Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime

We might often think that crime is related to murder or robbery only. But let me tell you there are various vulnerable categories of crimes. These include drug dealing, human trafficking, smuggling, rape etc. Among a fore mentioned crimes, some of them are frequently reported while some are done under the table. The victims also do not cooperate with the anti criminal agencies as their respect is at the verge. Rape is one of these inhumane sins. No doubt, we humans are heading towards modern technology with leaps and bounds, but these acts make us no different than animals. The rate of rape is increasing all over the world. The reason of such an increment in the rate of rape is again the same; the sufferers feel shameful reporting such cases. Still, the agencies are working to cease this crime by enforcing law and severe punishments against the guilty. And now, you would be amazed to read that the most developed countries are the most immersed ones in the crime of rape. Here is the list of top 10 countries with highest rape crimes.


10) Thailand

highest rape crime

No one can ever think this land of beauty can be a platform where the most mean act can take place. A number of women, girls and even baby girls are sexually abused in Thailand every other day. An Australian senior citizen of 93 years of age was accused of rape which shows that no matter what the age is, this gender is not safe.


9) Belgium

highest rape crime 2020

Belgium is also not lagging behind in the race. An increase of 20% was sighted in the rape rate from 2009 to 2011 and the rate is on an increment up till now. According to latest news, on June 11, 2020, eight different cases of rape were reported on a single day. All this depicts that this country is also indulged badly in this crime.

8) Russian Federation

Russia is also at the peak regarding rape cases. It was reported that even in World War 2, Red Army conducted gang rapes during the war which was the major cause of their defeat. Since then, a number of rape cases are caught and the rate is increasing every year.

Russian Federation

7) Sweden


1 amongst every 4 women comes out to be the victim of rape in Sweden. This shows that the situation in this country is getting worse up to an extent that in the coming years Sweden would be in top three in the list of top ten countries with highest rate crime. The situation is alarming so the law enforcing agencies should become more active.


6) Germany

Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime.

An estimate of 240,000 women and girls has died up till now because of this shameful crime. German Catholics have allowed the morning-after pills for the victims. The country moving forward in technology is actually moving really backward in humanity.


5) Canada


It is reported that out of every 3 females 1 is the one who has gone through the torture of rape in her life. And the sad part is this that only 6% of the total rape cases are reported. This shows that the victims here also are afraid of getting notorious due to this act. If a country like Canada can suffer from rape cases, then we can expect anything from the third world countries.

4. Canada

4) Mexico


According to a recent report, in Acapulco, on 11th February, 2020, 5 suspects were arrested as they were found guilty of raping six Spanish tourists. Now, not only the locals, but the foreigners must be vigilant enough while roaming in Mexico. A number of other cases are also in the list which makes the situation the worst. This dire situation must be controlled immediately and the guilty must be punished without any exemption.

The Oaxaca (Mexico)

3) United Kingdom


A number of people wish to live or even visit UK as it is one of the most developed countries. But they surely must not be aware that this country is also involved badly in the crime of rape. A number of taxi rapes take place in UK. And the state keeps on making ladies aware that no single woman is safe in taxi. The most vulnerable case is that a girl was raped 90 times in one week. My Goodness! This all is beyond our imagination. Rape Crisis (England and Wales) is a famous organization working for the awareness regarding this crime. Recently, some of the TV comedians also worked for raising the funds for this organization.


2) India

Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime

India is the place where sexual assault is rapidly increasing. Recently a medical student of 23 years turned out to be the victim of a gang in a bus. The identity of the girl was not disclosed. She was thrown out of the bus after the rape. She was taken to the Singapore Hospital and she died there after struggling a lot. She told her brother that she tried a lot to escape but couldn’t as the inhumane boys were threatening her of killing. The gang threw the girl out of the bus as they thought that she was dead. A number of protests were conducted against this case. But you would be amazed to know that in spite of all the protests and mourning over this girl, on the same day another girl was being raped by a bus driver. All in all, India must ponder upon this crime seriously as after every 20 minutes, a female is subjected to this sin. This would end up in the destruction of the country.


1. United States of America

Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime..

Now here comes the super power of the world. But hang on! This super power is at the first position in the race of rapes. Males are majorly the rapist holding a proportion of 99%. Out of all the victims, 91% are females while 9% are males. Out of all, only 16% of the total cases are reported. Outdoor rape is not common in USA rather most of the rape cases takes place inside homes. Girls in the villages are at risk more than those living in populated cities. Almost the quarter of the college girls are reported to be the raped ones mostly at the age of 14. It has been reported that the lady officers in US army also do not feel safe as they are sexually assaulted even at the fields. So if USA has to keep her identity as a SUPER POWER, she needs to come over this crime immediately.


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  1. This is really a big crime. Government of such countries should take immediate action to reduce this crime

      1. I find it impossible to honor, follow or worship a guy with a weight problem. For one, it tells me something about his self-esteem. 2. He wasn’t that wise and probably died of diabetes. How smart could he be?

