Top 10 Fastest Helicopters In 2020

The technological development is not just improving our daily routine products but it is greatly impacting the warfare around the world. Countries are keen towards producing high-end and extremely advanced technological warfare machines to take the lead in the race of building the world’s toughest attacks and defenses. The helicopters are not only responsible for attacking enemy air and ground units but are also used for supplies and transportation to and from the battlefields. The top 10 fastest helicopters in 2020 are listed below and almost every developed country is looking forward towards including these in its aerial forces.


10. Apache AH-64D

Apache AH-64D

The Apache AH-64D is a Boeing manufactured defense and security helicopter which comprises of a twin-turbo shaft and four blade rotors. This attack monster is equipped with night vision system and target acquisition sensor mounted on its nose. The cockpit of the Apache AH-64D has a capacity of two crew members. It can reach speeds up to 158 knots and can gain altitude as high as 15,895 ft. It is mostly used as a primary attack machine by Israel, UAE, Singapore, Netherlands, Greece and Japan.


9. Halo Mil Mi-26

Halo Mil Mi-26

The Halo Mil Mi-26 is large Russian transportation helicopter manufactured by Rostvertol. It is utilized for military as well as civilian operations. Mil Mi-26 is so far the largest and most powerful helicopter ever manufactured by Rostvertol. Depending on its usage, the Mil Mi-26 is available in multiple variants to suit the circumstances efficiently. It has separate variants for civilian and military operations. The transportation giant can achieve altitudes as high as 4,600 km and move at a maximum speed of 295 km/h.


8. Mi-28N Night Hunter

Mi-28N Night Hunter

Another of Russia’s Mil manufactured attack helicopters is the Mi-28N Night Hunter. It is able to conduct operations against enemy units efficiently at both day and night. Is has a heavily armored cockpit for two crew members and has the ability to attack ground as well as air units with great agility. This mean machine is mainly used by Russia, Iraq and Algeria. The Mi-28N Night Hunter comprises of engine fuel injection control, swept-shaped extremely efficient blades and an advanced transmission box for providing maximum power to the rotor. This extremely agile attack helicopter can reach speeds up to 324km/h and gain altitude of maximum 3,600m.


7. Ka-52 Alligator

Ka-52 Alligator

The Ka-52 Alligator is a modified successor of the original ka-50 helicopter. The modifications were introduced to increase its special operations abilities and enhance its performance. The nose of the Ka-52 Alligator comprises of two separate antennas; one for the aerial targets which is mast-mounted and the other for ground targets which is mounted on the nose. Ka-52 Alligator is one very fast machine as it has 6 wing-mounted blades for greater maneuverability and agility. It is specifically used by the Russian Naval Aviation and Russian Air Force. The Ka-52 Alligator can achieve a maximum speed of 350km/h and a 5,500m maximum altitude.


6. NH90


Manufactured by NH-Industries, the NH90 is owned by Fokker Aerostructures, AgustaWestland and Airbus Helicopters. It is a multi-purpose warfare helicopter with a medium sized twin engine. Spain, New Zealand, Italy, Greece, Germany, France, Finland, Belgium and Australia are among the major operators of NH90 helicopters. The reason why NH90 is successful around the globe is its ability to achieve high altitude of 6,000m and lightning speed of 300km/h.


5. AgustaWestland AW139

AgustaWestland AW139

The AW139 is another medium-sized twin-engine military helicopter manufactured and developed by AgustaWestland. The Aw139 helicopter is powered by 2 FADEC controlled turboshaft engines; the Whitney Canada PT6C and Pratt. The helicopter is used for both civil and military operations. UK, UAE, Panama, Nigeria, Malta, Egypt, Cyprus and Bangladesh are the major operators of the AW139 helicopter. It has a maximum range of up-to 1,250 km, maximum altitude of 6,096m and a maximum speed limit of 310km/h.


4. AW101 Merlin (EH101)

Fastest Helicopters In 2020

The AW101 is a medium lift helicopter specifically designed for modern naval utilization. Agusta and Westland Helicopters collaborated to develop and manufacture this high-performance military as well as civil-aid helicopter. It can carry a load of approximately 14,600kg, attain a maximum altitude of 4,575m and fly at a maximum speed of 309km/h. The maximum speed compared to the load capacity of AW101 makes it one of the most reliable and fast helicopters in the world. It is majorly used for law enforcement and military operations by Saudi Arabia, Norway, Portugal, Nigeria, Japan, Italy and Algeria.


3. Mi-35M


The Mi-35M is one of the meanest and most agile helicopters manufactured by the Russian Helicopters subsidiary, Rostvertol. It was primarily designed for military transportation and attack missions, due to which it has high maneuverability and excellent performance specifications. The Mi-35M can efficiently operate at any time of day or night and even at inadequately equipped and unprepared airfields. A maximum speed of 310km/h and a maximum altitude range of 5,400m makes the Mi-35M helicopter an effective weapon for high-altitude or high temperature operations.


2. CH-47 Chinook

Fastest Helicopters In 2020

The CH-47 Chinook is a heavy lift American helicopter developed and manufactured by the Boeing Rotorcraft Systems. It comprises of a twin-engine rotor for extremely efficient performance in military and civil operations. The CH-47 Chinook comes in a variety of variants depending on its specifications for suitable operation types. South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Netherlands, Morocco, Italy, Japan, Greece, Canada, Australia and Argentina are among the major operators of the CH-47 Chinook. It can carry as much as 22,680kg of weight, fly as high as 5,640m and as fast as 315km/h.


1. Eurocopter X3

Eurocopter X3

Eurocopter has developed and produced the X3 helicopter as an experimental project. It is a high speed compound machine that has the ability to go at an excessively high speed of 472km/h. The X3 helicopter can achieve a maximum altitude of 3,810m. It comprises of two turboshaft engines that drive the five-bladed tractor propellers. It has not yet been introduced into the market as it is yet in a process of research as a demonstration machine.

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