Top 10 Greatest Romance Novels Of All The Time

Are you into romantic novels? If yes than here I have summarized a list of popular novels. All of them have interesting stories full of affection and love. Some novels are a century old and some are modern. I have mentioned Top 10 Greatest Romance Novels Of All The Time with little summaries. Grab your favorite one.


10. Twilight

Greatest Romance Novel -

Stephenie Meyer, the author of Twilight, came up with a unique love story where a vampire and a human falls in love. Edward is a vampire and Bella is a human. There is some attraction that keeps them together which they don’t understands themselves. Twilight is a series having four parts in total. It is one of the most read romantic novel in modern ages.


9. Outlander

9. Outlander

Outlander is also a story of time travelling. Claire and Frank are the couple who decide to go on their second honeymoon.  Claire came across some stones of ancient times and traveled in 1743 where she met ancestor of Frank Black Jack and through him she met James Fraser. War was going on at that time and she was giving duties of a nurse. James is a soldier, with whom she fell in love. Author of the novel is Diana Gabaldon and a T.V serial of 16 episodes have been made on it.


8. The Time Traveler’s Wife

Greatest Romance Novel - The Time Traveler's Wife

When it comes to unique books, The Time Traveler’s Wife comes to mind. The protagonist in this novel is a time traveler who can travel back to any time whenever he wants. This is not as easy as it might seem. The perks of this unique ability does not come without some dire consequences. The story focuses on these consequences and the constant series of problems as a result. Love comes across the protagonist’s way and faces many challenges. A good read would tell you if this quality is a gift or a disease.


7. Lord of Scoundrels

Greatest Romance Novel - Lord of Scoundrels

The story is about a girl, Jessica Trent, whose only mission is to keep her brother away from the bad influence of Marquees of Diain, Sebastian. But by doing so, she felt that she is attracted to that man and than it turns out that the feeling is mutual. They had an affair than and rest of the story you should read yourself. Lord of Scoundrels is written by Loretta Chase.


6. The Notebook

Greatest Romance Novel  - The Notebook

The story starts when Noah and Allie are two teenagers. Aliie is a rich girl while Noah is a self made nominal person with good looks and nature. Noah kept on writing letters to Allie but her mother kept all the letters. So the did not cross each other for 15 years. Allie marriage was then arranged to someone else. But eventually they met one day. People with weak hearts, keep a water bottle aside you because you are going to cry alot while reading this. Nicholas Sparks is the author. A movie based on this novel is also available.


5. A Walk to Remember

Greatest Romance Novel - A Walk to Remember

Jamie is a daughter of church minister of Beaufort while Landon is 17 year old boy whose father is most of time away. Both characters have very different nature. After their few meetups they fall in love with each other. Jamie, at first, become a little hesitant but Landon’s intensive care and charismatic personality attracts her towards himself. Later it was found that Jamie is suffering from a deadly disease which was the cause of hesitation. Landon still loved her and they got married at the age of 19. soon after their marriage, Jamie died. Novel is jotted down by Nicholas Sparks and the all time favorite movie of this plot is also available.


4. Gone With The Wind

Greatest Romance Novel - Gone With The Wind

Rhett and Scarlett, the characters of Gone With the Wind, have gain enormous popularity after Romeo and Juliet. This novel has covered the era of Civil War and Reconstruction. Love story in this novel is devastating, occupying readers at every single page. Rhett is a “bad boy” while Scarlett is a spoiled daughter. the lovers got separated and than met again. Written by Margaret Mitchell, this novel has been dramatized into movie which have won Academy Award.


3. Pride and Prejudice

Greatest Romance Novel - Pride and Prejudice

After reading the word ‘romantic’, the first thing that pops up in mind is Jane Austen and after that Pride and Prejudice. It was initially distributed in 1813, however now it standout amongst the most mainstream books in English writing that has been made into numerous motion pictures. Elizabeth Beneth have five sisters. She has got a sarcastic and witty sense of humor. Her father wants to marry her and he fells in love with Mr. Darcy, a rich man with a difficult nature. They have a complicated relationship and both of them have to compromise on certain things to be together.


2. The Fault in Our Stars

Greatest Romance Novel - The Fault in Our Stars

The story is a serious sad love story which includes two main characters Hazel and Augustus. Both characters have a messed up life and have less days to live. The story then talks about how there love strengthens with time and how they pass through every thick and thin. A climax comes when they realize that they cannot live without each other even in such conditions. Now what is it that is messed up? And why have they less days to live? You have to read it yourself!!!


1. Jane Eyre

Greatest Romance Novel Of All The Time  - Jane Eyre
Greatest Romance Novel Of All The Time – Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre is a character of an orphan girl who raised by her barbarous aunt. Later she was sent to a school away from home whose headmaster was also cruel not taking care of anyone’s emotions. Jane stays at the school and inevitably turns into an educator. Following two years of functioning as an instructor, she longs for new encounters, so she acknowledges an occupation as a tutor and it is there she meets Mr. Rochester, who she experiences passionate feelings for and weds. After some time she found that Mr. Rochester was already married to a woman Jamaica so she escapes. She ends up living with three siblings who turns out to be her cousins, one of them intended to marry Jane.

At that moment she realized that she cannot live without her husband and goes back to him. Novel was written in 1847 by Charlotte Bronte and still is best selling. Several movies are made on this novel.

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