Top 10 Easiest Ways To Earn Money In America

Out of cash these days? If you aspire to make some extra money without doing much effort, you are reading the right stuff. After reading this, you will come to know that earning money is not that much of a big deal as addressed by our moms and dads. There are a lot of money holders out there, who pay just for doing nothing. Here are top 10 easiest ways to earn money in America. Read the list carefully and fine out your category. Make some money, have a party and wish me luck.

10. Listen Music

Top 10 Easiest Ways To Earn Money In America

After reading this heading you must be wondering how money can be earned by listening music. Well it is simple and a fun job. Log in to slicethepie. You have to work here as a music reviewer. Listen to different music and give reviews. Best part is you do not have to be a music expert, only a regular listener. Mind it you will not be making some big amount of money. But think, getting even a few bucks for doing nothing (everyone listens to music to relax) is not a bad deal.


9. Website Building

Website building is also an easy job, but is a little time taking. If you can build a website of your own, its perfect. If not, contact a professional and spend some money. By spending a little you can earn money in four digits easily. All you need is a host, template, content and traffic. Host and template you can find easily. For content, post videos, photos or write blogs. Gather traffic by promoting your website especially on social media.


8. Gardening

Gardening - Easiest Ways To Earn Money In America

You can earn approximately $20 per hour just for planting flowers, mowing lawns, pulling weeds and picking up extra leaves from the garden. Gardening jobs are also easily available. Lots of people have lawns and they cannot take care of them as it is a little time consuming.


7. Babysitting

Babysitting - Easiest Ways To Earn Money In America

Another speedy money making option is babysitting. If you have past your teens, you can earn $10 to $15 per hour a baby by doing this job. Have a look on your family. If there are any kids, your relatives would feel comfortable handing over their kids to a reliable person. If not than you can join sittercity or care , where you can approach parents. Weekend is the prime time to babysit.


6. Become Part of a Research

 Easiest Ways To Earn Money In America

University students mostly need volunteers for their research work. No one is generous enough to help in their research free of cost. So they pay you $10 to $50 (depending on the nature of research) an hour for the research work. You can also become test subject for different research companies. For example, NASA pays $5000 for lying in bed for 90 days as per their research demand. In this case you cannot do any physical activity. Lay down and fill up your bank account.


5. Sell Old Books

Sell Old Books - Easiest Ways To Earn Money In America

If you have piles of books on racks- gathering nothing but dust- then it is time to sell them. Books can be sold easily online using website bookjingle. All you have to do is to submit the ISBNs of a particular book. You will get offers. No trouble of sending pictures of books or meeting the buyers. Just pack the books and send them.


4. Sell Your Plasma

Sell your Plasma - Easiest Ways To Earn Money In America

You can earn $15 to $20 by selling your plasma, blood, hair or breast milk. For selling all these things, make sure that you should be medically fit. You will lose nothing by donating all these things as your body is continuously regenerating them. Not only you will make money, but also become a helping hand in someone’s’ crucial times.


3. Freelance

Freelance - Easiest Ways To Earn Money In America

In present times, freelance jobs are more preferred than hiring a full time employee. This is all about hard work and some experience related to web designing ,  SEO , Article writing etc than this is the perfect job for you. You will be paid more than the regular employees. Use websites like elance, flexjobs etc. They will link you to an employer. You can work for him online and earn money easily.


2. Car Advertising

Car Advertising - Easiest Ways To Earn Money In America

A fun filled job, especially for travelling lovers. There are a large number of advertising firms, who pay a very handsome amount to the drivers, for covering their cars with firm’s’ ads. Go to the company’s website, fill some basic information and add your demography and get registered. If your demographic information is their target, they will contact you and provide with the advertising stuff. You can earn $400 to $900 per month. You have to cover a specific number of miles as directed by the firm. Company can also provide you with their own car, if you do not have any. Earning this much amount, by just sitting in the car is a pretty good hamper. Gather your friends, grab some drinks go for a road party and earn $900 a month.


1. Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping - Easiest Ways To Earn Money In America

Have you ever heard ‘Earning by spending’? I had never up till now. If you are a shopaholic, and want to earn money as well, you were born to be a mystery shopper. Theory behind mystery shopping is that, some market research companies need reports on certain shopping plazas, restaurants or gas stations. They hire people who work as undercover as shoppers. Shoppers go to the specific place and gather information about employees’ behavior, customer services, cleanliness etc.

After submitting the report the shoppers will get paid and compensate for anything they have bought as well. Minimum pay is $15 to $20 per assignment.

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