Top 10 Greatest Mathematicians

Mathematics is one of the basic subjects that are taught in classes some may find it interesting while some may find boring, those who find boring may avoid it but who find interesting they may pursue it in their further studies and life and can become some great mathematician. It is a theoretical subject and sometimes it can be very difficult and needs full mind setting to understand its concepts. A good teacher is definitely a plus point for your success in Mathematics that will teach you and guide you on each and every step. Mathematics is an essential factor to understand our universe, if we find it boring or pathetic subject but still we cannot deny its importance. Addition, multiplication, subtraction and division are daily routine works in our lives. It is because of mathematics that enabled man to step on moon, explored the secrets of DNA, produced electricity and invented computers so without math we are nothing. Quantity, quality, timings are fundamental things of life, our day begins with math and ends with math in the form of time, the microwave oven in our kitchen or the television channel in our home are all operated by digits that is math.

Life is also like math that emphasizes to add friends, subtract enemies, multiply happiness and divide sorrows. The people that make all these things possible are known as mathematicians with their wide knowledge in this specialty they solve mathematical problems very brilliantly. There are a few renowned mathematicians in history who with their extensive work make us better able to understand the world and advanced our present day matters. Their extraordinary work is always appreciated, their discoveries and thoughts helped us to have satellites, cellphones and automobiles in our lives. Here is the list of top 10 greatest mathematicians . This list is according to their devotion for math, their contributions and everlasting effects.


10. Pythagoras of Samos 570BC-495BC

Pythagoras of Samos 570BC-495BC

Pythagoras of Samos was an Ionian Greek mathematician, philosopher, and founder of the Pythagoreanism. He is often cherished as a great mystic, mathematician, and scientist, but he is renowned for the Pythagorean Theorem that carries his name. According to Aristotle the Pythagorean group was one of the first that widely studied advance mathematics. The importance of this Theorem can not be denied until now as it is the base of most other theorems of Mathematics and his great theories lead to the development of geometry and therefore he is renowned as the Father of Modern Mathematics and a great mathematician.




9. Leonardo Pisano Blgollo 1170-1250

Leonardo Pisano Blgollo 1170-1250

Leonardo Pisano Blgollo also known as Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician who is considered by some people as the most talented mathematician of the middle Ages. He is renowned for introducing Fibonacci Series and the Arabic numbering system in Europe. There are many other mathematical concepts that are named after Fibonacci. His work was adopted in this field and is still known as the major contribution in the development of the field of modern mathematics.


8. Wilhelm Leibniz 1646-1716

Wilhelm Leibniz 1646-1716

Wilhelm Leibniz was a German philosopher and mathematician that occupies a distinct place in the history of Philosophy and history of mathematics. First started his career as lawyer later become fascinated towards philosophy and then towards science because of his interest. In mathematics his field of interest was theology but he then invented the calculus. He is one of the most productive inventors of mechanical calculators and was the first one who described a pinwheel calculator in 1685.


7. Isaac Newton 1642-1727

Isaac Newton 1642-1727

Isaac Newton was an English mathematician and physicist and is widely known as the one of the most inspiring scientists of all the time and is a role of model in the scientific revolution. Newton also made significant contribution to optics and formulated three laws of motion and law of gravitation. Along with Gottfried Leibniz he invented the infinitesimal calculus. His work helped in advancing every branch of mathematics. He is also appreciated for the generalized binomial theorem that is valid for any exponent. He is therefore on of the greatest mathematicians of all the time.


6. Alan Turing 1912 – 1954

Alan Turing - greatest matematicians

Alan Turing was a British mathematician, cryptanalyst, logician and computer scientist. He is known as the Father of artificial intelligence and computer sciences because of his intelligence and influential work in the field of computer sciences. He explained the concepts of “computation” and “algorithm” with the help of turning machine which was considered a model representing computer. With the help of his brilliant mind he worked for the Government Code and Cypher School in Britain during the World War II and designed a number of ways for breaking German Ciphers. He is known as the first true computer scientist and has also written outstanding papers on computing that are still affective and also formulated the Turing test which is still applicable for evaluation of computers ‘intelligence’.


