Top 10 Cutest Pets You Should Keep

While giving the list of the Top 10 Cutest Pets You Should Keep, I can claim that after reading the list everyone will want to have a pet.


10. Ducks

Top 10 Cutest Pets You Should Keep, Ducks

Ducks have many species but as far as my opinion is concerned I like the white ducks a lot. Ducks are easy to be kept and must be kept in a pair. They are one of the common domestic animals known. They are also very social. Along with keeping them as pets, they also provide eggs and meat. Ducklings are cuter and can be kept in larger number.


9. Pandas

Top 10 Cutest Pets You Should Keep, Ducks, Pandas

If one can afford, Pandas are the cutest and peaceful creature on earth one can have, especially the Red Pandas. They are not domesticated like other animals but are very adorable to keep. They look very cute when they are eating. They are fat and fluffy. They mainly feed on bamboos and can also be fed with fruits or supplements. In my view point Pandas must be left in forests or jungles so that they can reproduce and do not extinct.


8. Hamsters

Top 10 Cutest Pets You Should Keep, Ducks, Pandas, Hamsters

Hamsters are very cute and cuddling. They are one of the best pets for children as they are friendly and very easy to take care of. They have a life time of two years but they are the pets which should be handled with great care. They are very small and nocturnal. They also become sociable soon. The Golden or the Syrian hamsters are the cutest one I have seen.


7. Gold Fish

Gold Fish, Gold Fish

Other than dolphins, the Gold Fish are the very small marine creature to be kept as pet. They are mostly loved by children. They are also not difficult to be kept as they do not need big space and high maintenance. They can have live up to twenty five years. There are also other fish in different colors which can be kept in the aquarium of one’s house along with gold fish. It’s better to have a pair of Gold fish so that they have the company and also reproduce.


6. Horses

Top 10 Cutest Pets You Should Keep, Horses

It has been my dream to ride a horse and keep it as a pet but it is only possible for people having time, money and space for them to be kept. Horses have a longer lifetime and are a decent pet to be kept. They are considered as disciplined and cute especially the ponies and miniature horses. Horses kept as pets for children make them learn a lot of value as well. Black beauty is one of the stunning horses I have seen. They are also loyal to their owner.


5. Monkeys


Monkeys and apes are the closest resembling creatures with human beings. Bay monkeys are very cute and cuddling. They are very sharp and cannot be kept as pets without being tamed. They are very social but most of the time they need their own species to be with. Sometimes it becomes difficult to keep them in homes. They are one of the difficult pets to be kept but also the cutest companion when tamed.


4. Dogs

Dogs, Top 10 Cutest Pets You Should Keep

Dogs are known as the best friends of humans. They have the strongest bonds with their masters. They are playful, social creatures. Some of their breeds are extremely cute and adorable. Most of the people keep dogs because they are loyal and have long life. Some of the best species I have encountered as pets are German Shepherd, Sussex Spaniel and Harrier.


3. Rabbits


Rabbits are domestic animals and can be kept as pets. They are one of the cutest animals on earth. The female rabbits are called does and the male rabbits are called bucks. They are very fluffy and the calm pets that do not even need much care. They are also social in nature. They need soil to be kept and they reproduce very fast.


2. Dolphins

Top 10 Cutest Pets You Should Keep

Dolphins are very famous for their friendly attitude with human beings. They are the marine animals which are huge in size and need a bigger space to be kept as pets but they are cuddly and very friendly. They are also very social and helpful when tamed. They produce funny noises and are intelligent, smart and playful mammals.


1. House Cats

House Cats

I can claim that cat is one of the cutest pets I have encountered in my life. They are furry and most of the people like to cuddle with them. As they are domestic so they are very safe to be kept with children as well. They are very friendly to play with. The cutest breeds of cats are Siamese, Abyssinian, Persian, Maine Coon, Russian Blue, Himalayan, Norwegian Forest, Ragdoll, Siberian, Manx and may more. The basic reason why I love cats is because they do such funny tricks to please you when they are attached to you. House Cats are the most beautiful and cutest pet you should keep.

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