Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime In 2020

There was a time when we didn’t had to worry about our little girls going for a stroll or hanging out with friends in any local place. Now is the time when we don’t have to wait for our girl to enter puberty, we have to keep a close sight on every person around her which can be a relative as well. Women of today are considered to be modern women, but she has to pay her price. She gets violently abused and raped and in extreme cases murdered. The crime rates of every country have massively increased. The consequences of rape are horrifying, a woman completely loses her trust, confidence and the ability to interact with people. Many of the girls don’t survive such trauma and parents are left broken. Here are the Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime In 2020.


10. France

Highest Rape Crime In 2020 -

A city of fashion and thus all the models and young girls go to France to pursue their dreams. Several cases of young girls getting raped have come forward and a number of girls mostly models, high school girls fall a lethal victim of horrible men. A number 3,771,850 has been verified of the total number of rape cases and the situation is quite worse in actual.




9. New Zealand

Highest Rape Crime In 2020 -

New Zealand comes in the category of rape crime; the rate has increased drastically and has worried a lot of people as rape is mostly followed by murder afterwards. A number of cases have come forward in the onset of this year and a number of 1500 came in just one month which took the people by surprise. After investigation it came forward that a gang “Roast Busters” had entered New Zealand and were injecting young girls with drugs and then engaging them in gang rape.


8. Israel

Because of the Israel-Gaza issues, Israel has become a number in the list of the rape crimes in 2020. Because of this incident the women of Israel are not save anymore and have become victims of rape. The chaotic atmosphere has resulted in an unsafe atmosphere for women. The women of Gaza keep on becoming victims of the Israeli soldiers who along with the killing of innocent children now use women as bait too.


7. United Kingdom

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United Kingdom has been facing the problems of women insecurity for many years. In a survey it was recorded that the total number of rape cases in this country was 6,523,706”. The rate isn’t coming any lower instead it has increased over the years. In 2020 it was claimed that the next year will be safe and the number will come down because of the security but nothing happened. And in 2020 the number hasn’t come down yet. The women who become victim of rape are aged between 16 and 50.


6. Sweden

The situation in Sweden is getting severe day by day and its NGOs are trying their best to convince the government to start taking more serious steps. 1 out of 4 women become a victim of this dreadful act and women are not safe to go outside. Once they become a victim they lose their confidence and identity and cannot lead a normal life. Although Europe has developed massively but not the entire continent are on the same track. Women are physically abused as well along with the sexual ones which makes its question the development of the continents.


5. Canada

Highest Rape Crime In 2020

The reason of Canada being on the list of the rape victims is that seldom any girl reports the rape case and the offenders doesn’t get punished. Thus, the crime rate isn’t getting any towards control. Canada is a country that is going in the direction of advancement but with the rate of rape becoming high the growth of this country might not be strong after all.


4. Italy

With a number of 2,231,550 rape cases testified in Italy, women in Italy doesn’t feel safe anymore. The rate started increasing from 2009 and 1-2 women were reported as raped on daily basis. Therefore, Italy has made the list of top ten in the list of women getting raped. However, the court of Italy has regulated a new rule to control the overgrowing rape rate; the rule is known as the Skinny Jeans Ruling. According to this rule women who will be wearing skinny jeans cannot be raped. The rule clearly shows the desperation of the community of Italy to control the crime rate.


3. Russia

Russia is the country that has all the crimes at their peak including the rape crimes. The crime rate hasn’t been in control ever since World War II rather an increase has been observed. The country has gangs roaming around freely and no women can go alone after dark or she will fall a prey to dangerous men. Not only you will get raped, there are chances you can get mugged, abused and get beaten up as well. So along with women it isn’t safe for men as well.


2. United States of America

Highest Rape Crime In 2020 -

Every woman and girl that wants to be independent moves to USA, the city persuaded woman to stand with men and work hard, but as a result this woman are raped and abused. The power of woman are not tolerated instead they are given a scary call. 90% of women are raped in this developed modern country of America whereas 9% of men are involved too. The previous years of USA have worked harder to control the percentage and have managed to lower the number in 2020; nevertheless in 2020 USA is still on the top list.


1. India

Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime In 2020

This country has been and mostly found on the top list of the country with highest rape rate and 2020 is no different. The number is undoubtedly high and the worst part is that women don’t file a report because of the shame they will have to face with the society. The society is so cruel that instead of finding and punishing the culprit, the victim becomes a prey of the conservative society. The number of cases that have come forward are 1.64,630, the rest are never filed.

In India, it is believed that a girl and a woman is raped after every 20 minutes. The fault is all blamed on the government that doesn’t take any steps to prevent it. There was a strike in India that was held by a girl who was gang-raped and thrown away thinking she is dead. A huge protest was held and during the period another case of gang rape came up. The situation is extremely pathetic and pitiful in India.




  1. 90% of women are raped in the US? That is the biggest load of crap I’ve read all week.

  2. Some load of crap. I’m a Indian. Yes, we have people who rape. We report about 2000 rapes a year. For a country of 2.7 billion. Do the math. 2000 in in a country of this size puts us at 10 . it’s called relative size.

  3. I smell anti-western bull. I noticed that shade against Israel. Then that shot at USA and female independance.
    “the city persuaded woman to stand with men” Ummmm. USA is not a city and you sir are obviously out using rape to promote your hate agenda. If Canada and New Zealand aren’t a better place to live for woman than IRAQ AND SAUDIA ARABIA
    (yes I see you) Then you are an imbecile and I pray for your daughters.

    • While agreed that the list has to be taken with a pinch of salt and it has no independent corroboration but must be taken as a list of assertions rather than fact, it is not a list of “better places for women to live”, but the top countries for rape. If you took your blinkers off, you would see that. Do not use the poor English of the writer to push your anti-Arab agenda.

  4. Oh yeah, an anti western, anti-israeli and anti-indian agenda here:

    According to Whois record of, it is owned by Hamza Rafiq of Big Brothers since 2015. Listtoptens was registered with GODADDY.COM LLC on August 06, 2012. Hamza Rafiq resides in Lahore, PAKISTAN

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