Top 10 Countries With Largest Armies In 2020

The safety of the country and its individuals is the primary need of every country and the army plays an essential role in this field. It is the army because of which the people can calmly sleep in their homes without having fear of any attack as they know their soldiers are deliberately defending their nation and giving them a sense of hope and dignity. The army is necessary for survival of the nation, it also shows existence of courage, strength, bravery and power of the nation. The army soldiers work day and night just to keep their flag high as once they neglect any issue, their enemies will definitely harm their country and they can not bear even a single finger pointing towards their country so how can they bear this. Air, land and sea are the areas for which security is required and due to this every country must have Army, Air Force and Navy and each of them is quite important regarding defense of the country. Here we have a list of top 10 countries with largest armies in 2020.


This list depicts the number of individuals enrolled in defense system of each country and it does not depend on the strength of weapons and other facilities as the weapons and technology helps a lot but it is the strength that also matters a lot. It is a very important saying that strength is power so the more strength in any country’s army also adds confidence and spirit.


10. Egypt

Countries With Largest Armies In 2020 -

The Egyptian army with 468,500 military personnel works for the safety of the country from internal and external enemies. Its military personnel are good and well trained and the army has given training to several nations like Arab and African states. Its armaments came from all around the globe and it has been recently innovating with British, American and French equipment.


9. Iran

Countries With Largest Armies In 2020 - Iran

Iran is a Muslim country with abundance of natural resources and was established in 1925. Its army has long and varied history and is comprises of more than 523,000 army personnel. Its army officers got training in European and American military academies, most of its weapons came from the United States of America, which were its friend at that time but in 1979, after the Islamic Revolution, its relations with United States became tensed. It has quarrelsome relations with its neighbors and its army has grown to become one of the most powerful militaries of the Middle East.


8. Pakistan

Countries With Largest Armies In 2020 - Pakistan

The Pakistan armed forces were established after achieving freedom from British Empire in 1947 and are country’s best organized institution. It has been playing a fundamental role in keeping the state together and maintaining a feeling of nationhood since the formation of Pakistan. It has close military terms with China including research cooperation and developmental programs for enhancing the military system, China is also the biggest supplier of military weapons to Pakistan. Its army is very alert regarding its defense system due to antagonistic relationships with its neighboring countries, especially India.

Pakistan is the world’s second largest Muslim country and its army has over 617,000 courageous and brave military personnel serving the nation and work closely with two world’s largest armies including China and United States for maintaining the security at borders and developing new technologies.


7. Turkey

Top 10 Countries With Largest Armies In 2020

The military forces of Turkey are termed as Turkish Armed Forces whose overall head is President of Turkey. Turkey won the independence war in 1992 and remained neutral till the closure of World War II. On 18th February, after joining NATO, it started an extensive modernization plans for its Armed Forces including new technologies and advanced weapons. The Turkish military sent troops to battle in Korea where they played important roles at some points. With 664,060 soldiers, this country is doing a great expenditure on its military powers in order to make it one of the largest fighting forces in all over the world.


6. South Korea

Countries With Largest Armies In 2020 - South Korea

The South Korean army is much smaller as compared to the North Korean and was founded in 1948 when there was separation of the country in two different states. Its armed forces are known as the Republic of Korea Armed forces or ROK Armed Forces. This country has received long time assistance from the United States of America, however its armed forces are undergoing speedy innovation and would be able to be powerful enough to control various defense issues itself by December 2020. The South Korean army comprises of more than 687,000 military personnel.


5. Russian Federation

Countries With Largest Armies In 2020 - Russian Federation

The military services of Russia were established on 7th May, 1992 and it is the world’s second largest country according to its nuclear armaments. It has almost 1,040,000 active military members and has more than 2 million reserve military members. Its military expenditures are approximately $72 billion which are going to be increased in 2020.It is one of the highly experienced armies in the world which requires its residents of age from 18 to 27 years, to obtain army education or to be engaged in service.


4. North Korea

Countries With Largest Armies In 2020 - North Korea

The armed forces of North Korea are known as the People’s Army or the Korean People’s Army and was established in 1930. It one of the world’s largest military organization with a man power of 1,106,000 soldiers. This country is also proud of having the world’s biggest Special Forces and submarine fleet. The army of this country stands face to face against the United States and South Korea along the deactivated zone. It is a small country that hardly can afford this huge size military but it chooses to spend one quarter of its financial resources on it that are approximately equal to $10 billion. It has also a reserve military force of over 8 million personnel which is the largest in the world.


3. India

Countries With Largest Armies In 2020 - India

This is the world’s second largest populated country and possesses the third largest army having more than 1,325,000 soldiers that are serving the nation. It is the biggest importer of military weapons in the world with Israel, Russia and to some extent United States and France and for this its expenditures are equivalent to nine percent of the imports of the world. It has a good relationship with Russia that also helped in developing its military aircrafts. This country has also 2.1 million reserve military personnel that are almost twice of the active personnel. It needs a continuous level of alertness because of its border tensions with China and conflict issues with Pakistan. Since 1974, this country has been in possession of nuclear armaments.


2. United States of America

Countries With Largest Armies In 2020 - United States of America

The second largest army in this world is of United States of America with a man power of more than 1,458,219 individuals. It draws its armed forces from a collection of paid volunteers. It is considered as one of the most trained armies in the world with the most active nuclear armaments as compared to the world’s other nuclear powers. The military expenditures are more than half a trillion every year with an additional expenditure of $88.5 billion for its overseas emergency actions and these expenditures are similar to almost 39 percent of the total military expenditures in the world.


1. China

largest army in the world - China

China is the largest country according to the size of the population but it is also the country having largest army in the world with military size of more than 2,285,000 soldiers. The military of China is also known as the People’s Liberation Army and is one of the strongest armies in the world. The military services are mandatory for Chinese men when they reach at the age of 18 years, however a draft is never enforced due to a large number of volunteers.

There are more than a billion individuals for protecting the nation and ensuring territorial integrity, domestic security and the most importantly China’s sovereignty. The conflicts of this country with its neighboring countries due to different territorial issues, go on and off and therefore giving a major reason for keeping such a strong and large force.



  1. where is isreal??? there def top 8 no question THEY HAVE NUCLEAR ARESNAL TO…This list is ok but to not have isreal is stupid….an china hasnt surpassed the usa yet??? they have more personnel but they arent as strong as we are……also were is the uk?

  2. dude its largest not strongest

  3. 1. china
    2. usa
    3. India
    but 4 should be Russia not North korea

  4. 1. usa
    2. china
    3. indea
    4. russia6yh

  5. 1. China
    2. Russia
    3. US
    4. India
    5. North Korea

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    No matte it is small

  8. pakistan is the best army and isreal is the follest army inthe world

  9. Soboktageen Malik

    I think this is the worst list ever. Here is my list:
    1.United states
    9.N Korea

    • I would agree with you but in this list here the power is measured by the number of men each country has not the bravery their men posses.

  10. PAKISTAN should be ranked up in the ranking. Long live PAKISTAN 🙂

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  12. It’s the matter of bravery and skills which makes any army strong. According to current ranking of 2014 this elite group from Pakistan is in top ten best forces in the world and similar to top two US Army’s Green Berets and the British Army’s SAS. 

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  24. Turkey and Pakistan has the strongest Defense forces well equipped with the arms of the modren era,may be ranked up at suitable place.

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    Pakistan Army is best Our General proved this.

  43. I think that you can’t rank ppl for bravery. Every soldier of every army is brave and respectable. I as a pakistani am appaled by these comments by fellow pakistanis. Learn to respect others.

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