in 2012.


7. Venezuela

Highest rate of abduction per capita is found in Venezuela. 583 kidnappings were recorded in first 5 months in 2012 (not actual as unreported are not included). A kidnapping is just a business for Venezuelans. Venezuelan National Counter Kidnapping Commission’s statistics have shown a huge peak in reported kidnappings graph throughout the country in last few years. Still 80% of the kidnapping goes unreported. There is threat to the local citizens as well as tourists in Venezuela.


6. India

Top 10 Countries With Highest Kidnapping Rate - India

Kidnapping in India has increased by the rate of 50% in past few years. The children, young guys and girls, rich companies’ employees all have great threat of kidnappings. As the expanding economy continues to attract the multinational corporations, kidnapping of employees is the fastest growing crime. The several kinds of kidnappings in India include kidnappings due to its geography, economics, social structures and politics. The reliable statistics on kidnappings in India are hard to come by as in all other countries. There is a need to understand the physical and cultural factors that affect kidnappings to better guard society from this threat.


5. Pakistan

Pakistan is in this list because of poor Law and Order. Parties are fighting with each other and the decipline of this country is totally destroyed. The basic reason for the rise in kidnapping is the failure of law enforcement agencies to track down the kidnapped people that encouraged criminals to abduct people. Kidnapping in Pakistan is a constant surge in threat against properties and people. On average five persons per day are being kidnapped and kidnappers continue to lift youngsters, employees and traders. Almost 2,054 kidnappings were reported in 2012 that were not retrieved.


4. Nigeria

There is a tremendous increase in kidnapping rate in Nigeria for past decade. More than 1,800 people are kidnapped annually so making it kidnapping country more than a new cottage country. This global business is far more in developed countries and Nigeria is catching up fast. Kidnapping in Nigeria does not only put rich at risk but poor, old, traders as well according to the motive of kidnappers. There is need to have a strict law enforcement and check to eliminate this crime.


3. Iraq

Top 10 Countries With Highest Kidnapping Rate - Pakistan

Though American forces have left Iraq, danger of every kind of crime still prevails. Official data about kidnappings in Iraq is difficult to collect but it is estimated to be 1,700 kidnappings per year. The Crisis-management assistance company places this country in the top three among those with highest kidnapping rate because there are many combined terrorism, political and criminal issues which are the sole reason for carrying out kidnappings. There were several threats to Iraqi public this year as reported the security of life and money in Iraq remains a fluid.


2. Somalia

Somalia is known to be the ‘HOT SPOT’ for kidnapping. Widespread violence and instability are the known features of this country. Tourists in Somalia are most likely to be kidnapped. Shootings, road assaults, kidnappings for ransom, armed banditry are very common. The government is not strong enough to stop this crime. The situation is so bad that the kidnapped people are taken offshore and even killed. The immediate action is required by the world navies to help this country to eliminate kidnapping whose current rate is more than 1,850 kidnappings per year.


1. Afghanistan

Top 10 Countries With Highest Kidnapping Rate - Afghanistan

The quite war with al Qaeda and the Taliban has put this country at the top of the list. Afghanistan is a country whose landscape is still lawless and dangerous so there is no wonder that this country reported more than 2,000 kidnapping for ransom last year. The kidnapping rate is still increasing. Even now when the war is over, hold of terrorists certainly exists and this country is still a home for them, undoubtedly making Afghanistan even more unpredictable and dangerous than when first time American forces arrived in.

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  1. remember back in the day when India and pakistan were poorer and traditional yet had low crime rate. Starting to act the poor like here in the west now..
    Iraq was bad but has gotten worse after the invasion apparently.

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