        1. I would suggest you do your research first. The actual Buddha did not have a weight problem, but it was depicted so in China, because back then a chubby person signified good fortune and wealth.

        2. My friend, Buddha tried to find the meaning of suffering and he thought at first that if he fasted he will achieve this knowledge… but he did not find the answer and he figured out that starving himself would not help him find the answer. So, he took in efficient amount of food and went on meditating, and achieved nirvana. It is obvious that you are not educated very well neither in religion nor health. Since when do people get diabetes from fasting?

          1. Yeah, honour-kill them. Most rape victims in Muslim-controlled countries(I mean sharia law ruled, not just countries with a high Muslim population), are executed by their own families for the crime of adultery. It’s not even a public execution most of the time, just the family “taking care of a problem”.

          2. no, its because women are not allowed to be outside the house alone and all rape victims are either murdered by family members or are tortured for having sex outside marriage.

          3. Well how it is possible for Muslim countries to provide assistance to women who have been raped when they are in some cases sentenced to death for being a victim of that crime? I don’t think women would dare report it, thus, making it easy not to have any statistics at all.

        1. Here comes the ass desperately trying to justify his pathetic brainwashed beliefs. Rapes are less is Muslim countries coz they are busy killing each other. Moreover, if a women gets raped, she needs to bring so called 4 pious asses who can witnessed and can testify. Otherwise, rape never happened.. I can go on but this article and discussion is about a major global problem called rape. Nothing to do with your pathetic religion or undeveloped mind.

          1. iam muslim and first the muslims never kill each other and do you know that if she or he can prove that the rapist take 100 lashes

        1. for sure such people who rape others should just be give death penalties inoder to stop such a clumsy act. It is too bad in God’s prescence

      2. hey bro Thailand is a Buddhist country ….are u blind . make you law more powerful to stop rape ….

  2. This is sick.Most men have lost their dignity and are perverse. Thanks to all the pornographic sites and movies. Women are treated only as sexual objects. NO means No. Even animals are better. They don’t even leave small kids alone. Jesus save us all. What the world does not realise is that they are letting the devil succeed. We are all only concerned about our status and wealth. We have forgotten the basic thing that is being human. We need to pray to our saviour Jesus and do something about this sick act. Jesus save us all.

    1. These countries are like hell for women. The government should do something to stop this crime and all men should respect their women and also other’s. Do good have good is well known proverb so do good with others, otherwise you will be destroy by God.

      1. IMO a male just to impose his superiority and exercise a false sense of Power over the victim commits this lowly crime. Stringent laws and quick judgments may prove detrimental. Castration, even if it means repealing or rewriting laws? Yes, why not?

    2. More single Mothers raise children now than ever before. Men in prison are overwhelmingly from singe-parent households where the Mother is the head of household. Perhaps they could raise their sons better without a man’s involvement?

      1. No. They can’t. Children need BOTH parents. It’s because more and more men aren’t there to teach their sons that we have this problem. Boys find their identity in their father, not with mom and if they do, it’s still dad’s job to teach them what a man should be. A woman has a harder task in teaching these things. Not impossible but more difficult. After all, she’s never been a man. Rape isn’t a sex issue. It’s an identity issue. A self-esteem issue. An anger issue and above all, a heart issue. Why heart? Because without a father, these boys have grown up to become cowards. They don’t know how to face failure and disappointment except by taking it out on others. Almost always on someone weaker than themselves.

        1. It takes a man to teach a man! Woman are more involved in their childrens life. Men think their job is going to work coming home and sitting on the asses, While we burst our asses doing everything!!!

    3. Amen to the preacher here!!!!we are totally lost and we are violating each others right to say NO!!! rape cases a lot trauma and it endures a lifetime

  3. To reduce there such a shameful crime need to apply law of the creator of this universe Sharia law then people will be leave under peace and harmony.
    Punishment is not so severe in man made law that is why people dare to do such a shameful crime which will spoil not only victims life but also her entire family.

      1. the sharia law(islamic law)are very strict as compare to man made laws..for instance take the rape issue islam if a man commit sex with someone illegally(here let me tell you illegal means without marriage)the law says cut off his gental area in front of a big gathering(they are invited by the law)so that people may get lesson from that

        1. Ehsan is that information is hundred percent correct ? Kindly share complete details with source. Source is necessary Thanks . Waiting for your quick response .

          1. The information is totally false. Islam does not promote atrocity and barbarity to the best of my knowledge. In fact even for murder, if the aggrieved party can reach an agreement with the murderer they are absolved of the crime. Forgiveness is recommended by the Almighty whenever possible as the preferred option while punishments are prescribed wherever felt necessary for the betterment of society. In sexual crimes the production of witnesses of repute is a must before a case can proceed.

            1. Khalid just read the punishment of rape first in Islam, It is one of the worst crimes in Islam. If you have sex with the intention of women ( unforcefully ) Its called Zana whose punishment is unforgiveable then how can you say that punishment or that information provided by other member is totally false. Comment with source and true facts not on just general knowledge.