5. René Descartes 1596-1650

René Descartes - greatest matematicians

René Descartes was a French philosopher, writer and mathematician and physicist. He was named as the ‘Father of Modern Philosophy’ as a response to his writings. His contribution in mathematics is equally seen, one of his most lasting contribution is Cartesian coordinate system or analytical geometry. He invented the method of representing the unknowns in the equations by x, y and z or in the form of a, b and c. He also invented the standard notion that helps to show the exponents or powers. Also being the first mathematician who assigned a fundamental place for algebra in our system his work is really astonishing. Newton and Leibniz calculus were based on his work, he also contributed in the field of optics.


4. Euclid

Euclid - greatest matematicians

Euclid of Alexandria, was a great Greek mathematician who is often mentioned as the “Father of Geometry”. He is very famous for his magnum opus; Elements that is one of the inspirational contribution to the field and is being used as the major textbook from the time of its issuance until the late 19th or early 20th century to teach mathematics. From a small set of axioms he concluded the principles of Euclidean geometry. He also wrote five other surviving works about spherical geometry, perspective, number theory, conic sections and rigor. Very few information is known about his life and what he had written very earlier due to limited resources at that time.


3. Bernhard Riemann 1826 – 1866

Bernhard Riemann - greatest matemticians

Bernhard Riemann was a German scientist who was born in a poor family but became an influential mathematician. He made a lot of contributions in number theory, differential geometry and analysis and there are a number of theorems that bear his name like Riemannian Geometry, Riemann–Liouville differintegral, Riemann Integral and the Riemannian Surfaces. He is widely known for his Riemann Hypothesis that indicates issues about the distribution of prime numbers. Riemann was blessed with exceptional mathematical skills like calculation abilities but being shy he was afraid of speaking in front of people in his early life. His ever lasting contributions are still helping in the field of mathematics even after his death.


2. Carl Friedrich Gauss 1777 – 1855

Carl Friedrich Gauss - greatest matematicans

Carl Friedrich Gauss was a German mathematician and a physicist who is also known as “the Prince of Mathematicians” and had great contribution in various fields like algebra, number theory, analysis, statistics, geophysics, differential geometry, optics, electrostatics and astronomy. He had extraordinary mental capability and made his first discovery while he was a teenager. In 1798 at the age of 21, he wrote his magnum opus named as Disquisitiones Arithmeticae. This work was essential for building up number theory and has curved the field to the current period. He referred mathematics as Queen of all sciences and brought in Gaussian gravitational constant in physics, he worked hard until his death, his contributions are always remembered.


1. Leonhard Euler 1707 – 1783

Leonhard Euler is the world's greatest matematician

Leonhard Euler was a Swiss mathematician and physicist. Euler is known as the outstanding mathematician of eighteenths century and an interesting, the most prolific and great mathematician of all the time, with beauty in his theorems and concept he had done extraordinary work. He made great discoveries in this specialty as distinct as infinitesimal calculus, geometry, algebra, trigonometry and graph theory. He brought in modern terminology and notation in mathematics like as the notion of a mathematical function especially for mathematical analysis and modern notion for trigonometric functions. His work in optics, mechanics, fluid dynamics and astronomy is extremely remarkable.

A statement associated to Pierre-Simon Laplace expresses Euler’s impact on mathematics, he said that read Euler, he is the master of all of us. Instead of working in almost all areas of mathematics he also worked in continuum physic and others areas of physics. Euler continued his work even after worsening of his eyesight during mathematical career, he used his mental calculation skills and sharp memory. Therefore he is at the top of the list of top ten greatest mathematicians in the world .



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  1. What about Aryabhatta? Or Ramanujam? There wouldn’t have been the concept of 0 without the former. Like the gentlemen above me has commented, absurd list.

  2. from time immemorial India has produced great mathematicians like Aryabhatta,Ramanujan who made pioneering Discoveries showing correct path to world.when i started reading list I was confident of Aryabhatta occupying 1st place.But sadly it’s not in this ABSURD list

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  4. The bias history written by whites often steals credit from those who genuinely deserve it. It is a shame and a great dishonor to mankind.

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