Top 10 Countries With Highest Teenage Pregnancies

One wrong step and a 15 years girl get pregnant. One wrong step and society will mark you as anathema. Still teenage pregnancy is a prominent aspect of many countries in the world Teenage pregnancy means a female is under the age of 20 when her pregnancy period is ending. It’s a serious issue which cannot be ignored both in developed as well as undeveloped countries. It creates a big difficultly for teenage women. More than 50% of them can’t even imagine the problems which would affect their life. The baby born to the teenage mother has a risk of low birth weight, pre-maturity and anemia along with other health issues to mother and child, mother suffer because her body is not yet developed to support another life. In most of cases baby also develops weakness and laziness that prevails throughout his life.

There are several causes for teenage pregnancy such as low educational level, poverty, getting married at young age (in some cultures) and immaturity. Most of the time teenage pregnancy is unwanted or unintended. These factors clearly indicate that teenage pregnancy whether in developed countries or undeveloped countries are related to the socioeconomics. Here we have listed the top 10 countries with highest teenage pregnancies .


Highest Teenage Pregnancies

10. Ireland

Teenage pregnancy rating in Ireland is relatively stable over past three decades as compared to the other European countries. The rate of unwanted pregnancies in Poland is almost negligible. The current rating i-e 15.2 per 1000 of population is for after marriage legal teenage pregnancy as the age for sexual consent in Ireland is 17 years. Irish HSE (Health Service Executive) provides all the family planning services in all the areas and it is estimated to decline further in upcoming years.




9. Poland

Poland is a country with still increasing teenage pregnancy rate. It is regarded as a country where you can see more teen –mums rather than just teens. The current teenage pregnancy rate in Poland is 18.7 per 1000 of population but it has reached this rating by growing instead of declining. It is estimated that Poland would be leading European chart in this rating soon. It is essentially required to promote the sex education in remote areas and socioeconomic stability in Poland in order to control teenage pregnancy.


8. Canada

If we look at a most recent decade statistical analysis about the teenage pregnancy in Canada it has declined in both birth as well as abortion rates more than any other country. The current rating of teenage pregnancy in Canada is 20.2 per 1000 of population.


7. Portugal

Portugal was second among the teenage pregnancy rating in 2007. Despite of the marked improvements in this area Portugal still have the teenage pregnancy rate of 21.2 per 1000 of population. APF (Association for family planning) has investigated and found that many other countries have exceeded Portugal in teenage pregnancy rate but still the exact dimensions of the problem cannot be stated due to many illegal abortions.


6. Iceland

Teenage Pregnancies


Pregnancy rate among teen in Iceland is 24.7 per 1000 of population. Among all the Nordic countries Iceland has highest rate of pregnant teenage girls. It is plummeted since many years back and now its ratio has decreased significantly. Iceland still has been rated in this top ten list by UNICEF but it is hoped that in coming years Iceland would have get rid of this slum.


5. Hungary

Teenage pregnancy rate in Hungary is 26.5 per 1000 of population. Hungary is a prominent country in the industrialized world with the sufficient teenage pregnancy. It is a big social issue as most of such pregnancies are forced or unintentional that is why Hungary is the country with highest abortion rate and only 1% of the old women abort their babies rest of the big percentage is of teenage females. Hungary needs to terminate this teenage pregnancy on serious notes.


4. Slovakia

Teenage pregnancy rate in Slovakia is 26.9 per 1000 of population. It is one of the nations who provide the teenagers with much sex education and knowledge, more easy access to birth control and much more superior health institutions. Still the teenage pregnancy rate is growing that’s a very alarming situation and need a serious attention as it risks the life of many teenage girls.


3. New Zealand

Teenage pregnancy rate in New Zealand is 29.8 per 1000 of population. Teenage childbearing is considered to be the poor life choice. In the poorer areas female women have significantly higher rates of parenthood. New Zealand is one of the high income countries of OECD exceeded by UK and US only. Teenage pregnancy rate just dropped in 1970’s in New Zealand but continuously increased in all previous years.


2. United Kingdom

Top 10 Countries With Highest Teenage Pregnancies

Teenage pregnancy rate in United Kingdom is 30.8 per 1000 of population highest in Western Europe. The sky high level of teenage pregnancy in UK is down to ignorance that is very alarming situation. The single parenthood rate is almost growing equally with teenage pregnancy rate. The major reason is the lack of knowledge of sex and contraception among the young females in UK. The rate is high in economically deprived areas. The government is trying to control this rate over years but unfortunately without major success


1. United States

United States have highest teenage pregnancy rate according to the 2020 statistics 52.1 per 1000 of female’s population (age group of 15-19). Almost 89% of these pregnancies are outside of marriage. This is highly unsupportive act and OAH’s Pregnancy Assistant Fund is avoiding the repeat teenage pregnancies in many States and tribes. They are spending money on teen pregnant women who are victims of domestic violence and on increasing the awareness and education in them. This teenage pregnancy is high among Hispanic and black teen females (almost 75% of 52.1).




  1. no asian country?

  2. This post is absolutely moronic. No countries in Africa? How about Russia? How about India? PHILIPPINES? Or wait how about ANYWHERE IN ASIA???

    Whoever wrote this is an ignorant idiot.

    • Sorry to say but if you have any report related to India , any other Asian country than you must share that with us so that we can update this list . Second this is the best list because we prepared this and one more thing this list is about teen age pregnancies rate not abortion rate . So India would be in this list if this list relates to Abortion rate

    • Calling this post (article) moronic without any solid basis and no facts to back up one’s claim seems more moronic to me. 🙂

    • asian usually marry in there twenties but we are talking about teen under 15 in asia if u are 15 and your family found out that you are pregnant ur probably get disowned.
      Or the family will force u to have an abortion and they will not tell anybody even the authority cause u will bring sham to ur family cause ur a slut

  3. Well ‘moronic’ is a bit harsh but your article didn’t convince me. Stats about Africa, Asia, Oceania… well, about everything is on Wiki.

    Your text is filled with weird sentences and unexplained thruths (ex. “In most of cases baby also develops weakness and laziness that prevails throughout his life” -> WHAT THE HELL ?? Since when ? Says who ?

    And about the admin’s comment : Pregnancy rates include abortions (you have to be pregnant to get an abortion!!) Otherwise, say babies born to teenage moms.

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