        2. “The woman and the man guilty of adultery or fornication,- flog each of them with a hundred stripes: Let not compassion move you in their case, in a matter prescribed by Allah, if ye believe in Allah and the Last Day: and let a party of the Believers witness their punishment.”
          — Qur’an, Sura 24 (An-Nur), ayat 2[2]

      2. “The woman and the man guilty of adultery or fornication,- flog each of them with a hundred stripes: Let not compassion move you in their case, in a matter prescribed by Allah, if ye believe in Allah and the Last Day: and let a party of the Believers witness their punishment.”
        — Qur’an, Sura 24 (An-Nur), ayat 2[2]

    1. Can you deny the fact that under Sharia law a women has to produce four male witnesses who had seen the actual act taking place else she would be declared an adulteress.. Lately, an Australian in UAE has been sentenced to prison when she accused her colleagues of raping her. She could not produce the witnesses as she was drugged before the rape.

      1. This is not a reliable point i heard from you . Any source for this from where i can understand this easily?

  4. Some people are like animals no morals no ethics, i am from Pakistan it is the most dangerous as far as your life is of concern but if you get caught even after years of Tdoing sick crime, even prisoners are not going to leave you. They will either hang you or put you in small ass dark cell for your security until you are not hanged lol as other prisoners are hunting for u so either you take ure life or u will be hanged, its a human Psychology if you see a death punishment for sick crimes like rape, innocent killing etc you wont think about it and if you are talking about hanging in public, hm will leave long lasting effects on sick people otherwise what ever i am said is wrong then Pakistan should be on the top of this list as people don’t fear nothing and also you can get a decent 9mm as cheap as 50 USD on streets easily, cant disagree with me 😛

  5. Shahid I think you are correct.I live in India I love my country but not Indians,some Indians who are doing this shameful crime.

      1. bcoz gov. here is just busy making money to their own.
        they can do a lot to stop these crimes nd why blaming govt.
        before blaming them we Indian have to change our mind setup towards women.
        first of all we should change.

  6. How can this list be even close to correct, when you do not include places famous for sexual violence such as Afghanistan, or The Dem. Republic of Congo. There are an estimated 400,000 RAPES committed yearly there, there are just a little over 200,000 SEXUAL ASSAULTS yearly in the U.S. (and assault constitutes a wide variety of crimes, those aren’t all rapes). As a surviving victim, I can appreciate anyone trying to get people to take an interest in the subject, but you should also be concerned with doing the research, and giving them proper information.

    1. Afghanistan ahhaahh lolz , U.S is at number one and we researched a lot before before making this list. We are also american’s so we know better what is actually going on here and in Afghanistan. You are comparing a country that is under attack by others and the other country which is known as one of the most powerful in the world ? Which is totally unfair. We know that our lists are not 100 percent perfect but we are good with our lists. Thanks

      1. You my friend, need to know that a country’s power has nothing to do with crime rate. Secondly, while America is much afflicted by this crime, Brandy is correct. In Afghanistan, it is the standard practice of that quasi-government group known as the Taliban, to rape and abuse females who try to gain an education, do not abide by their interpretation of Islamic law, have reached a certain age and not married or have committed some form of crime. Prostitutes and adulteresses are routinely gang raped prior to execution. Also, it is sexual assault that occurs most often in the U.S, not rape. While rape does happen, stats imply that America is ranked # 49 in actual instances of rape against females and #1 against males, which mostly happens in prison

        1. Graham, stop being a fool.

          You are comparing with a country that has over 40 times the per capita income of Afghanistan. Not to mention the fact that the US has invaded that same country and they have been in both a fool fledged war with another nation & civil war between various political factions.

          Of course law & order is poor there.

          Also, you are simply exaggerating how bad those other countries are. Don’t get me wrong, they are horrible for women. But much of what makes it horrible is tied to the level of poverty in the country. To talk as if women cannot cross a street without being raped is simply using the low level of development to bash these countries about their women’s rights.

          I also think Americans tend to underestimate just how prejudiced they can be to the opposite sex.

      2. So the admin is an utter retard. Can we get someone who has proper grammar and the understanding of basic English to make these things?

  7. thanks GOD… my country Indonesia is not in this top 10 list. even I’m safe walking out my house in 2 am …in my city, YOGYAKARTA …. from my expriences …. I can count with my finger how many rapes happen in my city in the whole of my life stay in this city 😀

  8. admin can you tell me about pakistan what is our number in this list and which is most safest country for women, i guess it should be KSA

  9. dont you know about Pakistan, Pakistanis respect women, they dont rape, and there is no name of Pakistan in this list. Pakistan scares countries, and also pple of the world, so no more comments on Pak

  10. Shame on America! Instead on spreading your so-called democracy in foreign lands why don’t you fix the conditions of your country first using the bogus laws of democracy!

