Top 10 Greatest Football Players In Fifa World Cup 2020

There are a number of football players who are rated as “A” category for this year’s World Cup in Brazil. These players enjoy a lot of following among the fans of football and are cheered by thousands when in action in the field. Therefore, they command a lot of respect with football fans, which travel long distances to even get a real time glimpse of these players playing in the field. The players may be from any team, what matters their popularity with their own supporters and fan following. Social media websites are filled with fans posting messages about their favorite players on their official pages such as on Facebook, or discussing them with friends and mates. There is so much sharing of views about players who are hot favorites of fans that there seems to be no end to it. So here we have the list of Top 10 Greatest Football Players In Fifa World Cup 2020.


10. Eden Hazard  

Top 10 Greatest Football Players -

Eden Hazard is a 23 year old sportsman playing for Belgium in the FIFA World Cup 2020. He plays for the Chelsea Football Club during club matches and is one of the hottest players for the 2020 tournament. Eden plays on the left wing of the Belgium team in the field and is an excellent player upon which the Belgium team is counting on for solid results. However, some critics have pointed towards Eden being too young and inexperienced to be a good match for the experienced opponents.


9. James Rodriguez 

Top 10 Greatest Football Players - James Rodriguez

Rodriguez is playing for Columbia and is the best player that the team can boast of, who hails from AS Monaco football club. Rodriguez is a very skillful player, as he is very adept at tackling the ball in both open spaces as well as amongst a crowd of players in the field. The 22 year old perceives scoring a goal as a “dream come true”. He is definitely hard working and therefore will give a hard time to opponents to take the team ahead in World Cup matches.


8. Wayne Rooney  

Top 10 Greatest Football Players - Wayne Rooney

Rooney is a player from Manchester United club and he is playing for England in the FIFA 2020 Cup. He is said to be more popular outside of his home for one reason or another, which is a bit odd. The 28 year old had a salary of 18.1m USD in 2020, so you can imagine how much he is sought after. Given that he is in good shape this season, he is expected to deliver to the English team which has never lifted a Football World Cup.


7. Arjen Robben    

Top 10 Greatest Football Players - Arjen Robben

Hailing from the Bayern Munich football club, Arjen Robben is a 30 year old playing for the Netherlands team in the Cup. He is said to be very speedy, with a very strong power for decision making and also improving on his ability to defend. He is also said to be a very fast runner, probably the faster footballer ever! The player is said to have an excellent ability to score goals and he repeats his success often.


6. Andres Iniesta    

Top 10 Greatest Football Players - Andres Iniesta

Andres is a 29 year old player from Barcelona football club playing for Spain in the 2020 cup. Andres has had 98 international caps so far as people from around the world seek to make him part of their respective teams. The player is thought to be a superb midfielder as opponents have a very hard time passing through his barrier towards the goal post. He should make a point of scoring a high number of goals for the Spanish team in the Cup and making the matches very interesting to watch for audiences.


5. Mario Gotze  

Top 10 Greatest Football Players -  Mario Gotze

Mario is a 21 year old player from Bayern Munich Club who is representing Germany in FIFA 2020. He has a small figure which turns out to be of great advantage to him when he moves right through several players by dodging them successfully. Mario also has an excellent ability to play in either left or right wings of the team and make his presence count. He was part of the UEFA Champions League Finalist 2020 and therefore in form, so a good fight for the Cup is what is expected out of him.


4. Andrea Pirlo   

Top 10 Greatest Football Players - Andrea Pirlo

Pirlo is playing for the Italian team in this 2020 World Cup and hails from Juventus Football Club. He is an experienced player with an age of 34 years and has decided to retire from International Football after the FIFA 2020. Pirlo attacks his opponents in a quarter-back-style and that is a very strong tactic he possesses in his Football skills. The player gives a very hard time to opponents who keep trying different tactics to counter him.


3. Neymar    

Top 10 Greatest Football Players In Fifa World Cup 2020

Neymar is a player from Barcelona Club, with an age of only 21 years, playing for the Brazilian team in the 2020 FIFA Cup. The player is superb at passes and in addition, he has very quick feet so that means it is difficult for others to outpace him. The player can wreak havoc in the FIFA 2020 and steer Brazil to a World Cup win!


2. Lionel Messi 

Top 10 Greatest Football Players - Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi from Argentina is a living legend according to many people and his fame is undeniable. Messi plays for Argentina in the 2020 Cup while he hails from the Barcelona Club. Messi is 26 years old and is dubbed as the “atomic flea” by some for his performance on the field. He is in top shape after recovering from a hamstring injury and that is why a lot of expectations are associated with him for FIFA 2020.


1. Cristiano Ronaldo  

Top 10 Greatest Football Players -  Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is another legendary player who tops our list of Top 10 Greatest Football Players in FIFA World Cup 2020. He is playing for Portugal in FIFA 2020 and hails from Real Madrid Football club. Ronaldo is 29 years old and he has a focus on team effort instead of going it alone for the team by taking on the load of other team members.

Ronaldo stands a huge chance of winning the FIFA 2020 for his team given that fate favors him too!

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