Top 10 Deadly Cases Of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a state of mind in which a person (the hypnotizer) usually takes the subject (the person) and injects in him a state of unconsciousness in order to know some truth out of him or her or to make him or her do something of his choice. Over the years this has been an extremely controversial topic as this has been linked to exorcism as well. Not only because of its linkage with exorcism, hypnosis has proved to be fatal in some cases too. If you are also interested in this rather bizarre practice read on to know more about the top 10 deadly cases of hypnosis all around the globe.


10. Death of Teenagers in Florida

Death of Teenagers in Florida

In the year 2011, a principle of a school was indulged in hypnotizing his students. He claimed that he could make their anxiety go away through his hypnosis. Some 70 of them were under his practice of this act however, three of the teenagers lost his life and it was said that all three committed suicide sometime after the principle performed his hypnosis on them. The parents even went to the court to get the principle charged for the death of their kids and he had to serve probation. The principle ever really said that he had not been indulged in such practices and did not come with any defense too. He had to give up his teaching license as well.


9. The famous Death of Ella Salamon

The famous Death of Ella Salamon

Ella Salamon was a soothsayer and she is regarded as one of the top most victims of wrong or fatal hypnosis. Even though her story is very old but people still search about the real history behind it. As she was a soothsayer, she became a victim of her vey own client who asked her to tell him about his dying brother who had some problem with his lungs. After the man performed hypnosis on Ella, she asked the client to be prepared for the worst and died right after these words.


8. The death of Sharron Tabarn

The death of Sharron Tabarn

She was a British and was fond of drinking. To break her trance she wanted to consult a person who had hypnotic powers so she went to see a man who claimed that he could break her trance like condition but she would be given an electric shock. After the so called hypnosis she started to feel nauseous and later that night choked on her vomit to death. Her mother blamed the hypnosis for her death but many scientists who have researched on this claim it could have been the ‘excessive’ drinking. Nobody has ever mentioned why she was given an unnecessary electric shock which is banned in many countries now.


7. The Death of Kaj Moler and Hans Wisbom

The Death of Kaj Moler and Hans Wisbom

These innocent people were killed due to the planning of not the hypnotized but an entirely different third person. The person who killed these two was called Hardrup who went into a bank and asked for money. The mangers refused and he killed them. Later on Hardrup said that his fellow inmate from the prison called Nielson has ‘hypnotized’ him into robbing the bank and killing these two. Hardrup after the incident was sent to a mental hospital and Nielson was sent to jail.


6. Gates and Mckenna Case

This is also an interesting case of stage hypnosis. Mckenna was a stage hypnotist and Gates was one of his victims and the stage hypnosis performance. Mr. Gates even sued Mckenna for making Gates develop a schizophrenic condition. Even though this one is not a fatal case of hypnosis but Mr. Gates had claimed that due to his deteriorating mental condition he had many times been involved in suicidal acts and also, murderous acts.


5. Snow white and her Hypnosis

One might think that snow white was hypnotized but this is a totally different and true case of hypnosis. A girl in her teenage had been a victim of stage hypnosis and after that she went into deep sleep. At first some people thought that she was dead but it turned out that she was breathing but did not know about anything around her. She remained in this death like state for 6 days and only recovered when an ‘anti hypnosis’ was carried on her. She claimed to have seen death during those 6 days after her stage hypnosis. This is when Israel banned hypnosis in the country.


4. Assault and Hypnosis

Assault and hypnosis have been linked with each other since the very early of times. A woman who was a victim of this and never disclosed her name was reportedly assaulted by a fake hypnotist. The person entered her room for carrying out hypnosis but ended up sexually abusing her. Her family claims that the woman was never really ‘right’ after that and ended up taking her own life.


3. Rosenblum’s Death and Self-hypnotism

Rosenblum’s Death and Self-hypnotism

Not only are people hypnotized by others but sometimes they indulge in the practice themselves. This practice is known as self- hypnotism and one person named Girard Rosenblum of U-Pen lost his life carrying out a hypnosis on himself through suspension on a joist. It was later proved that he had always been interested in the act of hypnosis and at the time of his death, he was merely exploring the possibilities with it.


2. The Death of Robert Simpson

The Death of Robert Simpson

Simpson, yet another victim of stage hypnosis lost his life while he agreed to be a participant in the stage hypnosis show being put up by the hypnotist named Everton. The man after putting Robert in trance stood on his stomach to woo his audience. Robert died later that night and it was found out that he died of a heart attack but it could have been because of what was done to him earlier that night.


1. The Snake and Hypnosis

A very common practice in the subcontinent region is fake hypnosis through a snake. The hypnotist claims that the snake will hypnotize the person and all his/her anxieties will be gone. Many times people have been bitten by those snakes and lost their lives. Those who survive live to tell the tale that a snake visits us every night (leaving a mentally unstable person there is.

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