  11. I am shocked that being the high literracy in USA the crime of rape is no.1 in the world………………how it is possible…………

  12. In Islam the punishment of unmarried and married rapeist is diffrent in case of unmarried rapeist,80 lashies(kora) on his back and one year of exaile to his home country and in a case when rapeist is married then he has to be punished by RAJAM (Rapeist is tied with the piller and the mob is ordered to hit him with stones untill he is died,this action is called RAJAM)

  13. I am from PAKISTAN and PAKISTAN is also a little victim of this sin….if the punishment (told by ISLAM) , is given to rapers then i bet not only a single female become a victim of this…..

    1. Nauman i am totally agree with your comment . This rule should be apply in all countries if they want to stop that crime.

      1. I am impressed with your positive thought that you have agreed with Islamic law about rape.According to my opinion there a lot of factors which compel persons to do this crime,they involve pornographic and sexual content available on media and internet and also in the modern countries the short dresses which women wear in public.Rape ratio is quite less in those countries where these factors are not so common

  14. Showing latest available data. Rank Countries Amount (top to bottom)
    #1 United States: 95,136
    #2 South Africa: 52,425
    #3 Canada: 24,350
    #4 Australia: 15,630
    #5 India: 15,468
    #6 Mexico: 14,373
    #7 United Kingdom: 13,395
    #8 Germany: 8,615
    #9 France: 8,458
    #10 Russia: 6,978
    #11 Korea, South: 6,139
    #12 Peru: 5,968
    #13 Spain: 5,664
    #14 Zimbabwe: 5,567
    #15 Thailand: 4,020
    #16 Argentina: 3,036
    #17 Venezuela: 2,931
    #18 Italy: 2,543
    #19 Belgium: 2,436
    #20 Japan: 2,357

    1. Any source ? and you are giving us data of just single year but our list is based on todays data and the data of many previous years.

      1. there is usually a level of consistency of crime from country to country. Ive seen that data before but dont recall where. Dunno why Congo isnt on it. You can wiki and get some latest ones. But seems unlikly that in 4 years that a nation can drastically oevertake another nation in crime. Its usually very slow and gradual.
        Lot of these datas and top 10s from site to site si always alil different. Its hardly consistent

        But with my data and this data of India suddenly overtaking SOuth Africa by 4x to take todays #2 I dont buy it,….seems overhyped after the tragedy..

      2. According to Interpol South Africa is the rape capital of the world – There are up to 3 600 rapes in South Africa every day….More than 66,000 rapes were reported to police, the Medical Research Council (MRA) suspects that the actual incidence of rape is 25 times that number. That’s 1,400,000 people — roughly the population of Phoenix — each year. By comparison, the U.S. Census Bureau said in 2012 that there were some 81,000 rapes or attempted rapes in the U.S. in 2009, the last year for which the bureau gives figures — in a country with more than six times the population of South Africa.

  15. Um, 2 things real quick. 1. Russia didn’t lose ww2 and 2. We don’t have villages in America. You make us sound like Tajikistan. We are THE United States of America! And I don’t think porn has a whole lot to do with rape. You gotta feel pretty rotten about your life to do some shit like that.

    1. Alright, Russia didn’t lose World War 2, that’s correct. That made me think the guys who made this were stupid too. However, there are villages in America believe it or not. It’s really quite ignorant and arrogant of you to consider ‘THE United States of America!’ to not have villages as if they’re inferior. Not all of the land is populated by massive cities, many parts of America are rural, and so people start building homes and then there, BOOM, POW! You got a village. They normally appear after the suburbs, they’re just more sparse.

      Going on, porn does have an effect depending on the person. Some people are brought up with firm morals, others are brought up as hood rats in the ghetto. You can’t blame someone for following who they were brought up by, however, you can pray they eventually break out of it.

  16. Idiotic post!! There are no data here. The article is just your opinion. Have look at rape statics of various countries before posting such articles. India just have 2 rapes per thousand. Compare that to average of Europe is like over 15.

      1. Im not form India but its overblown. I looked over the data. Strange thing is rape happens more in devolped naitons then poor naitons. My guess they marry very early. But who knows

      2. what do u mean by not being and indian ……….. u seriously have no idea od reality ……..
        minus seven is talking on facts ……… u on ther hand has just assumed about these countries based on the media hype …….. rape happening in india gets covered a lot more than that happening in pakistan ,…… in chia rapes never get reported in national media ……..


      3. N who r u to make us understand reality. ……my grandpa. …These western countries should first see what u r doing. ..n then give advice to others…..see what France is doing with its colonise in Africa. …u should concentrate on that….

  17. I have to say this is a pretty stupid post in my opinion.

    First of all, this is just nit-picking, but you have a exceptionally bad grasp of English. It just annoys me, and I do hope it’s not your native language.

    Let’s talk about the data though, where’s your sources? You don’t put down any credits at all. Not to mention I saw a reply from you (admin) saying that you compiled all the data from several different years; that’s dumb since really we’re looking for the current highest rape-crime rates, not the average of all the data.


    However, what is a major loophole in your ‘legitimate’ statistics is that you have no idea of the statistics for all countries. The reason that mainly more economically developed countries rank higher on the list is simply because the victims are less stipulated for coming forward, not to mention law enforcement is much more prevalent in those countries.

