Top 10 Countries With Highest Robberies 2020

Even the most highly developed countries in the world, the most strongest of governments and most loyal of nations haven’t been able to clear their homelands of crimes especially robberies. When the assailant or mugger attacks using an arm then the robbery is called aggravated robbery. They can take place on roads, railway stations, subways or even in the safest place you can think of-your homes. Many tourists had to bear the casualties. Even though the governments try to protect the citizens as well as tourists but the most they can do is to warn people to keep their valuables safe. The countries on the list have been chosen by different statistics and crime rate reports and are susceptible to change based on different sources. Here is the stats of Top 10 Countries With Highest Robberies 2020. 


10. USA

Top 10 Countries With Highest Robberies 2020

America has one of the highest crime rates. But the crimes are not spread throughout the country and are more prevalent in some states and cities. Detroit is one of the most violent places on the globe. Armed robberies and theft of valuables usually take place on roads and subways.


9. Uruguay

The crime rating has been declared high in this country. This is mainly due to the fact that arms such as guns are readily available here. Smash and grab robberies and aggravated robberies are quite frequent. Home invasion robberies are recurrent in separate houses. Homes of political people are also a target by burglars and robbers. Summer beach resorts are also a red alert area for such activities.


8. Ecuador

Ecuador, also known as Republic of Equator, has a critical crime rating according to 2020 report. The crimes in Ecuador have been converting from non violent to aggravated and violent crimes. Armed robberies have become quite common and usually end in harsh brutal news the other day. Crowded roads and bus terminals are very convenient places for robbers. These incidents are taking place throughout the country. Lack of political control has lead to increase in savage and aggressive crime.


7. Belgium

Countries With Highest Robberies 2020 - Belgium

Crime rating in Belgium is medium however the robberies are quite frequent in this country. The crime is relatively less violent in this country and usually very serious situations lead to aggravated robberies. Robberies usually take place on roads, subways and train stations. Assailants take laptops and other valuable luggage.


6. South Africa

There has been an ascending rate of armed robberies in South Africa. Aggravated robberies are increasing on daily basis. The crime rating is critical according to 2020 crime report. Unlike some other countries on the list, crime in South Africa is violent. The home invasion robberies have been a major concern for the government. These robberies usually end in the most heinous ways. Robbers attack the victim usually in the car porch when the owners of the house are entering or leaving. These attacks have no major patterns and can occur at any time of the day. Any resistance or failure to follow the orders can result in serious damage or death.


5. Costa Rica


According to 2020 crime report the crime ratings of the country are high. Theft and robbery are the most common crimes in Costa Rica. Different tactics are being used by robbers. It includes armed robberies and petty thefts which are usually an inside job. Robberies on roads are also unexceptional. Robbers usually puncture the tires of cars rented by tourists and wait till the driver pulls over. The number of house robberies increase during holiday seasons and tourists are the victims. So if you were going to Costa Rica then change of plans is in order.


4. Mexico

Countries With Highest Robberies 2020 - Mexico

Mexico is a city quite notorious for drug trafficking and human smuggling, thanks to our movies. Mexico has it all, you name it armed robbery, kidnapping, smuggling and it’s happening in this country. Despite a lot of effort, the safety and crime situation still remains critical in Mexico. Mexican government is not only trying to counter these criminals but also warns the people to avoid travelling at night and taking enough precautions with valuables because such thefts are very common.


3. Dominican Republic

The crime rate of Dominican Republic is 67.72 according to 2020 report. This number falls below a lot of other countries. But when it comes to robberies this country has a higher ranking. Robberies in this country are armed robberies usually and most common among them is the drive-by robbery. Usually men on bikes, cars and scooters rob people on road using arms and weapons. The whole thing goes smoothly until the person shows resistance. In case of resistance the robbers do not hesitate to use the arms. All these events increase in number during the season of festivals when places are more crowded and odds are in favor of robbers.


2. Argentina

Countries With Highest Robberies 2020 - Argentina

Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world and shares its border with Chile. Both neighboring countries have made onto this list. Argentina was the seventh wealthiest country in the world but it soon deteriorated its status to an underdeveloped country with high crime rate. Armed robberies and street crimes are most common. Here instead of houses, businesses like hotels and banks are most frequent victims of robberies. Banks are considered no safer than your sock at home. If subjected to resistance, these robberies turn more violent because of the dangerous weapons. Not only the residents, but short term tourists are also becoming victims to these incidents. Country advises its tourists to use proper precautions and safety measures.


1. Chile

Chile is the 38th largest country area wise and has 62nd largest population in the world. The country has its border with Pacific Ocean. Chile lies in South America and has one of the most stable economies in the world. Despite of this Chile still makes 1st on our list of countries with highest robbery rate.

It sure is strange because usually robberies are result of poor economy and poverty overall. According to statistics the robbery rate for lower and middle class has been increasing. The worst part of the robberies in Chile is the fact that same families were robbed more than once. Such an increase in crime rate shows the inefficient crime prevention policies on government’s part.

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