Top 10 Halloween Safety Tips For Kids In 2020

Halloween is a religious event celebrated by Christian community every year across the globe. On this event everyone wears different exotic costumes to celebrate the sacred happiness. But sometimes these costumes malfunction and result into some serious trouble. Mostly children are affected by this as they don’t know how to properly carry their costume and masks. Sometimes it’s the mistake of elders and adults that they don’t properly supervise children which in turn results in some serious disaster sometimes. On average, children face this situation about two times more than adults. Safety measures needs to take to overcome such stern and deep issues. Here we will tell you Top 10 Halloween Safety Tips For Kids In 2020. Let’s have a look at the list.


10. Avoid Contact Lenses

Top 10 Halloween Safety Tips For Kids -

Yes it is absolutely true that children should not wear contact lenses on such occasions where they cannot even handle their costume properly. Different fancy and designed lenses are available which are very famous among people these days. Parents let their child wear such in appropriate lenses without knowing the fact that it can damage their eyes permanently.


9. Trick or Treat

Halloween Safety Tips For Kids -

Trick or Treat is a popular practice by young children on Halloween in which they go house to house in order to ask for treat in their Halloween costumes. Kids should not go alone on trick or treat mission and should move in a group or under adult supervision. The best time for trick or treat is from 5pm to 9pm. They should only be allowed to go to familiar places only.


8. Carving A Niche

Halloween Safety Tips For Kids - Carving A Niche

It is a tradition to carve a big pumpkin to make mask or a decoration piece. It is best not to use real pumpkin for children under 12 years of age. Instead of this, you can use chart paper and markers to do draw the face and then cutting it. Moreover, candles should not be used to light the pumpkin and as an alternative glow sticks or flashlights may be used.


7. Avoid Strangers

avoid Strangers on Halloween

Kids should be strictly taught not to talk, eat or go out with a stranger. They should not take rides or eat among unknown people in Halloween parties. On such even human traffickers become active and they have several easy chances to kidnap innocent kids. Parents should always keep their children under their observation and avoid going into dark and unknown places. On the other hand if children are mature enough to take care of them than do remind them to stick to familiar and crowded places only.


6. Be Careful While Walking

Top 10 Halloween Safety Tips For Kids -  Be Careful While Walking

You need to be very careful while you carry those big and mysterious outfits. On Halloween, mostly the lighting is done according to the theme so low or dim lights are used which does not lit up the area efficiently. Lobbies, stairs and other things are not easily visible and many accidents happen in these places. Be careful while walking on roads and sidewalks and try to keep your kids on far edge of road facing traffic for safety purposes.


5. Test Things Before Time

Top 10 Halloween Safety Tips For Kids -  Test Things Before Time

Always check your outfit, makeup kit, shoes and accessories one or two days before the main event. If there is any fault or mistake in all these things, it could be solved timely. Moreover, it will also help you know that all your things are fine and not expired such as makeup kit. If some malfunction occurs then you will have enough time to cover up the problem. The masks, outfit and makeup should be well fitted in order to avoid blocked vision, trips and falls.


4. Manage Children

Top 10 Halloween Safety Tips For Kids - Manage Children

Children get more excited on Halloween as compared to adults and it’s a natural thing which should be dealt with great leadership skills. They should be allowed to do whatever they want but adult supervision is necessary unless they are not mature enough. They may move unpredictably around hoses, lanes or even roads and it’s your responsibility to take care of them. Special care should be taken while moving on road while trick-or-treating.


3. Check Candies And Treats

Top 10 Halloween Safety Tips For Kids - Check Candies And Treats

It is very important to check all the candies children get from trick or treating. There may be any choking thing or unhealthy hazardous things which may choke your children. Moreover, parents should limit the amount of treat and candies children eat as large amount is not good for health of children. Kidnappers also become active on such events and give children candies and kidnap them later. Parents should tell their children not to take candies from unknown people and not to eat any opened or unwrapped candy.


2. Watch Out For Fast Moving Zombies!

Watch Out For Fast Moving Zombies!

On Halloween, most adults prepare very different and harmful Halloween Costumes for celebration. Although they have every right to enjoy the event in any way they want but at the same time they also forget that there are young children too. It happened many times that young children were hit by adults while they were busy in their party. The children were severely injured and that’s why it’s an important thing adults should keep in mind. Sometimes, they also drive fast in residential areas at night which is too dangerous for kids who are out for trick or treating.


1. Appropriate Costume

Top 10 Halloween Safety Tips For Kids -  Appropriate Costume

This is a very basic thing which mostly people ignore in competition to have best Halloween Costumes. Parents or guardians don’t care about the dress but in fact want to have their kid the best costume among others. Special care should be taken such as sharp, knives, swords and other such types of things should be made of soft, short and flexible material.

A special reflective tape or material should be used in designing outfit so that it would be easy for drivers and on road people to distinguish easily. Furthermore, kids should wear their clothes only under adult supervision as such costumes are not easy to wear alone.

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