    But hey, let’s look at Afghanistan. In many cases, a woman whose been raped will not come forward simply because if she does one of many injust things will happen:

    1) She will be murdered by her own family for reasons of ‘honour’.
    2) She will be forced to marry her rapist by her own family.
    3) She will be convicted of adultery – a crime punishable by death in Afghanistan.

    So yeah, very few women are going to tell anyone they have been raped, so you will never have the proper statistics for rape for all countries, there was no point in even trying honestly unless you had the decency to note it was impossible.

    P.S. The Russians won the Second World War working alongside the allies in the last few years when they were provoked by Adolf Hitler. You’re just plain stupid.

  18. You are confusing Buddha with Buddhai, the “laughing Buddha” Chinese folklore CHARACTER, who symbolizes wealth and superficial fortune, most-likely aimed at the Chinese merchant-culture, thus his weight problem, and common appearance in Chinese shops and media.

    As you have pointed out, following Buddhai would be very unwise, since he contradicts the core philosophies of moderation and non-superficiality/ non-ego of Buddhism.

    Try searching for the historical Buddha named Siddhartha Gautama instead. You can find historical descriptions of him, as well as illustrations of him. You will see that the real Buddha was in fact of a healthy normal weight, coinciding with his teachings of moderation.

    To correct your statement even further, He also refused worship of any kind, since it would be against the teachings and a distraction from the personal development. He did accept honoring if offered, the same way he would accept a gift offered, but without wanting it, as he had no ego.

  19. First of all, instead of just telling us that hurtful actions are bad because “God said so,” Buddhism removes the want to rape (or any other immoral want), by first teaching us the very core of the logical cause-and-effect system of pain and happiness. It shows that immoral actions are linked with suffering in one’s self. And that suffering itself is caused by many other things which I will not get into here.
    Anyway, through practice, such as through initial meditation, which is essentially paying deep attention to something of your choosing, can bring attention to what is currently happening within the body and mind, such as arousal to forcing a woman for example. But goes further than that into identifying what underlies this want, such as anger, and what created and fostered it. When you combine this with the philosophical understandings of the teachings, you can easily identify what causes the want and neutralize it, all by yourself. It’s basically what the field of psychology was supposed to be (and more), but isn’t, due to only-external analysis, and egotistical doctors.

  20. these stats always seem to be different.
    On wiki India is 3rd behind South Africa(3x India) and USA(4x India) in terms of raw numbers. Which is scary since those countrys are much smaller than India. But In per capita its in between Canada and Greece…really low. its just been overblown after that awful incident and feminists are promoting “their statistics” like they do else where. But surprised Congo isn’t on this since its always called the rape capital of the world, with 30% of women and 22% of men admit to being raped.(but could be overblown but they have that title.

    seems like feelings are more important then fact.

  21. Russia is also at the peak regarding rape cases. It was reported that even in World War 2, Red Army conducted gang rapes during the war which was the major cause of their defeat. Since then, a number of rape cases are caught and the rate is increasing every year.

    The Red army was defeated ???

  22. I am not sure how you came up with this top 10. There are many countries that has a higher percentage of rapes based on per 100,000 persons. India has 1.1+ Billion people!!

  23. only solution for the whole humanity is ISLAM…….If u want 2 make earth a safe and beautiful place follow the straight path of Islam…….

  24. Hi thanks for posting i’m curious as to if these Are stats per capita as well or how you got this info thanks for posting

  25. I am a Pakistani girl and although we have our flaws as a country, but we women here are really respected esp in cities. I remember the famous BBC correspondent Lyse Doucet came to Pakistan and said she felt really respected and mentioned that women are offered seats at the front of the bus etc etc. This in a country with such a low literacy rate. I thought I’d comment since many indians cannot believe why Pak is not on the list. Thank you admin for taking the time compiling this.

  26. What kind of article is this that doesnt have any statistics? It looks more like someones opinion of the ranking

  27. According to Interpol South Africa is the rape capital of the world – There are up to 3 600 rapes in SA every day….Crime statistics released last year for the period April 2011 to March 2012 show there were 64 514 sexual crime cases reported to police, down from 66 196 the year before.

  28. Venture to say; this is some PR move from India; since they don’t have a grasp on spelling. What 14 year old goes to college in the U.S. or villages for example. As usual; rape reporting is always suspect. You would assume that such a violent crime would be reported better. For example; what classifies as rtape in these countries. In the U.S.; most girls below the age of 18 can be charged with rape; even though it was willing. How about forced rape. While Mexico might say forced brutal rapes are counted; in the U.S. they might classify rape as not saying yes and allowing it… after you rubbed their pathetic pecker. So you see; these stats are likely bull. Though I don’t wish to undermine the true victims and their innocence.

  29. This list is BS. No references. And if “only 16% of the total cases are reported” in the US, how do you know how many other cases of rape there are in the US? Totally fake list.

