Top 10 Diseases With Most Expensive Treatments

Health care is undoubtedly is very expensive today. Health is important and if it is not well than you have to spend the large amount of hard earned money on it. Diseases and sickness are most irritating body conditions. “Prevention is better than the cure” it the well said phrase by someone, but we humans are helpless in the preventions when it comes to diseases that are unavoidable and sudden. Everyone wants to stay away from every kind of disease but it is seen that hundreds of people spend more than $ 100,000 in the medical bills. The costs of treatments of the severe diseases are so high that one can’t imagine especially poor people are forced to be reluctant about treating themselves, they unexpected costs billions and billions of dollars. There are many reasons for such high costs that make them worth it. Here we have listed Top 10 Diseases With Most Expensive Treatments worldwide.


10. Normal Childbirth

Top 10 Diseases With Most Expensive Treatments


Normal childbirth is a blessing not a disease but still this is a health condition that makes you spend lot of money. The mother who gives birth to the child needs proper care, medicines, hospitalization, regular checkups and attention. This is why the normal baby delivery is one of the costly treatments and health condition. Besides this the surgical delivery that is also called as C-section delivery is also very expensive. This health treatment and care almost cost $ 32 billion per year.


9. Backbone Problems

Backbone Problems

It is the very common problem now a day almost everyone has to face this problem at some stage in life. It may be because of some injury or spinal cord issues that could be extremely dangerous and require long term medication or stay in the hospital. And as most of the population needs its treatment hospitals raise the costs of the treatment. All of us should take care of ourselves by regular exercise and healthy diet so that our muscles may be flexible and strong. You must avoid being overweight, should not smoke and should not lift extra weight and find some easy place to sit. Its treatment may cost upto $ 35 billion.


8. Diabetes

Most Expensive Treatments - Diabetes


For sure there would be no one who does not know anyone suffering from this disease. This is the fatal one that once entered in your blood stays there forever. Many people are suffering from this disease unaware. This is mostly inherited and shows many symptoms as the precautions. This may lead to heart diseases, blood pressure, kidney problems, diet issues, and eye site weakness, depression and many others. There is a less chance to avoid it but still you should take care of yourself by taking balanced diet, exercise and regular checkups. The total cost may reach upto $ 50 billion per year.


7. Kidney Diseases

Most Expensive Treatments -  Kidney Diseases

A person is said to have the kidney disease when all the functions of kidneys in the body are disturbed. The purification of the blood, urine formation and such functions of the body should be fine and proper for healthy body working. The treatment of kidneys problem, dialysis is famous all over the world. It is being frequently performed to the kidney patients once or twice a week. This is quite expensive plus the medication is very costly. Every year almost 15% cost of the treatment raises making its place in most expensive treatments. Its costs may be upto $ 65 billion.


6. Lung Diseases

Most Expensive Treatments - Lung Diseases

People who have difficulty in breathing are supposed to have the lung diseases. The swelling and inflammation in lungs, asthma, COPD and there is a long list of newly discovered diseases. These all are very dangerous and requires expensive medication and treatments. You should take care that you may not be affected by the disease because it is not inborn. Smoking, in taking the dust particles, drinking etc must be avoided. Asthma may be inherited. Its treatment and expenses on going for ventilation again and again may be as high as $ 69 billion.


5. Transplants, Implants

Most Expensive Treatments - Transplants, Implants

Transplants are done in order to replace the damaged parts of the body and implants means to place the absent part of the body. There are large number of transplants and implants today. Liver, heart, kidneys, thymus, pancreas, intestines and lungs transplant is very common now a day. This is a complete surgical procedure. The tissues of the organs are transplanted, valves, cornea, skin and veins as well. This requires a lot of hard work of surgeons and time plus medication is very costly. This may cost upto $ $ 80-90 billion.


4. Osteoarthritis

Most Expensive Treatments - Osteoarthritis

It’s the painful disease of joints that is very common among the people of age group 35 or 40 plus. All over the world this problem exists and the medical treatment is so expensive everywhere as well. This is truly the problem because of our own carelessness. To take proper calcium in the age mentioned and proper exercise and checkups can save you from this disease. If the condition goes serious operation may also be needed. This is the biggest reason for knee and hip replacements. The disease costs upto $ 85 billion per year.


3. Mental Abnormalities

Top 10 Diseases With Most Expensive TreatmentsTop 10 Diseases With Most Expensive Treatments

Mental illness or abnormality is associated with your behaviour and psychology. There are many reasons why many people are been affected by this disease. It hurts your pocket so hard and for so long until there are any prominent recovery which in many cases is not evident. Mental illness may include depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s and many others. The medicines are very expensive and to see the doctor again and again makes it even costly. Every year its expense increases by 6-7%. This costs upto $ 95.4 billion.


2. Cancer

Most Expensive Treatments - Cancer

The disease that is caused due to the unregulated growth of cells is cancer. There are many types of cancers and every type is equally costly. The death rate due to cancer has decreased significantly in past decade though it was big silent killer before the discovery of its expensive medication and hospital treatment. It is a crippling disease from financial and health point of view. We will advise you to take the precautionary measures to keep this fatal disease away from you. Don’t smoke, don’t drink, avoid sun, take healthy diet and regular exercise. Its expense may be upto $ 99.4 billion yearly.


1. Heart Diseases

Most Expensive Treatments - Heart Diseases

Heart diseases are most expensive in the whole world. It costs almost $ 123.4 billion on its treatment. People are suffering from this disease so commonly because of today’s unhealthy lifestyle and smoking. Cholesterol full food, lack of exercising habit and many such problems are the major reasons because of which heart diseases are increasing so much. Every year the rate of its treatment increases by 5%.

This number one killer all around the world is of several types and requires medicines and long treatments including surgeries. Coronary Heart disease and heart attack are the most common heart problems. Precautionary measures should be taken to stay safe and save.

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