    Also, pulkit, are you telling me that Australia, with population of 23.3 million people has more rapes than India, with a population of 1.3 BILLION?! Not to mention a worldwide recognized issue with women’s rights and health issues? Get real.

  30. lol at the pro Islam comments, did you know in most of the Islamic states Women have no rights? It is well known that rapes which occur in these countries are not reported because women will be stoned to death. Ask any Islamic women what would happen if they tried to divorce their husband.

    1. Dear bro, in an Islamic country rape is really much less than developed/western/non muslim countries due to many reasons among them one is that boys and girls always have distance between them. Islamic lifestyle is totally marriage dependent and also hold a very strong family ties where a girl grow up with safety and care. Islam is not just a religion like others but a completer code of life. You can enjoy the beauty of Islam if you follow it you can smell fragrance of Islam if you accept it. Almighty bless us. thanks.

  31. One should interpret rape rates statistics with great care. The USA might have the highest rate of reported rape but it is not necessary has the highest actual rape rate. It might mean that the USA (1) keeps better statistics, (2) women are more likely to report rape to police and/or (3) police takes rape cares more seriously than other counties.

  32. the countries should take solid steps against such culprits and the countries which are making latest weapons,exploiting religions, instead of these inhumane acts they should work on humanity.

  33. I am an Indian girl and I say that if you are careful enough you will not end up getting raped even if you are out at 2 a.m. at night. This applies to every countries, not just India. Plus a good thing about India is that rapes are at least getting reported and are not not hidden nowadays, thats making more and more people aware nowadays.

    1. Rape as any other crime is matter probability, If one did not get raped at 2 AM, it does not matter that the same person does not get rapes the following day. I am not sure if being “careful” has anything to do with that.

  34. And surely Indians would say that ISI sponsored this page. Ha ha ha…. If there is no Muslim country it doesn’t mean rape cases do not occur there but at slim number since
    a:Muslims respect the women
    b: Laws are strict
    c: social punishment is severe
    d; Generally sex movies are mostly prohibited.

    1. Absolutely rubbish. You do know if a women gets raped in a Islamic country and reports it 9/10 times her family will disown her. Women are 2nd class citizens in those countries, because Islamic law puts men on a pedestal. The very fact that no muslim country isn’t on the statistics is a red flag, that the law is failing women.

      1. If you don’t know about the real laws and rules than first increase your knowledge about Islam and their laws. Don’t use bad language for other’s religions and laws.

        1. I know about Islamic law very well, please do tell me how a women can obtain a divorce? Oh wait, she will be pretty much disowned. Men are allowed polygyny, but the women are not. Many scholars claim Shari’a law encourages domestic violence against women,

          1. You have very limited knowledge about the laws and this is the only reason you are commenting like that. What media show to us ?? reality ?? You know better. Muslims are not living in just Pakistan . Saudi Arabia is also a Muslim country . Go check out their laws . Their laws are reflecting Islam .. Women are not slaves in Islam they have their own rights .

          2. its like u heard 5 or 59 cases from islamic countries then u blind about number >10000 from non islamic countries. I am not from Islamic country, but i know women in Saudi they are happy and feel safe. How come people think polygamy against women’s right if they are accept it?? Feminists when they attack someone sexually they call it “freedom of expression” when they are being attacked sexually they call it “abusing”. So they can say anything and blame shari’ah law.

            1. No one is trying to state that more rape happen in the Muslim countries since it is way under reported. It is impossible to compare the rates, and we will not be able to determine the true comparison unless there is a clear definition of rape (husband rape, etc)

              Another way to examine the problem is look at the patterns on migration (people voting with their feet). More Muslim women moving to Western Countries than other way around.

          3. iam muslim and you actually wrong me too know that a lot of american women killed by their husband or dad but in the muslims if they are respected and gived better than man’s in the reality we think that in the men’s in u.s.a don’t respect womens just an opinion

  35. You sir have a very limited view on reality if you think women have rights in islam. You seem to be the one diluted to the truth.

    1. There is hell of difference in women rights and vulgar activities.. Modernism does not mean to rape women. Its not fun it is a crime..

    2. i am a woman and Muslim (Islam). U can tell me what kind of view u know about Islam? Instead of being oppressed by Islam I’ve got pitiful for women in western countries. Thats thankful i am muslim and its safe for me. In my whole life and place i lived just for a single rape never happened.

      1. Medelin, please tell me why –
        *a muslim man can marry 4 women at a time but a muslim woman can marry only once
        *a muslim man can divorce simply by reciting triple talaq but a woman can not do so
        *a muslim man can marry only for one night if he pays the agreed amount (verse 24, sura an-nisa) known as Nikah-ul-muttah or marriage for pleasure.
        *shariah requires witness to a rape and without witness the charges would go against the woman.
        *hizab is only applicable to women and not men
        *the Shafi’i and Hanbali schools of Islamic jurisprudence consider circumcision to be obligatory for females

        1. Aseem you must gain some pure knowledge before giving these type of comments. If you are not Muslim then you have not a single right to say anything about Islam. You are here doing something which is irrelevant to the topic. We are not Pakistani not even Indian. These lists are not Biased not 100 percent correct too. But these lists are reliable enough to understand the conditions .

          1. Admin, my intent was not to talk irrelevant or to demean, disrespect any religion. I am an indian and we are taught to respect all humans and religions. I sought those clarifications from Medelin as she asked for the views.

            I dont even question your list of rapes. As a fact its correct but how the statistics are presented also matters. I think apart from absolute number, giving the rate of rape per thousand population would make more sense. 100 rape cases in a population of 1 million is more alarming than 1000 rape cases in a population of 100 million. Also, it needs to be understood what defines rape. Earlier, penetration was essential to establish rape in India but new amendments in law have widened the definition of rape where even certain molestations will also come under the definition of rape. In India, consensual sex with a woman under 18 is considered rape and also consensual sex with a mature woman on false promises are also rape under the law.

            There are more dimensions to your list. 1. you have mentioned only the reported cases of rape whereas many cases of rapes go unreported for fear or shame. 2. A big percentage of reported rapes are false complaints and you would see most such cases are struck off by the courts. So a lot needs to be looked into to read the statistics or else it creates a false impression about a society.

        2. if u compare Islam with other religions or social cultures in the world u will find that Islam give the woman the highest respect. Islam gave the woman rights long before other people started to think about human rights on earth. The first Woman university wast established by the Muslims.

        3. The man can marry four wives and women can not marry four pairs, and ask any woman if they want four pairs man can be who has four wives, all of them expectant mothers loads and this is not a problem, but if there were one wife and have loaded, it During her pregnancy, there will be four men rival without a fair chance to reconcile.
          Then the child is born, what about the baby? Who is the father? Each man will say to the other: Why as a percentage of myself? He does not like me, it’s like you you! , And it will be a mess.
          Woman I have asked this question to one of the wise: Why can not we have four pairs?
          And to prove the case asked the four women, nursing mothers to put every one of them some milk in a glass one, and after he was done, he asked them to regain every one of them her milk, Vqln: How do you do it? Hakim said: that is the answer, and it is similar for men: In the end there is no way to make sure the child ratios!
          At birth, the males with females almost equally in terms of numbers, but child mortality rates show that more males than females die and they can not explain it, we we we supposed Gender powers, but the stronger sex are more vulnerable to extinction of the weaker sex.
          In the United States The statistics show that there are 7.8 million more women than men, and if every married man in America it Szl there 7.8 million woman without marriage, and I am told that one-third of the workforce they have homosexuals, and that 98% of the number of prisoners are men, and men also Thlkhm wars, does Tsttiay imagine it? That Islam gives you a solution to the problem (Yankees), tells you that he does not marry four, but he says: ….. Vankhawwa what women of your choice Muthanna and three or four and the interpretation of the meaning of women 3.
          Polygamy in Islam is not to stimulate the sexual legislation, but he solution to the problem in society, but Western society is fighting it and resist him, but Allspianih (1) and homosexual understanding Mguennan there, men Adults are Tsoejehm some of them to some in the church, but when comes to the issue of polygamy, they say: “over my dead body”, I say to them: “You are sick folks, and that polygamy is the solution to your problem.”
          No one is forced women to share in her husband again, at least not this one, but there is a kind of guys who would not mind assume additional responsibility, and there is a kind of reluctant to participate who are not women.
          I saw a television program about a Canadian polygamy where a man offering, saying: “I am a Mormon (2) and former expelled from the Mormon Church and the eight wives,” all of them were his wives there, and Be happy man, and was a fat woman in the center of the public Presently, she said: “What do you think?” he said: “You also Madam, there is no problem Give me your address,” and all the women who Tzugen not one of them ex-husband,
          For those who want to live a good life, Islam is the solution to their problem.

  36. @Imran – can you reply to my queries above asked to Medelin, if you are so sure about equal rights of women in Islam.

  37. This list is complete garbage. You mainly listed first world countries because ppl, in first world countries are far more likely to report rape than in third world countries and even the reporting rate in first world countries is extremely low. I’d bet all the money in the world that India has a far higher rape rate than the u.s. it’s just not reported. Where’s Saudi Arabia and the Congo on this list and so many more?

  38. I can vouch that the USA has many sick, twisted people. I’ve dated quite a few of them. They usually ended up as ex-boyfriends for that reason. In India, most rapes go hand-in-hand with human sex trafficking, which is more often than not forced. Mexico, yeah, I’m here now. Lost my virginity when I didn’t have the ability to say no. Canada is supposedly the country that treats women the best, so I don’t see how Canada’s on this list. Russia? Hell yes, I agree that it should be on this list. The mafia runs that country, so it makes sense, seeing as sex trafficking is BIG there.

    Some of the countries on this list deserve to be on it. The others? I have yet to see if it’s true.

  39. come on this is not shocking news, of course rape is so high, look at all the references in the bible telling people that its ok to rape, then look at all the religious followers, offensive yes, shocking no. with all the billions of people believing in religion its no wonder this is high. Stop preaching it and maybe it will help lower these numbers, if rape is so bad then why would any women go to church or support anything in the bible? if there is so much unreported rape, then they must like it….. I am against rape who would be for it? I guess only those whom go to church…..

  40. are you sure? this country has the highest number of rape case? i live in my country “Malaysia” and i think our country has the highest number of rape case… every day, an average 9 victims get rape. which totaled up to 3000+ in just a year… not only rape,,, Malaysia is famous place for drug trafficking crimes and gangsterism… which makes it top 6 most dangerous place in the world.. Therefore, i think this list is innacurate… Malaysia has stop providing crime statistics to the UN in 2013. all case has been kept confidential. Even an American women was raped once in malaysia. there r some corrupted individuals here… and u can say are mostly done by the minority race.

    1. According to my estimations, in Malaysia, Malays contribute to atleast 26% out of the 50% rape cases reported. the remaining races Indians 14%, then chinese 7% .. and then the remaining 3% from other races, banglas, myanmars, indons etc.

  41. What a crappy and biased article. As per the Wikipedia report, the number of rapes per 100,000 people in India is 1.8. This is 15 times less than US. Here is the rape rate in comparison with other countries.

    – US: 27
    – Sweden: 63.
    – UK: 28
    – Norway: 19
    – New Zealand: 26
    – Austrialia: 28
    – France: 16
    – South Africa: 132
    – India: 1.8.

    1. If a raped woman will not be taken seriously by Police and outcast from family, she is not likely to report it. In the USA, the all blame falls on the rapist thus women likely to report the rape and that is why the reporting rate is much higher than India.

  42. “Red Army conducted gang rapes during the war which was the major cause of their defeat”. Author of the article needs profound mental curing. Red Army won Nazism alone. If there had been rapes conducted by RA, we would have been controlled by Nazi Regime.

  43. I think South Korea is very generous for sexual assault or rapist.

    If you were the first time, you would get 1~2 years. people would not know rapists’ faces, names.

    so, rapist can rape again 1~2 years later. If the rapists got caught again, they would get around 5

    years ( is it Heavy penalty???? Governors think), so the rapists would rape again and again in the


    1. Do you think rapists thinks that will get caught? Of course, not. Very few individuals will rape anyone if they know that for a few minutes of “fun”, for sure they will serve 2 years in jail; it is a long time without possibility of consensual sex. If we could assure that 100% of rapists will go to jail, even 1 or 2 years might be a sufficient to deterrent.

  44. why in spite of 10 countries that has said are in free sexual but occurred such shamelessly crimes???? but islamic countries is’t include them???
    can be its reason superior islam on another religion???

  45. this is really a serious crime and these country should take a neccessary steps to stop this ….india is really a horrible country for a women…illitracy and lack of spiritulism make india a crime place .i dont want to live here in india…

    1. Spiritualism start from India only. i like you read about Indian History, religion, holy books and so on….People all over the world go there, study their religion, culture, Yoga and so on. And add something in it and start their business in USA.
      People living in India think USA is a best country to live in simply those never came here and lived, do not know nothing about USA at all.
      Citizens in USA do not read, no knowledge and their knowledge based on TV media that India is famous having Snakes nothing else. Simply USA citizens did not visit India or lived there.
      Not sure, if any place is safe to live for women unless Govt of every country have Gym for women to learn Judo/Karate FREE OF CHARGE!! Yes I mean it. If they beat these men instead of hiding or shaming these women Govt should have strong support for all women specially below poverty level or any other reason she do not get any freedom. If Govt build some shelters for these women which run by women only and protect women instead of victim of their own family or society to blame her…then things can change. May be Rich omen should start this act and those women who has power in congress..STAND UP FOR WOMEN PLEASE!!

  46. African and Middle Eastern countries have the highest rates of rape, although nearly all cases go unreported due to female suppression.

  47. How are these data recorded? With feminists teaching women that even the slightest discomfort around men is considered rape, and if these women were ever to be surveyed under these control conditions would it result in the statistics we have today? First it was 1 in 5. Then followed by 1 in 4, and now 1 in 3. Odd that crime is falling yet the only crime sky rocketing is rape/ sexual harassment.

  48. Islam is the way to humanity. The Islamic Shariah law is the best law bcoz it’s the law of Allah, the only God…rest all country law are man made laws….I hope sharia law is implemented in every nations of the world…-Calling people to Islam, the true religion

  49. Egypt is the country with least rapes..In Tahrir square of Cairo some woman was raped than it’s president apologized to whole nation..Egypt is ISLAMIC country with strict Shariah law

  50. Funny, IS probably has a 0% rape statistic. People yammering that islamic countries dont have rape are pretty naive.

  51. A man who touches a woman’s body it does not make u a man… It makes u a coward….. Any man who is raping a girl should think first of all that without a woman… Any male would not hv been born….. Without milk u ppl would hv died……so every man learn to respect woman u f***ing b****

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